Bangle Bracelets for Men and Women

21 Stylish Bangle Bracelets for Men & Women (2020)

With a wide array of accessories available in the market these days, it is hard to look for unique accessories that are within your budget. We have watches, bracelets, cuff links and many other accessories that you can wear on your wrists.

Let’s face it, we cannot wear a lot of accessories on our wrists because we will look weird if we do. So, we should face reality and just choose the accessories that you will wear every day. You should try wearing Bangle Bracelets. Bangles are easy to wear and comfortable. They are also cute and catchy, that is why many people like to wear them.

Charming Bangle Bracelets

With a lot of bangle bracelets available on the market, it is hard to choose the bangle bracelet that will fit you and your personality. That is why we are here to help you out. We listed our favorite stylish Bangle Bracelets for you to enjoy!

1. Silver Longfen Bangle Bracelets

Fashion Bangle Bracelets
Classic Silver Longfeng Bangle Luxury Bracelet – Price: $229.95 – Get it via RTP

Made from fine silver, the Classic Silver Longfeng Bangle Luxury Bracelet is really an awe-inspiring accessory. To make fine silver, it will first undergo a process called electrolysis and amalgamation, that is why every piece of this bangle bracelet is handcrafted with precision to produce a unique piece every time.

2. Zodiac Charm Bangle Bracelets

Bangle Bracelets With Charms
Adjustable Silver Zodiac Charm Bangle – Price: $39.95 – Get it via RTP

Comes with 12 choices of your zodiac sign with 3 exquisitely made pendants, the Adjustable Silver Zodiac Charm Bangle is handcrafted just for you.

3. Charm Locket Bangles

Baby Bangle Bracelets
Silver Charm Locket Aromatherapy Bangle – Price: $15.95 – Get it via RTP

The Silver Charm Locket Aromatherapy Bangle has a simple design with 5 different lockets to choose from. As an added bonus, Ring to Perfection offers different stones in order to make sure that you get what you want.

4. Horseshoe Silver Clasp Bangle Bracelets

Diamond Bangle Bracelets
Horseshoe Silver Clasp Cuff Bracelet – Price: $27.95 – Get it via RTP

The Horseshoe Silver Clasp Cuff has a swirl design with a horseshoe clasp. A horseshoe is believed to help bring luck to your life.

5. Fleur De Lis Aromatherapy Bangle Bracelets

Friend Bangle Bracelets
Silver Fleur De Lis Aromatherapy Bangle – Price: $27.95 – Get it via RTP

Made from Stainless Steel to ensure durability and comes with 10 washable replacement pads to make you relax with the aromatherapy feature of the Silver Fleur De Lis Aromatherapy Bangle.

6. Hand Stamped Bangle Bracelets

Bangle Bracelets Gold
Hand-Stamped Uplifting Mantra Quotes Bangle Bracelet – Price: $77.95- Get it via RTP

The Inspirational Hand Stamped Bangle will surely help you be motivated in life. This classy bangle will also help you enhance your outfit every day.

7. Vintage Gold Colored Bangle Bracelets

Gold Bangle Bracelets
Adjustable Vintage Gold Zodiac Charm Bangle – Price: $39.95 – Get it via RTP

The Adjustable Vintage Gold Zodiac Charm Bangle comes with 4 pendants. You can choose your zodiac sign to come with 3 other pendants.

8. Personalized Handwritten Bangles

Charm Bangle Bracelets
Personalized Bracelet – Price: $36.00 – Get it via Etsy

You can choose to have 1-8 charm pendants to put on your bracelets. As a plus, you can also choose from 3 metals to be used as the bracelet. The Personalized Bracelet will surely be an amazing gift for your partner.

9. Matte Rose Gold Bangles

Bangle Bracelets With Diamond
Matte Couple Bangle – Price: $33.12 – Get it via Etsy

The Matte Couple Bangle is available in two colors; rose gold color and white gold color. This bangle bracelet is handcrafted to ensure the uniqueness of every piece.

10. Intricate Blue Bangles

Bangle Bracelets Sets
Blue Skies Ahead Bangle Bracelet Set – Price: $39.00 – Get it via Etsy

The Blue Skies Ahead Bangle Bracelet Set comes in 3 bangles. One is an antique-looking gold plated filigree, another one is lilac-colored glass drop and one classy turquoise blue stone.

