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37 Unique Gold Bracelets for Women (2020)

Gold Bracelet For Sister
Gold Bracelet Infinity Sister Birthday Gift – Price: $20.8 – Get it via Etsy

We all know for a fact that jewelry is an essential piece of every women’s wardrobe. Indeed, we often see gold bracelets for women as one of the go-to ornaments that seldom goes out of style. This classic piece is not only timeless but also regarded as a precious investment as well. Aside from that, many women see this accent piece as a symbol of confidence, self-worth, and accomplishment.

Unique Gold Bracelets for Women

To give you a glimpse of this lovely accessory that women can wear, here are stunning gold bracelets available now in the market.

1. Hammered Curb Chain Bracelet

In this case, this Gold Hammered Curb Chain Bracelet is solid and thick. Women will love to pair this lustrous jewelry with any of their formal attire.

Gold Bracelets For Women Curb Hammered
Gold Hammered Curb Chain Bracelet – Price: $29.95 – Get it via RTP

2. Vintage Yellow Gold Bracelet

Distinctly, this Vintage Estate 18K Yellow Gold Bracelet is set with triangular patterns paved with diamonds. Anyone who wears this will certainly shine in the spotlight.

Gold Bracelets For Women 18K
Estate 18K Yellow Gold Bracelet with Diamonds – Price: $2299 – Get it via Etsy

3. Gold Filled Dainty Chain Bracelet

Whether you prefer to wear a piece of jewelry or a stack of bracelet, this dainty ornament will surely fit your lifestyle.

14K Gold Bracelet Womens
14k Gold Filled Dainty Chain Bracelet – Price: $25.03+ – Get it via Etsy

4. Bohemian Gold Bracelet Set

With a smooth and exquisite design, this Dessert Harmony Bohemian Gold Bracelet Set will perfectly match any outfit you wear. This bracelet set provides you with a vintage look and high-quality non-tarnish gold chain.

Gold Bracelets For Women Bohemian Set
Dessert Harmony Bohemian Gold Bracelet Set – Price: $16.95 – Get it via RTP

5. Lovely Heart Charm Bracelet

Aside from gold-filled accessory, you can also choose gold-plated jewelry like this Lovely Heart Gold Bells Charm Bracelet.

22K Gold Bracelets For Womens
22K Baby Flower Lovely Heart Gold Bells Charm Bracelet – Price: $24.99 – Get it via Etsy

6. Women’s Link Bracelet

A dramatic yet classic piece, this gold link bracelet will look exquisite on your wrist.

Gold Link Bracelet Womens
24ct Gold Women’s Link Bracelet – Price: $17.18 – Get it via Etsy

7. Pearl Gold Bangle Bracelet

Simple yet classy is how one can describe this Pearl Gold Bangle Bracelet. It’s an accessory suitable to wear in the office or a dinner date with your special someone.

Womens Gold Bangle Bracelets
Freshwater Pearl Gold Bangle Bracelet – Price: $16.28 – Get it via Etsy

8. Plume Gold Bracelet

On the other hand, this unique Plume Gold Bracelet will show off your fabulous trendsetting style. It is an 18k gold-plated bracelet that is adjustable to fit any wrist size.

Gold Bracelet For Women With Price
Gold Bracelets for Women “Plume” – Price: $36.4 – Get it via Etsy

9. Minimalist Gold Bracelet

This Minimalist Gold bracelet is great for daily use. You can pair this with any of your casual outfit or weekend get-up.

Gold Bracelet For Women
Gold Bracelet For Women – Price: $37 – Get it via Etsy

10. Rose Gold Knot Bracelet

Truly, rose gold is a favorite among couples. With this in mind, this Rose Gold Knot bracelet gives off a romantic vibe.

Gold Jewelry For Women's Jewelry
Knot Bracelet Rose Gold – Price: $11.9 – Get it via Etsy

11. Moon Gold Bracelet

Notably, this Moon Gold Bracelet is an ideal accessory to any of your ensemble. Wear this pretty bracelet and for sure it will polish your look.

Gold Bracelet For Womens Images
Gold Bracelets for women “Moon” – Price: $34.5 – Get it via Etsy

12. Gold Bracelet for Little Girls

Your little girl will proudly feel grown-up with this 14k gold filled bracelet. Imagine her dressed up and wearing this beautiful bracelet, certainly, your little girl will soon be a sweet lady.

