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21 Strikingly Unique Gold Bracelets for Men (2020)

Gold bracelets for men can be an elegant accessory that completes a look or a personal expression of style. Wear it with a fitted shirt and you will be able to showcase your toned arms. Gold bracelets for men can also add an instant subtle sophistication when worn under a blazer sleeve.

If you like wearing watches, you can wear gold bracelets along with your watch to complete the look. You can also wear it on its own. Whatever practical decorative purpose you need, gold bracelets will surely be a perfect accessory for you. Although there has been a changing taste in men’s jewelry, gold men’s bracelets have always been a classic.

Rose Gold Bracelets Men
Men’s Cuban Curb Link Bracelet – Price: $2,232.65 – Get it via Etsy

Some of the popular multipurpose gold bracelets you can try are ID bracelets and medical bracelets. These options combine both form and function in one attractive metal jewelry. Men’s jewelry comes in many different metals but gold stays as the most popular option for everyone.

Gold possesses great qualities ideal for men’s jewelry. Gold has a brilliant luster. It is also impervious to rust, corrosion, and tarnish. Men need a good metal that can keep up with their daily active routines. Gold is simply the best jewelry metal option for active men.

It retains its shine and luster regardless of its environment. People consider gold as a precious item not only for its price but also for its sentimental values. Since gold possesses qualities of incorruptibility, many people regard it as a symbol of enduring love.

Unique Gold Bracelets for Men

If you plan to shop for the best gold bracelets, you have to know many things. You ought to know and understand the different jargons and terminologies that jewelers use.

Jewelers use different terms to define purities, colors, styles, and types of gold. Once you know these, you are ready to get the right piece of gold bracelets for you in the market.

Byzantine Bracelets

14K Gold Filled Bracelet For Mens
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Etsy Gold Chain Bracelets For Men
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Gold Bracelets For Baby Boy Men
Gold Filled Byzantine Chainmaille Bracelet – Price: $360 – Get it via Etsy
Gold Bracelets For Men Designs
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Gold Bracelets For Men Tanishq
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Gold Bracelets For Men With Price
Thin Delicate Golden Chain Bracelet – Price: $162 – Get it via Etsy
Gold Chain Bracelets For Men
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Gold Plated Bracelet Chain For Men
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Other Styles

Gold Bracelets For Men Designs
Classy Solid 14K Gold Equestrian Cuff Bracelet – Price: $1334 – Get it from Etsy
Gold Plated Watchband Bracelets For Men
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Yellow Gold Bracelets For Men
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14K Gold Bracelets For Men
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Gold Plated Bangle Bracelet For Men
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Curb Chain Bracelets

Mens 14K Gold Nugget Bracelet
Huge Cuban Curb Link Bracelet – Price: $12964.2 – Get it from Etsy
Gold Bracelets For Mens With Price
Solid 14K Gold Miami Men’s Cuban Curb Link Bracelet – Price: $2798.4 – Get it from Etsy
Gold Bracelets For Men Etsy
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14K Yellow Gold Bracelets For Men
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14K Rose Gold Bracelets For Men
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Gold Bracelets for Men Purity

Gold, like any other precious metal, is very ductile and malleable in its purest state. This makes it less ideal for jewelry that requires daily wearing. You can easily hammer pure gold into a thin sheet so light can pass and shine through it.

Anyone can easily create a dent in pure gold by just biting it. While it is good that people can easily shape gold into different patterns; it is not good to use its purest state as it can easily deform.

Gold Colors

Given that is it not ideal for long-wearing; pure gold mix with other metal alloys to achieve a better form. Jewelry manufacturers blend gold with other metals to create stronger, more durable and sturdy alloys of gold. Traditional yellow gold alloys typically contain parts of copper and silver.

Rose Gold Bracelets Men
Matte Couple Bangle 18K Rose Gold Bracelet – Price: $36.8 – Get it from Etsy

On the other hand, white gold often contains parts of palladium. Older white gold alloys contain parts of nickel. But today, very few manufacturers use nickel. Jewelry manufacturers often coat gold with rhodium to achieve a better silver shade. 