11. Minimalist Sterling Bangle Bracelets

Silver Bangle Bracelets
Minimal Latch Silver Bangle – Price: $30.60 – Get it via Etsy

Simple and elegant is the main selling point of the Minimal Latch Silver Bangle. This is a unique bracelet for men that’s a great gift for your loved ones.

12. Boho Wooden Bangle Bracelets

Wood Bangle Bracelets
Blue Wood Bracelet – Price: $35.09 – Get it via Etsy

Every piece of the Blue Wood Bracelet is hand-painted with a beautiful symmetrical pattern using shades of blue to make every piece catchy.

13. Freestyle Wriggly Bangle Bracelets

How To Make Bangle Bracelets
Sterling Silver Wriggly Bangle – Price: $261.25 – Get it via Etsy

The Sterling Silver Wriggly Bangle is handmade and can be made to order. With this added feature, you can be sure that no other bangle bracelet will be the same. Uniqueness is something that anyone would love to have in their accessories. With this bangle bracelet, you will be sure that you will not see exactly the same item worn by someone that you know.

14. Solid Silver Bangle Bracelets

Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets
925 Silver Bangle – Price: $437.85 – Get it via Etsy

Made from solid sterling silver, you will be sure that the 925 Silver Bangle will be sturdy and last long. These bangle bracelets have a smooth silver finish and corrosion resistant to ensure the longevity of the product.

15. Bohemian Bangle Bracelets

Wire Bangle Bracelets
Bohemian Bangle Bracelet – Price: $11.95 – Get it via Etsy

The Bohemian Bangle Bracelet is made of silver filled wire with a gypsy design. The quirky look of these bangle bracelets will sure look cool combined with your Bohemian style.

16. Botanical Bangle Bracelets

Thick Bangle Bracelets
Botanical Boho Chic Bracelet – Price: $58.00 – Get it via Etsy

Every piece of the Botanical Boho Chic Bracelet is unique with each design containing wheat in the bangle bracelet. This technique is very unpredictable, that is why every piece is different from the others.

17. Under the Sea Bangles

Bangle Charm Bracelets
Beach Jewelry – Price: $42.00 – Get it via Etsy

The Beach Jewelry comes in a set consisting of 3 unique bangles. One has a seahorse, another has a seashell and lastly, one has a white teardrop glass stone.

18. Family Tree Bangle Bracelets

Bangle Engraved Bracelets
Family Tree Bracelet – Price: $34.95 – Get it via Etsy

Has a branches design with letters or initials of your choice. You can choose from 6 different wires to be used that is why the Family Tree Bracelet is a perfect gift for your loved ones.

19. Hammered Rustic Bangle Bracelets

Thin Silver Bangle Bracelets
Hammered Sterling Silver Bangle – Price: $153.00 – Get it via Etsy

By using sterling silver the Hammered Sterling Silver Bangle is rust-resistant. Every piece is handmade and hammered to make every piece unique.

20. Leafy Handmade Bangle Bracelets

Bangle Bracelets Pandora
Gold Bangle Bracelet – Price: $15.30 – Get it via Etsy

The Gold Bangle Bracelet is made of brass which is soft enough to make the bangle bracelet adjustable without breaking it. This bangle bracelet comes in two colors which will surely grab your attention.

21. Simplistic Sterling Bangle Bracelets

Adjustable Bangle Bracelets
Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet – Price: $29.00 – Get it via Etsy

The Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet is an amazing gift for its simplistic design that looks classy. It can be worn with any style you are aiming for.

What’s the difference between Bangles and Cuffs?

Bracelets are known as something that you wear on your wrists or arms. They can be made from anything like silver, gold, beads, wood, any kind of metal or every cloth. Bracelets are commonly flexible and don’t hold a solid shape. Bracelets usually come with a clasp to make it easier to wear.

Bangle Bracelets

Antique Gold Bangle Bracelets
GOLD LOCK CLASSIC BANGLE – Price: $29.95 – Get it via RTP

Wood, silver, stainless steel, glass or even gold are commonly used to make bangles. These materials are hard to help retain a solid shape for the bangles. Bangles are usually slipped on because they do not have any clasps. Bangles are free size, meaning they should be able to be worn by anyone but it is hard to find a bangle that fits you perfectly. Always take note of the size of the bangle when buying so you can be sure that the bangle will fit you and not slide off on your wrist.