Gold Bracelet For Girl
14k Gold Tiny Stamped Initial Heart Tag & Cubic Zirconia Diamond – Price: $27 – Get it via Etsy

13. Baby’s Bangle Bracelet

It’s not only little girls who can wear gold bracelets but also babies as well! This particular accessory is suitable for newborn babies up to 12 months. Take note though to remove the jewelry before bed time or while playing.

Gold Bracelet For Baby Girl
Adjustable Baby Bangle Bracelet – Price: $8.99 – Get it via Etsy

14. Boho Gold Filled Baby Bracelet

Otherwise, if you prefer a bracelet with clasp for your baby you can go for this Boho Gold Filled Bracelet. Since this jewelry has charms, again, make sure to remove it while playing or before sleeping.

Gold Bracelet For Girl Baby
Kids Bracelet in 14kt Gold Fill – Price: $35.00+ – Get it via Etsy

15. Infinity Bracelet with Charm

The leaf charm in this Infinity Bracelet adds a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your look. You can purchase this for your own use or buy this as a terrific gift for Mom.

Gold Bracelet For Mom
Gold Mother’s Infinity Bracelet with Leaf Charm – Price: $38.00+ – Get it via Etsy

16. Gold Toddler Bracelet

Another great option for your toddler is this Gold and Pearl Bracelet. You choose whether your baby uses it as an anklet or bracelet. Moreover, your child can use it when she grows up since there will be extra links included.

Gold Bracelet For Toddler Girl
Gold and Pearl Toddler Bracelet – Price: $40 – Get it via Etsy

17. Gold Cuff Bangle

If you are aiming for a Bohemian look, this Boho Brick-Style Gold Cuff Bangle is perfect for you. You will see the pattern used here in many of the ancient Persian building designs.

Design of Gold Bracelet For Female
Boho Brick Style Filigree wide Gold Cuff Bangle – Price: $28 – Get it via Etsy

18. Gold Bracelet with Gem Stone

Charms are not the only items you can add in your gold bracelet. You can likewise incorporate gems in your accessory as seen below.

Gold Bracelet For Girl Designs
Natural Black Onyx Gems Stone Bracelets Gold with Loving Heart Unique Design – Price: $12.86 – Get it via Etsy

19. Bracelet with Bible Verse

Personalizing your jewelry is one way you can make your accessory unique. You can opt to add your name, special date, or even your favorite bible verse if you want.

Gold Bracelet For Girl With Price
Gold Bible Verse Bangle Bracelet For Girls – Price: $35 – Get it via Etsy

20. Macrame Adjustable Bracelet

Girls will totally adore this Gold Shell Macrame Bracelet. The shell charm is set with Swarovski crystals to give it a beautiful and elegant look.

Gold Bracelets For Women Macrame
Gold Shell Macrame Adjustable Bracelets – Price: $45.95 – Get it via RTP

21. Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet

Searching for that immaculate gift to give your special someone? Your loved one will forever sing you praise when you give her this Women’s Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet. This classic piece is set with natural diamonds and finished with refined gold. Wearing this timeless treasure will definitely add that eye-catching sparkle to your personal style.

Gold Bracelets For Women On Sale
Women’s Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet – Price: $889 – Get it via Etsy

22. Bracelet with Swarovski Pearls

Who could say no to an accessory with gold and pearls? This romantic combination results in a simple yet sophisticated style.

Gold Bracelet For Girl In Chain Model
Swarovski 5mm Pearls Bracelet in Gold Plated Chain – Price: $21.9 – Get it via Etsy

23. 14k Swirl Bangle Bracelet

Handcrafted to a standard of perfection is this Modern 14k Yellow Gold Twist Swirl Bangle Bracelet. This chic jewelry is suitable with your day or evening outfits.

14K Gold Bracelet Women
Modern 14K Yellow Gold Twist Swirl Bangle Bracelet – Price: $553.14 – Get it via Etsy

24. Byzantine Gold Bracelet

To clarify, the braid used in this bracelet is referred to as Byzantine. You can pair this jewelry with your work attire or favorite dress.

Gold Bracelet For Mum
14k Rose/Yellow Gold Byzantine Bracelet for Mom – Price: $179 – Get it via Etsy

25. Gold Hammered Artisan Bracelet

Particularly, this 24k Gold Hammered Artisan Bracelet is both stunning and impressive. Owning this piece will totally be a stellar addition to your collection.

Gold Bracelets For Womens Online
24k Gold Hammered Artisan Bracelet – Price: $1,869.00+ – Get it via Etsy

26. Gold Cuff Bracelet

Show off your creative side with this Handmade Gold Coordinates Cuff Bracelet. You can request to engrave the GPS coordinates of your favorite city, state, or even the place where you met your other half.

