57 Matching Couples Bracelets Sets to Express true Love

Bracelets for couples are getting more popular, especially to the younger generation. Boyfriend and girlfriend distance bracelets make easy statements to show love without being too bold. Couples enjoy wearing couples bracelets as it serves as a constant reminder or touch of their partner.

Finding all the different options below, decide which design would suit both of your personalities, which sometimes has turned out to be a challenge. With tons of custom personalized designs for couples, there is just too much for your two wrists combined. But do not worry, we’ve selected the best ones for you!

Matching Distance Bracelets for Couples

Below are all the different types of bracelets for couples, from a distance to touch, and from matching to personalized, we got you covered!

Lucky Love Friendship Bracelets
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Bracelets For Couples With Names
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Matching Bracelets For Couples
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Bracelets For Couples Leather
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Her Demon Angel Couples bracelet set
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Bracelets For Couples
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Personalized Name Bracelets For Couples
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Bracelets For Couples With Names
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Customized Bracelets For Couples
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Relationship Bracelets For Couples
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Jewelry Bracelets For Couples
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Silver Bracelets For Couples
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Customized Your Own Bracelets For Couples
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Couple Bracelets Materials

Not that you have an idea of the styles you can get for bracelets for couples, the next step is to choose the type of metal.

Silver Couple Bracelets

Whether you dress down for casual events or dress up for formal events, silver can go with your style. You and your partner can wear matching silver bracelets on events and parties you need to attend to. You should get silver if you want to enjoy a brilliant luster for an affordable price.

silver couple bracelets

When it comes to silver bracelets for couples, the best type you should get is sterling silver. Sterling silver features 92.5% of silver and a small part of other metals. Since pure silver is a malleable metal like gold, jewelers need to combine it with other metals to make it more durable.

When getting a sterling silver bracelet, ask for the metal contents and ensure that copper is not included in the metal. Why? Simple, if you do not want to continuously battle against tarnishing, avoid sterling silver with copper.

Gold Couple Bracelets

Getting a matching gold bracelet can be a good investment in your relationship. If you got the bucks, go for the gold! However, you do not always have to spend a lot. You do not have to get the expensive 18k gold bracelets right away. You still have affordable options for gold bracelets.

gold couple bracelets

All you need to do is look for his and hers bracelets that contain lesser karats of gold. You can get 12 karats or 9 karats of gold on your bracelets. You can also get the gold-filled and gold-plated ones.

If you feel more adventurous with the metals, you can get variations that feature two or three colors (“tones”)  of gold. They are pretty popular on wedding rings. They’ll definitely be attractive on couple bracelets.

Stainless Steel Distance Bracelets

Another affordable metal option for your couple bracelet is stainless steel. Stainless steel can match all casual and informal attire. If you are the type of couple who love to go out on simple dates and escapades, stainless steel couple bracelets must be on your gift list.

Aside from being more affordable than other metals, stainless steel is also more durable. It is ideal for adventurous and active couples. For us, adventuresome activities are equal to sweat and saltwater. This is the main reason why we recommend stainless steel bracelets for them. Why? Simple. Stainless steel does not easily tarnish when exposed to moisture.

Stainless steel is also ideal for four couples who have sensitivities and allergies to certain metals. Gold and silver have the potential of irritating the skin because of its contents. Luckily for people with allergies, stainless steel is proven to not cause any reactions to most people.

Couple Bracelets Store Buy Online

Types of Bracelets for Couples

Here we’ll explain the different types of couple bracelets that are currently trending in the market.

Charm Couple Bracelets

A charm bracelet features small gems, trinkets, and keepsakes. Typically, charm bracelets consist of a strong basic chain link. Chains can be made of silver, gold, and other metals. The link allows couples to add many different small trinkets that signify specific meanings. It can signify various life moments or events: graduation, travel, new baby, birthday, or anniversary.

This makes charm bracelets ideal for couples who want additional customization.  What’s great about charm bracelets is that they can suit and reflect any individual style. You can choose to wear it on your sleeve or just beneath it.

Distance Bracelets Cheap
Bohemian Leather and Pearls Bracelet – Price: $44 – Get it via Etsy

You can either get a charm bracelet that is already pre-made or you can create your own personalized version to make it more special. There are two main types of chain bracelets: the typical style as described above and the Italian charm bracelet.

Italian charm bracelets do not feature a chain link. It is made of a thin fabric rope that features bead-like charms. Each bead charm features shapes and design. If you do not like too many things dangling while wearing a charm bracelet, then you just discovered an amazing alternative.

Italian charm bracelets are simpler and more minimal. It is perfect for couples who are active. As you know, dangling charm bracelets can get annoying with too much movement.

Couple Bangles

Bangle bracelets for couples are full circular bracelets made of metal or rubber. Some of the metal bangles feature a polished finish while others feature a brushed or textured finish. They can be thin or thick. Thin bangles are more appealing when worn in a stack. It is even better if the thin bangles are worn in different combinations of metal colors like silver, yellow gold, and rose gold.