People also like red hues of gold like rose gold, red gold, and pink gold. Usually, jewelry manufacturers combine pure gold with more parts of copper to achieve these colors.

Carat of Gold

It might be confusing to know the purity of a gold bracelet. The great thing is that you can easily determine the gold purity in karats. All gold alloys have a standard measurement of purity regardless of the other alloys it contains. Karat is a proportional measurement. It does not refer to the volume or weight of the jewelry. It refers to the portion of the whole. Gold’s purest form is 24 karats.

The ideal option to get is 18 karats of gold bracelet. An 18k gold bracelet consists of 18 parts of gold and 6 parts of other metals. But, if you are on a budget, you can also get more affordable options:14k, 9k.

It should be very easy for you to know the purity of the gold bracelet. Most jewelers would have the purity stamped on the jewelry itself. All gold jewelry commercially available in the market should bear these stamps. There are a few artisans who do no place the stamps but it wouldn’t kill to ask.

Gold Bracelet Plating and Filling

If you have more budget, you can opt for solid gold bracelets. These bracelets contain gold all the way from the inside to the outside. However, if you are do not have the budget, you can also opt for plated and filled bracelets. Jewelry manufacturers use plating and filling to reduce the cost of the jewelry.

Plated Gold

Jewelry manufacturers use the simple chemistry of electroplating. Electroplating refers to the process of applying thin layers of pure gold on the outer side of any metal. On this process, jewelry manufacturers suspend the base metal pieces in a liquid that contains gold atoms.

Gold Plated Bracelets For Men
Twisted Gold Plated Cuff Bracelet – Price: $29 – Get it via Etsy

They allow the electrical current to pass through the metal. Then, they suspend it to the liquid of gold so that the gold atoms attract to the charged metal. Thus, the gold atoms bond with the metal permanently.

After the procedure, jewelers produce gold bracelets for men with a lustrous and durable coating. The coatings can definitely last for years. However, since electroplating only coats a thin layer of gold, it wears away eventually. When it does, the base metal beneath the gold coating will be visible.

Filled Gold

Jewelry manufacturers use gold filling in producing affordable but beautiful gold bracelets for men. Jewelry manufacturers follow a very different procedure in gold filling. Instead of doing a chemical process, they perform mechanical processes. In this process, they bond a thin sheet of gold to another thin sheet of metal alloy.

Gold Bracelets For Men Tanishq
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Once the two sheets are in place, they heat and press the two metal sheets so they can fuse.

People also refer to filled gold as rolled gold because huge rollers are used to press metals together. Manufacturers used filled gold in creating large metal jewelry like ID bracelets tags and thick cable chains.

Styles of Men’s Gold Bracelets

Gold bracelets for men come in numerous varieties. The three most common styles are chains, links, and ID bracelets. The standard size for men’s bracelet is 8″. However, some manufacturers still produce larger size like 9″ or 10″ to accommodate men with bigger wrists.

Gold Chain Bracelets for Men

Chains are one of the most popular jewelry items for men. Chain designs that feature industrial and maritime items are one of their favorites. Chain gold bracelets for men are typically thick. They feature a few links. Chain comes in classic and traditional designs but there are also modern options. There are three main types of gold chains: cable, rope, Byzantine, and wheat chains.

Cable Chains

Cable gold chain bracelets for men come in simple and intricate designs. Simple designs feature a row of individually connected square or round links.

Mens 14K Gold Bracelets
Handmade Curb Link Bracelet – Price: $3257.1 – Get it from Etsy

Intricate designs come in numerous varieties like curb chain, Figaro chain, and marina chains. A curb chain, for example, features a twist on every link that results in a chain that lies flat. Curb chains may either feature a twisted round link or square link. However, people prefer using square links. The style of curb chains in somehow rugged. It looks similar to industrial cables on horse tack chains.

Figaro chain offers more variety in its pattern. It features a stretched elongated link every fourth interval. This makes the pattern more unique. Marina chains are the chains that look similar to the massive nautical chains you see in ships. When getting a marina chain, get the ones with barred links for better strength.

The best gold purity to get for chains are 14k gold chains. They offer the beauty and luster of gold but at a more affordable price.