Gold Bracelets For Women Online
Handmade Gold Coordinates Cuff Bracelet – Price: $63 – Get it via Etsy

27. Open Cuff Gold Bracelet

Whoever thought of a nail as a bracelet is brilliant! This trendy design is catching up in the latest scene and the fashion faithful are all excited.

Gold Bracelets For Women Pictures
Nail Bent Open Cuff Bracelet – Price: $305.1 – Get it via Etsy

28. Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Bracelet

With this Vintage Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Bracelet on your wrist, your day can never go wrong! This 18k solid yellow gold bracelet is an accessory your can wear to dress up or dress down.

Design Of Gold Bracelet For Female
Vintage Solid Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Bracelet – Price: $659 – Get it via Etsy

29. Gold Chain Curb Bracelet

For one thing, this chunky and solid Double Curb Gold Chain Bracelet is a dependable accessory. You can go from the office then to after-hours with so much ease and style.

Gold Bracelet For Women Design
Double Curb Gold Chain Bracelet – Price: $292.95+ – Get it via Etsy

30. Unique Yellow Gold Bracelet

Those who are avid fans of the moon cycle must see this Lunar Cycle Yellow Gold Bracelet. Aside from its unique design, this jewelry offers a comfortable fit without compromising your style

Womens Gold Bracelet Designs With Price
Lunar Cycle Yellow Gold Bracelet – Price: $199.2 – Get it via Etsy

31. Wide Gold Bangle Bracelet

Charming, vibrant, and rich is this 22k Yellow Gold Wide Bangle Bracelet. The gold construction of this jewelry emits radiant shine that continuously goes on and on.

22K Gold Bracelets For Women
22K Yellow Gold Wide Bangle Bracelet – Price: $950 – Get it via Etsy

Gold Bracelets for Women Buying Guide

Buying yourself a gold bracelet is a luxury. Thus, it is best that you know your way around in purchasing this valuable treasure. Find out everything you need to learn about gold in this buying guide.

Gold Purity

Do you notice your gold jewelry having a mark that says 18k, 14k, or 10k? The K in the marking stands for karat. It is the unit that refers to the percent of gold a piece of jewelry contains. In a word, the higher the karat figure or purity, the more costly and greater percentage of gold in your item.

In detail, 24k is pure gold. That means, for 18k gold, it consists of 18 parts gold and the remaining parts are supplemental metals. It goes without saying that an 18K jewelry equals 75% gold. This is the same as with the other karat numbers.


Gold Bracelet For Best Friend
Tiny Heart Gold Bracelet – Price: $10.80+ – Get it via Etsy

Even so, it doesn’t mean you need to always aspire for a high gold purity when purchasing gold. If you are planning to wear your gold bracelet daily, it best to target low-karat ornaments. Notably, bracelets of 10, 12, and 14 karats. These are pieces which are a combination of gold and other elements that make it resilient.

That is to say then that 18-24 karat pieces are suitable for formal events or occasions. Of course, during these moments the jewelry is treated carefully and used infrequently.


Besides its intended use, you must also consider your compatibility with the jewelry you are eyeing. As discussed earlier, your bracelet can be a combination of gold and other materials. Clarify with the store you are purchasing your jewelry what materials are included in the bracelet.

This is to ensure you are not allergic to one of the metals mixed in the ornament. For example, nickel which is a metal that makes jewelry stronger can cause allergic reactions to some people. If you have the same case it is best that you opt for a bracelet with a higher gold percentage like 18k jewelry.

Gold’s Quality

If you are planning to purchase a gold bracelet, you need to learn the difference between gold filled and gold plated pieces. A lot of jewelry resemble gold but in reality it is of different material. Hence, you must understand the difference.

Gold Filled

Girl Gold Bracelet
14k Gold Filled Bracelet – Price: $29.00+ – Get it via Etsy

As the name states, gold filled ornaments are just that, filled with gold. Given that pure gold is delicate and is not sensible to be worn regularly, other elements and metals are combined to create a long-lasting, tougher, and inexpensive accessory. The result of gold and other mixture of elements is what we call an alloy.

In general, many women favor gold or rose gold alloys because it is the next precious jewelry after 24-karat gold. Due to its structure, the piece doesn’t alter its shade or tarnish in time. For this reason, these ornaments are regarded as timeless jewelry. Moreover, in some areas, the selling of gold-filled jewelry is regulated. You can rest assured then that your purchase is well-covered.


