Buddha Bracelets meaning

Buddha Bracelets Meaning

The popularity of Buddha bracelets has increased significantly over the years. That’s why many people want to find out Buddha bracelets meaning.

A Buddha bracelet can be made from diverse natural materials, with each material having its meaning. The beads have been in existence for a long time, and they have a connection with several cultures. There are loads of Buddha bracelet benefits; these unordinary bracelets give people untold power and energy. 

Most importantly, you should wear it with good intentions when you want to use it. The mala beads are used for prayers, practices that involve the chanting of mantras, and meditation. 

That said, the mala beads attract good luck and fortunes to those who use them for their reasons. Also, you may use the Buddhist bracelet for decorating the body and interior of homes. 

If you were asking yourself: What do Buddhist bracelets mean? This guide will explain everything so that you can understand what these bracelets are and their meaning. 

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What Is a Buddha Bracelet?

If you are wondering: What does wearing a Buddha bracelet mean? The Buddha bracelet is a spiritual instrument that carries a unique and special tradition of the Buddha’s time, and they have become increasingly popular among those who stick to their daily spiritual life. Its meaning consists of healing various diseases.

A Buddhist bracelet brings love, intelligence, freedom, and Enjoyment to the wearer. The bracelet has less than 108 beads, like the traditional number of beads in mala.

Where Does The Buddhist String Bracelet Originate?

Buddhist bracelets originated from the traditional Buddhist beads. In Buddhism, the lucky string bracelets started in Laos during the “Baci ceremony” about 500 years ago.

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How to Wear Buddha Bracelet

If you are wondering: How do you wear Buddha bracelets? It’s very simple because Buddha bracelets are available in different sizes and a range of designs. So you have to choose the one that fits you perfectly. You can wear the bracelet on your left hand if you want to enhance its power.

This bracelet is also ideal for those who desire to add a touch of sophistication to their outfits. Besides, Buddha bracelets are made from a wide range of materials, including seeds, metal, wood, or gems. 

Facts About Buddha Bracelets

Buddha bracelets are believed to attract wealth and luck to the wearer. Keeping this in mind, here are some facts about Buddha bracelets’ that you should know. 

  • Many people ask: What hand do you wear a Buddha bracelet on? Wear it on the left hand if you want to receive wealth. On the other hand, wearing it on the right is a sign that you are giving your wealth away.
  • Do not wear a fake initiation because it will not work. Fake crystals or plastic do not possess any energy. If you need the luck associated with the Buddha bracelets, wear a real one. 
  • Avoid wearing a Buddha bracelet facing you. It is believed that the bracelet will chase wealth and bring it directly to you.
  • If you are under 16 or over 70 years of age, do not wear the bracelet. It is believed that the people in the mentioned age bracket cannot handle the energy that comes from the bracelet.
  •  In case you want to sleep or take a bath, place the bracelet while it faces the main door. Do not place it in your bedroom in any situation.
  • When choosing the perfect Buddha bracelet for yourself, know the element that you lack in your birth chart. Select the appropriate one to maintain the balance.
  • Never allow someone who is not the owner to touch the bracelet. If this happens, you can just rinse the bracelet with water.
Buddhist symbols

What Is the Meaning of Buddhist Symbols?

Buddhism originated when Gautama started preaching about suffering and rebirth. Two centuries later, after it was intended, it started to appear. Currently, there are several Buddhist symbols. 

If you are asking yourself: What does wearing a Buddha bracelet mean? Keep reading to find out. Keep in mind that each symbol carries its significance and relevance.

Buddhism continues to leave a mark not only in Asia but also countrywide. Below are some of the famous Buddhist symbols and their relevance.

Golden Fish

Golden Fish

The pair of golden fish is a symbol of the two great rivers of India: the Ganges and the Yamuna. The two were adopted into Buddhism to symbolize happiness and spontaneity. Golden fish symbolizes freedom by moving through the water. It symbolizes freedom from the rebirth cycle.

