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19+ Unique Evil Eye Bracelets to Shop

Evil Eye Bracelets are the latest trend these days. There are unique designs to choose from. Stunning Greek Evil Eye Bracelets can ward off the evil eye curse. People believe that wearing Evil Eye Gold Bracelets can bring good luck. At the same time, it can also deter negativity.

Nowadays, almost everyone has noticed evil eyes. You can see them just about everywhere. However, not all people are aware of what the evil eye actually means. Evil eye bracelets are extremely popular all over the world. There are a lot of variations that are available, from gold and silver to beaded and custom versions. It can be an eye shape or a ringed circle. In addition, most often it is a blue eye with a white background. The colors and textures also vary. Aside from bracelets, they are also placed on necklaces, rings and other types of jewelry.

Baby Evil Eye Bracelets
Greek Evil Eye Bracelet – Price: $60 – Get it via Etsy

The classic evil eye is a sapphire. Evil eye beads and evil eye charms come in different colors. Choose a color that fits your needs. For instance, dark blue can protect you against karma and fate. For general protection, you should choose a light blue. While black is protection from power and prosperity. You can choose more than one color. Furthermore, all evil eye jewelry is effective. It can protect the wearer from jealousy, hatred and other kinds of Curse. The evil eye is not just a superstitious myth, they are more than good luck charms. It reminds us that we are all one people.

Meaningful Evil Eye Bracelets to Shop

1. Boho Rock Vintage Stack Bracelet

Evil Eye Bracelet
Boho Rock Vintage Stack Bracelet – Price: $22.95 – Get it via RTP

2. Blue Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil Eye Bracelet Meaning
Blue Evil Eye Bracelet – Price: $6.8 – Get it via Etsy

3. Evil Eye Charm Leather Bracelet

Evil Eye Bracelets
Evil Eye Charm Leather Bracelet – Price: $24.95 – Get it via RTP

4. Black String Kabbalah Bracelet

Evil Eye Baby Bracelet
Black String Kabbalah Bracelet – Price: $3.99 – Get it via Etsy

5. Adjustable Glass Evil Eye Bracelets

Evil Eye Bracelets Amazon
Adjustable Glass Evil Eye Bracelets – Price: $10.95 – Get it via RTP

6. Handmade Onyx Evil Eye Yoga Bracelet

Evil Eye Bracelets Bulk
Handmade Onyx Evil Eye Yoga Bracelet – Price: $39.95 – Get it via RTP

7. Evil Eye Obsidian Bracelet

Evil Eye Bracelet Gold
Evil Eye Obsidian Bracelet – Price: $18.10 – Get it via Etsy

8. Red String Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil Eye Kabbalah Bracelets
Red String Evil Eye Bracelet – Price: $7.49 – Get it via Etsy

9. Rhinestone Evil Eye Black Matte Onyx Beaded Bracelets

Evil Eye Bracelets Sterling Silver
Rhinestone Evil Eye Black Matte Onyx Beaded Bracelets – Price: $25.95 – Get it via RTP

10. Micro Pave Third Eye Beaded Bracelet

Evil Eye Charms For Bracelets
Micro Pave Third Eye Beaded Bracelet – Price: $44.95 – Get it via RTP

11. Evil Eye 14K Gold Bracelet

Evil Eye Diamond Bracelet
Evil Eye 14K Gold Bracelet – Price: $145.00+ – Get it via Etsy

12. Adjustable Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil Eye Gold Bracelets
Adjustable Evil Eye Bracelet – Price: $33.99 – Get it via Etsy

13. Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil Eye Tennis Bracelet
Evil Eye Bracelet – Price: $7.00 – Get it via Etsy

Evil Eye Bracelets Meaning

The origin of the evil eye began way back 3,000 years ago. It has originated in ancient Greece and Rome. It is considered one of the most powerful symbolic images all over the world. People believed that wearing evil eye bracelets can protect them against evil forces. The evil eye is a significant symbol in every country. Also, in different religions such as Buddhism, Hindu, Christianity, Islam, and others.

Evil Eye Couples Bracelets

What evil eye bracelets mean? Maybe you have seen this famous symbol quite often. Furthermore, you’ve probably even worn an evil eye bracelet yourself. Or maybe you have seen someone wearing it, or even a pair of couples or two of your best friends! Perhaps you have witnessed somebody giving you an “evil look”. Or, you may have given it to someone yourself. However, do you know it’s deep meaning and history?

