Moonstone Jewelry

7 Benefits To Wearing Moonstone Jewelry

There is no doubt about it, moonstone jewelry is extremely stylish and good-looking. You can accessorize just about any outfit in your wardrobe with these types of gemstones. However, aesthetics are not the only reason to wear moonstones. These stones can offer you several benefits to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  In this article, …

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The Red String Bracelet Meaning : The Complete Story

Throughout history, those who have worn the red string around their wrists have worn it as a representation of protection, good luck, strength, faith, and connection. The red string bracelet meaning behind the bracelet all depends on the culture.  Today, you will find many who wear the red string bracelet to remind them that they …

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Titanium wedding band

Titanium Wedding Band Buyers Guide

In recent years, many couples have eschewed the traditional gold and silver wedding rings in favor of titanium. Titanium rings are large, bold and polished to perfection, drawing your attention to the ring itself instead of carvings or gemstones. Some couples opt for the traditional polished titanium while others prefer black titanium for a more …

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