Titanium wedding band

Titanium Wedding Band Buyers Guide

In recent years, many couples have eschewed the traditional gold and silver wedding rings in favor of titanium. Titanium rings are large, bold and polished to perfection, drawing your attention to the ring itself instead of carvings or gemstones. Some couples opt for the traditional polished titanium while others prefer black titanium for a more …

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young couple sharing promise rings

What Is A Promise Ring?

Likely, you have ever wondered what is a promise ring? Many people are confused about the right finger to wear a promise ring and a promise ring actual cost. Rings shared between lovers range from purity rings, engagement rings, commitment rings, promise rings, etc. The confusion behind the usage of these rings is wide. Many …

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unique bracelets for couples e1475046114543

57 Matching Couples Bracelets Sets to Express true Love

Bracelets for couples are getting more popular, especially to the younger generation. Boyfriend and girlfriend distance bracelets make easy statements to show love without being too bold. Couples enjoy wearing couples bracelets as it serves as a constant reminder or touch of their partner. Finding all the different options below, decide which design would suit …

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