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19 Popular 14K Gold Chains to Rock your Style in 2020

Millennials have always loved the beauty and glamor that gold chains bring. It is an amazing adornment worn by wealthy men. Initially, chains were designed with basic styles of either round or oval links. Today, thanks to the availability of advanced shaping machines, chains can now be created in different and complex shapes and designs.

The most popular choice of metal for gold chains for men are yellow gold. Men’s gold chains are longer and broader than women’s gold chains. The style for men’s necklace chains and women’s gold chain also differ. Men’s gold chains tend to be more chunky and rugged. Since gold chains can be really expensive,

Men’s gold chains are longer and broader than women’s gold chains. The style for men and women’s gold chain also differ. Men’s gold chains tend to be more chunky and rugged. Since gold chains can be really expensive, electroplating and gold filling had been a great alternative to getting the same look of gold chains. This allows average people to enjoy the beauty of a gold chain bracelet at the most affordable price.

Beautiful 14K Gold Chains

A thin coating of gold to another metal will give the jewelry the same looks and quality of a gold chain. The jewelry will still not tarnish, rust, or corrode. Gold alloys are also another popular affordable option. When buying a gold chain, it is important to have knowledge about them. Let us learn about the popular gold chain styles, price, and purity.

18K Gold Chain Price
18k Gold Chain for Her – Price: $2100 – Get it via Etsy
14K Gold Chains Ring
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Antique 14K Gold Chains
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Vintage 14K Gold Chains
White Gold Snake Chain – Price: $365 – Get it via Etsy
14K Gold Chains For Sale
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14K Gold Chains Price Guide
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14K Gold Chains Value
14 kt. Gold Fill Chain – Price: $5.15+ – Get it via Etsy
14K White Gold Chains
Gold Plated Chain – Price: $1.75+ – Get it via Etsy
18K White Gold Chain
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18K Yellow Gold Chain
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14K Yellow Gold Chains
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14K Yellow Gold Chains For Men
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18K Rose Gold Chain
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How Much Would 14K Gold Chains Be Worth
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Gold Chain Designs

Gold chains come in numerous different designs. If you didn’t recognize the designs on the product options above, below is a detailed guide on their differences! Let us know your favorite design or designs in the comment box below!

Cable Chains

Cable chains are the classics of gold chains. They are the oldest form of a chain that follows a very simple design. Cable chains are only connected by single links. This basic chain design comes in different varieties: curb chain, Figaro chain, Rolo chain, and box chain. These amazing varieties are ideally worn by itself, as a chain in a pendant, as a medallion, or as a bracelet.

Curb Chains

In creating a curb chain, each round link is given a twist so that when they are combined together, the cable chain will lie flat. Each link’s edge is carefully and precisely shaped in a square so they can lock together.

Gold Curb Chain Necklace
Chunky Statement Gold Curb Chain Necklace – Price: $16.00 – Get it via Etsy

Some curb chains remain to have a curved edge so they can be more flexible. Commonly, edges of each link in a curb chain are beveled to achieve a more perfect and polished look.

Figaro Chains

Figaro chains are inspired by the design of the curb chain. It does have more twist than the regular curb chain design.

In the Italian Figaro chain, every third or fourth link follows a more elongated and stretched shape instead of staying short and round. Figaro chains may either be slim and subtle or thick and substantial.

Rolo Chains

Rolo chains are created by using perfectly shaped circles and connecting them into a chain. The Rolo chain is commonly made with thick round links.

Rolo Gold Chain
Gold Rolo Chain – Price: $99.99 – Get it via Etsy

Since they possess such a good combination of thick strong links, they are ideal for wearing heavier pendants. Rolo chains also make great bracelet designs.

Box Chains

This chain is pretty much like the Rolo chain, except its links are made from perfectly shaped squares.

Box Gold Chain
Gold Box Chain – Price: $99.99 – Get it via Etsy

These chains can either utilize thick links or small thin links. Using a thick link will give the chain a more smooth and liquid look while using smaller links will add an exquisite detail as it leaves visible dash-like spaces between links.

The box chain is also very durable and sturdy so it is also ideal for heavy pendants.

Rope Chains

The rope chain is crafted by fastening two or more links together. This combination creates a pattern that resembles a twisted rope. Whether the rope chain is thick or thin, it can go best with heavy pendants. Some jewelry creators use a special technique called diamond cutting to add a unique effect to the rope chain. The diamond cutting is a technique where the edges of the chain are beveled.

14K Gold Chains Price
Rope Chain – Price: $74 – Get it via Etsy

Rope chains are ideal for neck wearing than wrist wearing because they are not that flexible.

Herringbone Chains

Herringbone chains are another variation of gold chain that is exceptionally flat. The chain is named for their differently shaped chevron segments.

Antique 14K Gold Chains
White Gold Chain – Price: $545 – Get it via Etsy

They can come with large or small links. Both bring a different look to their final product. The combination of smaller links can give it a look of ribbons of liquid gold while the combination of larger links can give it the look of tiny intersecting gold bars.