On the other hand, you can opt for gold-plated jewelry as an affordable alternative. These are non-gold base ornaments dipped in melted gold to produce the same shade as its coating. Take note though that the gold plating is normally very low in density that it can fade quickly. Still, there are those that prefer to buy gold-plated accessories since it is instantly accessible in the market and lightly if not entirely regulated.

Gold Color

While we are accustomed to seeing the golden yellow hue of this jewelry, know that in purchasing gold you are not only confined to this color. Discover below the different shades you need to learn about this elegant jewelry.

Yellow Gold 

Generally speaking, this is the color that first pops in our mind when we think of the gold accessory. People ordinarily relate this shade to things such as sunshine or even honey. Take note though that not all accessory with this color is necessarily gold. There is a method called gold plating wherein some other metal is coated with a thin layer of gold to keep its needed appearance.

Rose Gold

Gold Bangles For Mother Of The Bride
Rose Gold Infinity Heart Bangle Bracelet – Price: $27.50+ – Get it via Etsy

A favorite hue among those buying engagement rings rose gold has become a popular choice for couples preparing to get married. The pinkish hue of this jewelry is due to the copper mixed in with the gold.

White Gold

Similar to the previous color, white gold is another prominent variant of gold jewelry. A quick glimpse to this accessory will remind you of silver. In reality, though, it is made of manganese, palladium, and nickel which are white metals sturdier than gold.

Green Gold

Also known as “Electrum”, Green gold is typically created in labs but likewise mined in a natural manner. It is a rare piece which is a combination of gold and silver. Ordinarily, this ornament displays a vibrant greenish yellow color. Jewelers seldom see this variety since it is scarce and expensive.

Most Popular Types of Gold Bracelet

Now that you have discovered everything you need to learn about gold, take a look at the most popular types of gold bracelets for women.

Bangle Bracelets

Gold Bangles For Mother Of The Groom
Infinity Family Tree Initial Bangle Bracelet – Price: $10.98+ – Get it via Etsy

Similar to a ring, a bangle is a kind of bracelet that has no opening and an end. It has no closures or clasps that you can open or close. You wear this type of bracelet by basically sliding along your hand.

Chain Bracelets

Meanwhile, you will find chain bracelets composed of chain links that usually come in various shapes and sizes. A gold chain bracelet offers its wearer an elegant look that will absolutely fit any outfit. Most importantly, since it is available in different sizes there is always a bracelet that will match every wrist.

Charm Bracelets

What makes charm bracelets popular among women is that you can customize this piece according to your hobbies and favorites. Whether you adore books, music, or traveling you will find a charm relating to your passion. Furthermore, you can simply switch charms on a steady basis so as to suit your look or your mood.

Cleaning your Gold Bracelets

When you already have the jewelry on hand, how do you properly clean it? Follow these simple tips:

  • Now and then, buff your gold bracelet using a thin gentle cloth. Softly wipe it to get rid of dust and dirt. In doing this, you prevent dirt from gathering on your jewelry.
Gold Bracelet For Siblings
Tiny Dot Gold Bracelet Sibling – Price: $9.28 – Get it via Etsy
  • To clean your gold bracelet, start by immersing it in a soapy mixture for about 10 to 15 minutes. If it happens your bracelet features a complex pattern or a stone, clean your jewelry with a Q-tip rather than soaking. You still get to clean the grime while at the same time securing the stone. By the same token, if you have a bracelet with deep ridges clean it with a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt. After cleaning, rinse your gold bracelet in warm water and dab with a soft cloth to dry it.
  • In the meantime, deep clean your bracelet every three months. It is advisable to follow this frequency to minimize the chemicals tarnishing the gold. Start your deep cleaning by soaking your bracelet for 3 hours in a cleaning solution. In case your bracelet has a stone, make sure the solution is suitable to clean it. Next, clean your bracelet with a Q-tip or a gentle brush the same as you would clean it with a common soap. Finally, rinse with warm water and dry with a thin cloth.

All in all, with the amount of these ornaments, keep in mind that gold bracelets for women are more than just fashion accessories. Having said that, remember to take good care of your jewelry. As we have stressed out earlier, only wear high-karat gold occasionally since the material is gentle and can quickly damage. Likewise, with this kind of treasure, make sure you store it properly. If storing it in individual boxes is not possible, securely wrap each of your gold bracelets in separate pieces of clothing to preserve it.

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