In addition, there are actually three kinds of evil eyes. The first one is the unconscious evil eyes. In this type, the harm being done on people are unintentional. The second one is when the harm is intentional. Finally, the last one is unseen. Evil is concealed. This is the scariest evil eye.

Hindus had a belief that men are also capable of evil eyes glare. However, it comes mostly from women. This is why women from South India paint their eyelids black. This is their way of protecting themselves from evil eyes. Also, it will stop them from giving an evil eye glare to others.

History of Evil Eye

Greek Evil Eye Bracelets
Vintage Punk Charm Boho Stack Bracelets – Price: $24.95 – Get it via RTP

Cultures may differ, yet the meaning of evil eye myth remains the same. The evil eye look can wreak harm, suffering or any type of bad luck towards the person it is cast upon. It is clear that one contemplates on harming that person. The cause may be jealousy or simply malice. According to this evil eye superstition, that malevolent glare is so powerful. In fact, it can bring an actual catastrophe to the unlucky person.

The evil eye is considered an enormous threat. Especially to someone who receives too much praise or admiration beyond what they deserve. That person will be bloated with pride. This can result in his own disaster through the evil eye. It was believed that it can bring him physical and mental disorders. Consequently, any illness that does not have any cause may have been an outcome of the evil eye. There were speculations that people who are too proud of their accomplishments are being punished by the gods and goddesses. This is done through the power of the evil eye.

The myth of the evil eye has spread worldwide. Prophet Muhammad had warned the perils of the evil eye. He recommended that one should take a bath in order to prevent the effects of the powerful evil eye. In Islamic culture, it is thought that too much praise can result in the unfortunate effects of the evil eye. Therefore, rather than praising a child for his good looks, you should say that it is God’s will.

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Work?

Aside from using evil eye amulets, there are other ways of protecting yourself. For instance, the Greeks use incense or the cross in warding off the evil eye. In certain villages, they burn the bear’s fur in order to cure the curse. Gypsies believe that massaging the forehead can eliminate the bad effects of the evil eye.

People in some countries, such as Armenia and Assyria, believe that a pinch on the rear can cure the curse. Some Christians in Europe would make a sign of the cross and daily prayer and mantra recitements. Also, they will point their pinky and index finger toward the one who made the evil eye glare. While the children of Bangladesh wore a black dot on their forehead to get rid of the curse.

Ritual and phrases can also provide you protection against the evil eye. However, the most popular way is using evil eye talismans and evil eye jewelry. These will reflect the power of the evil eye glare. These evil eye amulets started in Greece. Also, it was named as “apotropaic” amulet. This means that it can reflect harm. One of the most popular examples of these evil eye amulets is the Hamsa. Also referred to as the “Hand of Fatima.” The Hamsa resembles a hand with an evil eye at the center of the palm. Jewelry and wallpaper use Hamsa design. Also referred to as the “Hand of God” or the “Hand of Miriam”, in Jewish culture. Hamsa is used in jewelry designs. This is due to the prevalence of Kabbalah.

Evil Eye Jewelry

Evil Eye Jewelry Kim

The evil eye is a very popular design in jewelry. Most celebrities are wearing them. Including Britney Spears, Madonna, Mick Jagger, The Olsen Twins, and others. Evil eye amulets and Kabbalah bracelets are also worn by celebrities. Obviously, these stylish evil eye bracelets have become more popular these days. Celebrities love to wear evil eye bracelets. This is because they want to get rid of the bad vibes. Also, they love how it looks on them. Kim Kardashian is one of those celebrities. She wore three evil eye bracelets. Her sisters are also spotted wearing evil eye rings and necklaces. This is the latest trend that you shouldn’t miss.

Is the evil eye a myth? Do chakra bracelets have healing powers? In today’s world, it seems like it makes a lot of sense. Too much success, fame, and fortune are the cause of one’s downfall. This is quite obvious in the realm of celebrities. For instance, we have seen how success destroyed Lindsay Lohan. What if she wore an evil eye bracelet sooner? Would it save her from disaster? Regardless of what the case may be, everyone should wear evil eye bracelets. This can protect you from the evil eye. Stay safe!

Evil eye bracelets can be styled in a lot of ways. It looks excellent when stacked with others. Consequently, it can also look great by itself. Regardless of what evil eye means to you, this bracelet is an excellent omen. Also, it would be good if you’ll include them in your repertoire. In addition, an evil eye bracelet can give you a sense of peace. Most especially, it looks amazing with any outfit, whether you’re styling a woman with new bracelets or one of your guys with jewelry. If you still don’t have an evil eye bracelet, then it’s time to buy one.

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