Thin bangle stacks also make beautiful chime-like sounds when they bump into each other. You can also opt to add engravings on thin bangles. On the other hand, thick bangle bracelets are ideal for custom engravings.

Metal bangles can captivate more eyes because of its gorgeous metallic shine. Some chunky variations also feature gem adornments and intricate patterns.

All bangles feature rigid designs but still, they are very flexible for styling. His and her bracelets can be a sleek accessory for business attire or fancy jewelry for casual attire. Couples who like simplicity should get a pair of bangle bracelets!

Cuff Couple Bracelets

Many people get confused about the differences between cuffs and bangles. There are similarities and few notable differences that would help you distinguish the two. Both cuffs and bangle are typically made of metal and leather.

However, a cuff has a small disconnector opening while a bangle has none. The small opening on cuffs allows its wearer to slide the wrist through it for easier wearing.

Cuffs can be thick or thin like bangles. But it is more common to see a thick and highly adorned cuff. Adornments can vary from stylish accents of metal, rhinestones, and gems to fashion-forward patterns and engravings.

Couple Chain Bracelets

Chain bracelets are a classic variation of jewelry that is suitable for both men and women. They come in different variations and design including Zodiac Bracelets.

Zodiac Matching Couple Bracelets
Zodiac Sign Matching Couple Bracelets – Get it via RTP

Typical designs are called Rolo, wheat, rope, and box chain. Chain bracelets may also feature silver, gold, stainless steel, platinum, and numerous other metals. If you have the budget, you can go for expensive platinum and gold chain bracelets. If your budget is limited, you can get a silver chain bracelet. It is an affordable and shiny metal option for jewelry.

This timeless accessory is a perfect finishing layer for both casual and formal outfit. Before getting chain bracelets for couples, you may want to consider some factors: the type of metal, the size, and shape of links, the chain design, and the price.

Fashion Couple Bracelets

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on expensive long-distance jewelry, you can go for fashion couple bracelets. Fashion bracelets are made of less expensive materials, metals, and adornments. Less expensive metals refer to brass, nickel, and copper. These fashionable bracelets can also be made of vegan leather, plastic, and beads.

Long Distance Bracelet Sets

Affordable adornments that imitate the looks of crystals and gems are also used. With the proper and careful handling of fashion bracelets, it will be possible to retain and prolong its beauty.

If you and your partner love dressing up, you would also love the affordability and beauty of fashion bracelets. Now, both of you can express personal style, keep up with the trends, and make your looks pop among the crown.

Taking care of your Couple Bracelets

Here are a few reminders on how to take care of your bracelet once you have bought it. Proper care wouldn’t hurt. Follow it and you will be able to preserve the beauty of your bracelet. You will also be able to prolong its life.

  • For couple bracelets made of metal, please do not wear them when doing household chores. You probably feel overwhelmed and happy to finally have something valuable to wear. However, wearing it while doing some physical tasks might lead to the destruction of the bracelet.
  • For bracelets made of leather or metal, please avoid having them exposed to water or any other chemicals. It is better to do these precautions to avoid tarnish on metals and avoid peeling on leather.
  • For bracelets made of fabric, please do wash them if they already smell. Wearers of fabric bracelets tend to wear them all the time. They can get exposed to sweat, rain, saltwater and more. Like clothes, if they already start to smell, wash them with detergent and make them smell like brand new again.
  • As much as possible, avoid wearing any type of bracelet when swimming in pools and beaches. We want to retain the color of the bracelet whether it is metal, fabric or leather. Both chlorinated water and saltwater can affect the color of any bracelet.
  • For couples bracelets made of rubber, go ahead and wear it forever! Rubber does not require a lot of maintenance. If you and your partner don’t really care about the material of the bracelet. Rubber is a great option.

Couple Distance Bracelets FAQ

We get a lot of question send it by our committed readers on how to wear long-distance bracelets as a couple or how to choose the best set for your situation, this is why we compiled the most frequent asked questions here for you all to read.

Are distance bracelets only for couples?

We love including everyone and believe distance bracelets should be worn by anyone who wants to feel connected and reminded with one-other via a small gesture around their wrist. The meaning of a distance bracelet is to remind, no matter the distance, you are loved and they are loved by you, whether that is your partner, a family member or best friend.

What can I send my long-distance boyfriend?

The most thoughtful present we found are the couples bracelets because it creates an instant connection and bond. It is a daily reminder he loves you and he is loved by you, which makes being apart from each other so much easier.

How do distance bracelets work?

The meaning of our couple bracelets is to make those apart, feel connected with each other. Every couple bracelet set contains 2 bracelets for each partner, and often each bracelet contains something small of the other bracelet, to really amplify the feeling of being together while being apart.

Getting your Couple Bracelet Sets

Bracelets for couples should be one of your gift lists! It is an item that can be worn daily as serve as a reminder of your love and bond as a couple. Being able to see a special gift daily will allow your partner to appreciate you more day by day.

Mark a special occasion with a pair of bracelets or necklaces for couples and you will surely be on your partner’s heart forever! Which one is your favorite set? Let us know in the comments below!

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