27 Thumb Rings for Women and Men with Meaning (2020)

Any type of ring is worn for a specific special purpose. Choosing to wear a ring on the thumb has many different significance and implications just like wearing wedding rings or other types of rings on other fingers. There have been many contradictions and speculations about the meaning of the thumb rings because of its positive and negative connotations.

In the 21st century, it is widely known that wearing a thumb ring describes a person’s sexual orientation. However, the world is a colossal place and there are many different cultures and beliefs that see the ring in other virtues and merits.

Thumb Rings for Men and Women

There is one thing sure about thumb rings. It has always been worn by both men and women through time. Together, let us learn more about this controversial ring.

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History of Thumb Rings for Men

The concept of wearing rings on the thumb is as old as the mummies. The discovery of an Egyptian woman mummy wearing a thumb ring proves that this concept dates back to the Egyptian era. Although, in the older times, wearing the thumb ring signifies different meanings than what we have now.

Typically, thumb rings were worn to ward off evil spirits and avoid diseases. Both men and women would wear it as a protection. In addition to that, women before would wear a thumb ring from a dead husband to preserve their memory as the thumb ring symbolized love, commitment, and willpower. It can even be read on the writings of Shakespeare. The meanings of thumb rings have undoubtedly changed.

Men and Women Thumb Rings Through Time

  1. For men, thumb rings have been an easy option especially when they want to wear more than one ring in one hand. A ring on the pinky and the middle finger can be crowded by a ring on the thumb that is just comfortable.
  2. Thumb rings are also worn by archers as protection. As we all know, materials in archery are often heavy and massive so for men archers to protect their skin from any injury, they wear a thumb ring that is made with wood, ivory, plastic, metal, glass or stone.
  3. Thumb rings can also signify freedom. Many people believe that having a ring on the thumb means strength, independence, and individuality. If you wear a bigger thumb ring, it means that you are a more independent and free person. In this modern time, women wear thumb rings to express their freedom and independence. However, the time has defined this classic belief that associates thumb rings to free will, will power and independence in general.
  4. The thumb ring can denote one’s profession. Back in the 16th century, doctors and other individuals in the medical field in Europe would wear thumb rings to signify their profession.
  5. The thumb ring has no astrological meaning however, it has some significance in classical mythology. It indicates a strong character.

Thumb Ring Materials

Thumb rings can be made of any material. Commonly, thumb rings are made of stone, plastic, ivory, sterling silver, copper, metal, and even white or yellow gold. They come in various sizes, patterns, and designs, often matched with different bracelet designs for couples.

Thumb Ring For Men And Women
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Thumb rings come studded, carved or engraved.  For the younger generation, thumb rings made of metal and engraved with designs are most popular. It is also popularly worn by older men and women as a fashion statement.

Thumb Ring for Archers
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Benefits of Wearing Ring on Thumb

In the past, thumb rings served as a protective tool. Archers used it to protect their hands from the strains caused by frequent play of their sport.

While in ancient times, the thumb ring symbolized that the wearer is blessed with high responsibility and management skills.

This practice is based on the ancient belief that wearing a ring on the thumb helps people become more focused and aware.

Benefits of Wearing Ring on Thumb

Many experts say that wearing a ring on the thumb helps people becoming

While there is no proven benefit of wearing a ring on the thumb, it is 100% sure that doing so enhances your overall style.

However, if your goal is to wear it and make a statement, you better checkout the different symbolisms that come with a thumb ring. But be very careful though, it is best to know the times you can wear it and not as people can misinterpret your fashionable symbol for something negative if you are not cautious.

Thumb Ring Symbolisms

It is just a ring, but it comes with a lot of symbolisms. Thus, you must pay attention to avoid being misunderstood by the people you interact with.

Social Status

The ring has been a sign of social status through time. If we look through the history of the world, the thumb ring has always been a sign of social rank among men.

The man with the heaviest, most adorn, and most ornate is always the most powerful. In addition, thumb rings in China can signify the rank in the military. They are often made of jade glass.


In ancient Greece, thumb rings were only worn by the powerful individuals of the society. It showed the wearers dignity and strength. In fact, the most powerful men wore the heaviest kinds of thumb rings.


While not all, some Wealthy and powerful men wear a lot of thumb rings to express their wealth and status.

Today, wearing the ring also symbolizes masculine power, energy, assertiveness, boldness, and confidence.


Today, freedom of expression is widely accepted. Thus, it has resulted in people coming up with different ways to express themselves. One of which is the bisexual and homosexual community.