Rope Chains

If cable chains are individually connected, rope chains, on the other hand, are connected with numerous links. This pattern gives the chain a twisted rope look. Jewelry makers typically bevel every link in the rope chain to achieve a brighter sparkle.

They use diamond cutting or laser cutting to achieve faceted links. Rope chains feature more gold compared to cable chains which makes them more expensive. If you want the intricate design of rope chains, your budget should be ready for it.

Byzantine and Wheat Chains

Byzantine chains form by interlocking rings. These rings create intricate and detailed textural patterns. There are jewelry makers who create byzantine chains by combining different colors of gold.

14K Gold Byzantine Bracelets For Men
14g Byzantine Chainmaille Bracelet – Price: $329 – Get it via Etsy

These chains are durable and sturdy for daily wearing. However, you have to be patience in cleaning it frequently to maintain its sparkle. Wheat chain, on the other hand, is a variation of the Byzantine chain. As its name suggests, the patterns on wheat chains look similar to the interleaved grains in a stalk of wheat. If you are looking for a uniquely designed bracelet, then, you should definitely try any of these.

Gold Link Bracelets for Men

Chains and links are two different things. Parts of the chains can typically move freely and they always look similar to each other. The plates of a link bracelet are different. Jewelry makers mold, press, and wire the links plates together. This process creates a segmented design. A link can feature a simple or ornate plate. These plates interlock together. Some jewelry manufacturers wire the plates loosely with small rings and clamps.

Gold Nugget Bracelets

Nugget bracelet features stamped patterns. The patterns look naturally bumpy and raised. The design can be any random natural pattern. Jewelry makers can feature a specific stylized design to achieve an effect. They feature links with irregular edges to highlight a more rough-hewn pattern on the bracelet.

Owning a gold nugget bracelet requires daily proper cleaning. Since the bracelet features a lot of intricacies, it is important that you always brush it clean. This will ensure that your bracelet always shines its best. You can also opt to use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. 

If you plan to shop for a gold nugget bracelet, make sure that you check how pieces are interlocked together. The bracelet can be heavy so it is important that it features a substantial connection. It has to be durable for daily wearing too.

Gold Watchband Styles

Gold watchbands refer to bracelets that feature links that fit together, minus the timepiece. These watch bands often feature intricate and elegant patterns.

White Gold Bracelets For Men
Reversible Apple Watch Band – Price: $71.2 – Get it via Etsy

Jewelry makers combine variegated designs combining hues of silver and gold together. The links on watchbands stay together with the use of rings and bars that go through two intersecting pieces. Typically, watchband bracelets are adjustable.

Men’s Gold Bracelets Q&A

Navigating the world of men’s jewelry can get complicated fast. Here is a list of our readers’ most frequently asked gold bracelets questions. We hope it will help you!

What style of men’s bracelet should I choose?

The style of men’s bracelets that you choose is entirely up to you. Consider the receiver’s personal style and whether they have many of the same bracelets. You might consider something they don’t have already, or gift a new type for them to love.

Is a yellow gold men’s bracelet genuine gold?

The short answer is yes. While the amount of actual gold depends on the carat of the jewelry, there is a degree of gold in all yellow gold jewelry. Some do have more different kinds of metal included, too.

Which wrist should a man wear a gold bracelet on?

There are no set rules on which wrist a man should wear a bracelet on. The lack of rules is comparable with that of women’s bracelets, as well. You have the freedom to choose whatever suits you best!

Gold ID Bracelets for Men

Id bracelets can feature chains, links, or a whole bangle. The only unique quality it has is the plate. The plate can contain any important information. Typically, jewelry makers would carve or engrave the information on the ID plate.

These plates are often curved to follow the natural shape of the wrist. Another variation of the ID bracelet is the medical alert bracelets. These ID bracelets are more special. They bear a unique red enamel insignia. They also feature more room for medical information.

Get your Gold On

Whether you need gold men’s bracelets as an elegant accessory, a sentimental present, or a practical necessity, you should definitely get one on your own.

You can get gold bracelets for men in different colors. styles, and designs. Each gold men’s bracelet will definitely not fail to add a flair to any man’s wardrobe. Invest in something that can definitely last a lifetime! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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