Endless Knot

Endless Knot

The endless knot has been in existence throughout many ancient cultures and beliefs. It symbolizes the Buddha’s endless wisdom, eternal harmony, and lastly compassion. According to the Buddha teachings, it can also represent the endless rebirth cycle.

The Dharma Wheel

The Dharma Wheel

This is one of the most ancient Buddhist symbols. It is symbolic of Buddha’s teachings on the Law. Also known as ‘Dharmachakra’ or the wheel of truth/law in Sanskrit. Just like the cross in Christianity, the Dharma wheel can also be used to represent the Buddhist religion.

It is made of eight spokes that symbolize the Buddha’s Eightfold path. The three spirals symbolize the three jewels of Buddhism. They are the Sangha (which means community), the teacher, and the teachings.

The conch Shell

The Conch Shell

The conch shell has great significance when it comes to the Buddhist tradition. It is among the major Buddhist symbols and has several meanings. It is often placed vertically, and it is covered with a silk ribbon.

The shell is a symbol of honesty, and it symbolizes fearlessness when it comes to the truth about working for the benefit of others. Also, it represents the spreading beliefs of Buddha in every direction. The shell is a symbol of honesty. According to the old stories from India, every hero who carried the conch shell had power that made them unique from the rest.

the pearl bhuddist symbol

The Pearl

The pearl represents spiritual knowledge and wealth in the Buddhist religion and practices. It comes with a radiance that brings with it the religious practices of Buddha. Additionally, it symbolizes the importance and relevance of empathy and wisdom. In other words, those two are the most sought attributes that many desire.

Besides, the pearl has a deeper meaning that symbolizes our minds. The pearl is a ball that has a pointy top. It is often noticed amid the cremated ashes of Buddha masters.

The parasol

The Parasol

Parasol is also known as ‘Chatta’ in Sanskrit. Used mainly by royalty, it is believed to protect them from the sun. It can serve as a wealth symbol and status. This symbol is made from a wooden long pole ornamented with a golden lotus.

In the Buddhist religion, they believe that it protects them from all kinds of harm or evil. The parasol is meant to express the two sacred elements. It is inclusive of a dome that represents wisdom and compassion.

Buddhist Bracelet Color Meaning

The Buddha bracelets’ meaning differs depending on their color. It is believed that they complete the transformative process where delusions are converted to positive qualities.

These bracelets are essential in most cultural and religious practices. Some use it as a means of clearing out spiritual disturbances while others use it to symbolize love and protection. Also, the Buddhist religion encourages one to wear the Buddha bracelets to unite yourself with universal consciousness. 

You can also use it to protect a newborn and a kid who is about to face the challenges that life might pose. That said, it is also essential for an ambitious professional or a traveler who wants to have a safe journey.

The Buddhists believe that each color has its essence when meditating on them. Let’s look at different colors and their meaning.

  • White symbolizes the delusion of ignorance and turns it into knowledge. A white Buddha bracelet can mean that you are protected against evil and bad luck.
  • Yellow symbolizes that one should turn their pride into wisdom.
  • Blue represents anger in mirror-like wisdom. A blue bracelet encourages stronger communication skills and encourages one to let go
  • Red symbolizes the delusion of attachment into discernment. Also, wearing a red bracelet indicates that you have a strong connection with yourself. Anyone who wears a red bracelet is known to have a source of strength protection and luck.
  • Golden Buddha bracelets symbolize courage and confidence. Also, it encourages you to make the right decisions.
  • Multi-colored Buddha bracelets contain the power of all colored bracelets in one. It can symbolize how the aspects of life are interconnected to each other.
  • Black Buddhist bracelets represent the mysterious aspects that are unknown in the world. Ideal for thinkers, the black bracelets symbolize infinity and tries to answer the mysteries of the world.
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Apart from completing your outfit, these bracelets have a deeper meaning depending on their colors. All you need to do is find the right color bracelet that can suit your intentions. Now that you know Buddha bracelets’ meaning, you can head over to Ring to Perfection to get one. We have the best collection that will serve your need