Bisexual Thumb Ring

These individuals prefer to wear thumb rings to signal their sexual orientation. Wearing it on specific hands even indicate certain meanings. For example, they wear it on the right hand to show that they are single while wearing it on the left-hand shows that they are in a relationship

Individuality and Freedom

Thumb Rings for Individuality

Aside from that, wearing a thumbring enhances the person’s individuality.

The unusually large sizes of thumb rings connotate the huge amount of freedom and independence its wearer practices.

Decision-making abilities

As an idividual, wearing it on the left hand can also symbolize that you decide based on your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

On the other hand, wearing it on the right thumb shows that you process your decisions with a conscious logical thought over them.


In the past, thumb rings were worn to indicate professions. In the 16th century, Europe, doctors and other members of the medical field wore thumb rings to signify their profession.

When not to Wear Thumb Rings

Thumb Ring on Job Interviews

Let’s face it, thumb rings aren’t common. Thus, it may be perceived negatively if you wear them in certain events and occasions. Moreover, people always tend to have prejudices in everything they see, and your thumb ring is one of the boldest things you can wear. Therefore, it is always best to stay safe than sorry. Below are some guidelines on when not to wear your thumb rings.

Job Interviews

Since thumb rings expresses bold personality, wearing a thumbring during job interviews may come off offensive on the person assessing your hireability. Thus, it is important not to wear it during interviews.

Important Business Meetings

If you are the founder and CEO of a company and you really want to close a deal with an extremely important client, you might want to ditch your favorite thumb rings as people might focus on judging you through your thumb ring, rather than focusing on your business offers.

Should I wear a Thumb Ring Left or Right?

The placement of choice for the ring can also signify different meanings. If one wears the thumb ring on the left hand, it would reflect the person’s inner thoughts, beliefs, and feelings while if one wears the thumb ring on the right hand, it would reflect the person’s conscious and logical thoughts.

Thumb Rings Meaning

On the other hand, the thumb ring can also signify sexuality. In modern times, persons who are homosexuals or gay wear thumb rings to classify sexual orientation and relationship status.

Placing the thumb ring on the right hand can signify that they are gay and single while placing the thumb ring on the right side can denote that they are gay and in a relationship.

Not only is this placement rule applicable to homosexual people because in some parts of the world, wearing a thumb ring on the right-hand means that a person is single and on the left when a person is taken or is in a serious relationship.

Thumb Rings FAQ

We get a lot of emails of readers asking a question about the sometimes weirdly unique thumb ring. Our team put the most frequently asked questions below so you don’t have to email us. You’re mostly welcome!

What does a ring on a thumb mean?

Often, people who are homosexually orientated, like guy men or lesbian women, wear thumb rings to show their relationship status and sexual orientation. Someone who wears a thumb ring on the left hand reflects with that person’s inner thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, and indicates the person is in a relationship. A person who wears the thumb ring on the right side signifies with logical thought and consciousness and indicates a person is single.

How do I wear a thumb ring?

Besides choosing the side of the hand on which you want to wear your thumb ring, you also want to consider the size and how a thumb ring should fit. A rule of thumb for the thumb ring is that it should slide over your finger and thumb-knuckle with little to no fraction and sit comfortably on your finger. When taking it off a little resistance is normal and indicates you have the perfect size for your thumb ring.

Thumb Ring Caring Tips

As thumb rings are made of different materials, caring for it would be different for every material. Below are some tips you may refer to:

  • Place the thumb ring in a separate small pouch to avoid getting scratches from other stronger jewelry like diamonds.
  • Silver thumb rings should be polished with a soft moist sponge when there is tarnish in it.
  • Be careful in using toothpaste as a cleaning agent for the silver thumb ring as some contain baking soda or other abrasive ingredients.
  • It is better to use a specifically formulated polish to remove the tarnish.
  • For copper thumb rings that have not been lacquered, lemon juice, tomato juice, baking soda, and Worcestershire sauce can be used to clean the tarnish.
  • For ivory thumb rings, always ensure it is exposed to light as its color may turn to yellow if always in the dark.
  • Lemon or water can both be used in cleaning ivory thumb rings.
  • For gold thumb rings, a solution of warm water and liquid dish detergent can be used as a cleaning agent.

A thumb ring is a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection, men or women! Which one do you have? Please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Thank you for this very interesting article. I never knew any of this. I don’t know why I didn’t think to wonder. 🤣 I’ve favored wearing a thumb ring since I was old enough to pick out my own jewelry. I always seem to go for wide, thick, heavy and ornate rings in silver. Usually worn on my left thumb because I am a writer and it bothers me when I hold a pen. I only ever take it off when I’m injured. I’m not of the LBTGQ tribe but am certainly a very free spirit with a large and bold personality. Too cool!

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