This chain is made from a single strand of gold that is hammered flat. The herringbone is already beautiful on its own and does not need adornments like pendants. With the intricate designs of this chain, it generally requires extra care.

Determining Gold’s Purity

Pure gold in its natural state is very soft and malleable. A great and basic way of testing if gold jewelry is real is by biting it with our teeth. If you see a dent on the jewelry, then it only proves that the gold is real because it still possesses the malleable quality of gold. Since gold is extremely soft, manufacturers of jewelry combine other metals to gold to create an alloy. Typically, silver, copper, palladium, and nickel are mixed with gold to achieve a harder metal that can withstand daily wear.

Different colors of gold like white, pink, or rose gold is achieved by combining the correct amount of other metals. Since there are many varieties of a gold alloy, knowing the gold purity of jewelry is made easier with the use of karats. A karat is one part of the 24 parts of gold which means that a 24 karat gold jewelry is its purest kind. There are also 18 karats, 14 karats, and 10 karats. One of the most common gold chain alloys in America is the 14k gold which is 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metal.

Solid Gold

Solid gold chains mean that the whole jewelry is crafted from a single alloy of gold. Normally, solid gold chains are stamped with a hallmark that shows how pure it is. They can be a series of numbers which is followed by a capital letter K.

Filled Gold

Gold-filled jewelry is also called rolled-gold. This type of gold is crafted by bonding metals with the help of heat and pressure.

Gold Filled Chain
Gold Filled Chain – Price: $24.75 – Get it via Etsy

Usually, manufacturers bond a thin sheet of precious gold and another metal. Filled gold is typically used on chunky gold chains.

Plated Gold

Gold plated chains undergo the process of electroplating.

Gold Plated Chain
Gold Feather Necklace – Price: $21 – Get it via Etsy

In this process, a metal chain is submerged in a liquid gold solution. This type of gold chain may tend to wear away in daily use.

14K Gold Frequently Asked Questions Answered in Detail

How much is a 14k Gold Chain Worth?

The cost of a 14k Gold chain will depend on the weight of the whole jewelry. This means that the thickness, the length, and the design will affect the price of the gold chain. If you want a 14k gold chain bracelet or a 14 gold necklace, chances are that the prices will differ. We also mentioned earlier that a rope chain may need thicker gold links compared to a cable chain so prices will definitely differ a lot even if they have the same length. The price would really depend on the weight of the whole chain. Gold chains can be as low as $70+ up to $5000+.

How to tell if 14k Italy gold chain is real?

Italy gold is considered one of the best gold in the world and is widely praised for its traditional gold color, premium quality, and precise design. Therefore, you should be extremely careful in purchasing one. In Europe, a fineness mark is used instead of karat. This mark indicates the gold content of the chain, on a numeric scale. A 10 karat gold is marked .4167, a 14 karat gold is marked .585, and 18 karat is marked .7500, and a 10. However, you should be careful in analyzing these marks as they can also be forged. The mark most predominantly forged is 14k gold so be extra careful when purchasing this one. If you have other Italy gold jewelry, use it as a guide in analyzing the mark. You can also check google for the look of the mark and compare it with the one you are about to purchase.

Is a 14k gold chain real?

As previously described, a 14k gold numerically contains .585 gold in it. To answer your question, theoretically, it is partly real. Joking aside, yes, a 14k gold chain necklace is real, if you bought it from a reputable seller!

How to clean 14k gold chain?

It is easy to clean a gold chain. All you need is dish soap, soda, a soft-bristle brush, and warm water. One of the simple ways to do it at home is by combining a mild dish soap with seltzer water. Alternatively, you can mix it with club soda. After that, let your gold chain completely submerge in the solution you made. Leave it and allow it to soak in the solution for 15 minutes. After soaking, get your soft brush and brush against the chain in a circular motion. Rinse it in warm water and repeat until the gold shows off with its renewed luster.

Another way to clean gold is using alcohol. However, since rubbing alcohol is abrasive, be sure not to clean antique gold chains using this method. To do this, you need to combined 1 part warm water and 1 part alcohol.

Other methods suggest using ammonia, beer, and toothpaste. We have not tested these so we won’t be recommending using these things.
On a safer said, you can also opt to using a professional cleaning solution from your local jewelry store.

How much can I get for my 14k gold chains?

While it may vary on the country where you are selling the gold chain, I can share some of my expertise based on what I know in the US.
Right now, the cost of pure gold is $1300/oz. If you are to sell your 14k gold, it will depend on the weight of your chain.
To give you an example just to illustrate the price, if your 14k gold chain is 20 grams, it will be safe to say that the melt price of your chain will be around $480.

How much should a 14k gold rope chain weight?

Again, this will vary depending on the length of your chain. To give you a good rough estimate, assuming you 14k gold chain necklace is 24″ and 5mm thick, it should weigh 44.88g.

Gold is a beautiful adornment. whether you are on a budget or willing to pay for quality, you should have one of these gold chains. They do not only add personality and glamor to your look but they can also instantly turn your regular attire into a classy look. You can also add gold rings to complete your look.

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