Cuff Bracelet

Fashion Bangle Bracelets
RENCH BULLDOG OPEN CUFF BANGLE – Price: $39.95 – Get it via RTP

Cuffs are a type of Bangle Bracelet. When a bangle is a closed solid round shape, a cuff is a solid shape but usually, it is closed. Cuffs are in C shaped to make it easier to wear compared to bangles. Cuffs may or may not have clasps in them. They are also adjustable to make it more wearable.

Where did Bangle Bracelets originate from?

Bangle Bracelets are commonly used since the early 2600 BC. Asian ladies wear bangles as an ordinary decoration commonly practiced in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. In earlier times, bangles are a huge part of a woman’s wrists where bangles are made from silver, stones, woods, seashells, and gold.

Bangles have two styles, to be specific unbendable bangle bracelets and versatile bangle bracelets (these days, basically known as bangles and bracelets). Rigid bangles have a strong solid and stable shape while a flexible bangle (bracelets) has no solid shape, usually has a clasp to make it easier to wear compared to that of bangles.

Styling With Bangles

Everyone has their own style. We believed that being unique is something that a person should treasure. People may or may not like what you are wearing but as long as you are comfortable with what you are wearing, you can never go wrong with it.

Bangle Bracelet Styling Tips

As long as you feel beautiful or awesome while wearing any outfit or accessories, you should stick to it. But if you need some help in stacking your accessories, like your bangle bracelets or friendship bracelets, we can help you out a bit. Here are some tips when you are choosing the bangles that you can stack in your wrists without overdoing it.

Bangle Bracelets for Elegant Style

When you are styling your bangles, it is actually really helpful to wear statement pieces. They help enhance your elegant look. You do not have to stack a lot of bangles when you are aiming for an elegant style, you just need elegant looking statement pieces to boost your look. Dainty looking bangles will also be a great help in aiming for an elegant look. You can try diamond bangle bracelets, they are statement pieces that can go well with any kind of stuff.

Bangle Bracelets for Edgy and Daring

If you are into edgy and daring clothes, you can add more accessories to enhance your edgy and daring look. You can mix big chunky bangles with silver and dark statement pieces. Usually, people with an edgy and daring look uses monochromatic colors. With that in mind, you can choose monochromatic bangles with studs and metallic materials to complement your edgy style.

Bangle Bracelets for Bohemian Style

With summer approaching, the Boho style will surely in this season. To accompany your cute and comfortable clothes, you can wear bright colorful beaded bangle bracelets added with geometrically designed bangles. You can also spice it up with wooden bangles. Stack colorful beaded bangles to enhance your bohemian style.

Bangle Bracelets for Girly Look

If you are aiming for a cute girly look, simplicity is the key. Dainty but sparkly, that is something you should keep in mind when you are styling your girly look. You can add bangles with sparkly stones or simple sister bracelet bangles. You can never go wrong with using pastel-colored pieces when you are styling your bangles.

Men’s Bangle Bracelets for Casual Look

Gold Bangle for Men

Usually, when people are talking about a casual look, the main consideration is a comfort. So, you should wear clothes which you can move freely. To add to that casual look of yours, you can improve it by adding casual bangle pieces. It is better to wear comfortable bangles and not too big to not overpower your look. The simple but catchy look is usually the aim when wearing your stack of bangles.

Stocking your Bangle Collection

It is important to know what bangle bracelets signify so you wouldn’t be caught wearing something that would be very embarrassing for you in different countries. Bangles are an important piece for many Indian brides but the significance of each usually varies depending on the region they are in. Bangles made from gold and silver are usually used when attending marriage programs and important functions. They are commonly part of a bride’s accessory with pearls and diamonds to accentuate the bride’s wrists. It is believed that bangles made from glass help with the safety and luck department.

Comfortability is always the #1 priority when choosing your clothes and your accessories. Remember, accessories or jewelry can make or break an outfit! So you have to be wary of choosing what accessories you are going to wear. Accessories should always compliment your outfit, not overshadow it. Most importantly, you have to be comfortable and feel beautiful when you are wearing your accessories. You can add bracelets to add more personality to your style. There are a lot of styles and trends available nowadays, remember that you don’t have to fall into a specific style or trend. You can be different and just be your unique self.

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