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23 Beautiful Rose Gold Bracelets for Men and Women

Rose gold bracelets are becoming a more popular jewelry option for men and women. The mild warm rosy hue of rose gold is not too overpowering which makes it perfect for men, women, and children. It is perfect for those aiming for a distinctive look without being too bold. Rose gold is also a popular choice for wedding jewelry because of its romantic pink tinge. It is ideal for everyday wear because it can be worn with other metal colors without clashing, Additionally, it can flatter any skin tone. Rose gold is radiant like the dawn that’s why it is definitely in vogue.

When looking for the best rose gold jewelry, it is important that you have an idea on how to make the best and most informed decision. Rose gold bracelets are not always affordable so we have curated a simple guide for you to follow to get the best value for your money. Just keep reading to discover more!

Rose Gold Bracelets for Men

Rose Gold Bracelets For Men
Rose Gold Fill African Elephant Hair Bracelet – Price: $260 – Get it via Etsy
Personalized Rose Gold Bracelets
Cartouche Cuff Bangle – Price: $115 – Get it via Etsy
Mens Rose Gold Bracelet
Rose Gold Python Leather Bracelet – Price: $599 – Get it via Etsy
Cool Mens Rose Gold Bracelets
Cartouche Spinning Bangle – Price: $175 – Get it via Etsy
Chunky Rose Gold Bracelets
Stunning Rose Gold Dragon Weave Bracelet – Price: $491.94 – Get it via Etsy
Rose Gold Bracelets Canada
Rose Gold Filled Bangle – Price: $80.00 – Get it via Etsy
Best Rose Gold Bracelets
Wide Gold Cuff Bracelet for Men – Price: $95.00+ – Get it via Etsy
Rose Gold Bangle Bracelets
Cuff Bracelet – Price: $32.72 – Get it via Etsy
Rose Gold Bracelets Etsy
Gold Chain Bracelet – Price: $19.55 – Get it via Etsy
Rose Gold Link Bracelet
Men’s Gold Bracelets – Price: $19.55 – Get it via Etsy
Rose Gold Bracelet For Sale
Modern Atlantic Rose Gold – Price: $21.75 – Get it via Etsy
Rose Gold Bracelet for Men
Authentic 18CT Rose Gold Plated Link Chain Bracelet – Price: $47.4 – Get it via Etsy
Vintage Rose Gold Bracelets
Ethiopian Rose Gold Colored Bangle – Price: $30 – Get it via Etsy

Rose Gold Bracelets for Women

Set of Stacking Rose Gold Dainty Bracelets – Price: $600 – Get it via Etsy
Rose Gold Bracelet Pandora
Precious 14k Gold Diamond Bracelet – Price: $859 – Get it via Etsy
Real Rose Gold Bracelets
14k Rose Gold Bangle Wire Bracelet – Price: $799 – Get it via Etsy
Fine Rose Gold Bracelets
Art Deco Split Bracelet – Price: $999 – Get it via Etsy
Dainty Rose Gold Bracelets
14k Gold Dainty Bangle – Price: $799 – Get it via Etsy
Cheap Rose Gold Bracelets
Personalized Gold Cuff Bracelet – Price: $35 – Get it via Etsy
Silver And Rose Gold Bracelets
Stacking Bracelet Bangles – Price: $750 – Get it via Etsy
Rose Gold Bracelets Uk
Matte Couple Bangle – Price: $36.80 – Get it via Etsy
Ladies Rose Gold Bracelet
Olive Branch Rose Gold Bridesmaid Bracelet – Price: $14.95 – Get it via Etsy
Solid Rose Gold Bracelet
Solid 14k Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet – Price: $639 – Get it via Etsy

Rose Gold Bracelets Buying Guide

History of Rose Gold

Rose gold jewelry became popular in Russia first so do not be surprised if some people call it Russian gold. A Russian royalty favored rose gold over silver in bracelets in the past which resulted in the use of rose gold in the fashion industry. It became extremely popular in Russia during the 1800s. Russian wedding rings at that time always contained a band of rose gold. Later in the 1900s, the Americans followed the rose gold fashion trend. Since then, rose gold has become popular in the whole world for men, women, and children. In recent times, rose gold has become more popular for men’s sports watches and women’s dresses.

Rose Gold’s Karat

Rose Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Rose Gold Tennis Bracelet – Price: $80.75 – Get it via Etsy

A carat is a measurement of the purity of gold in a piece of jewelry. Pure gold bracelets are 24 carats. It means that the higher the carat value, the purer the gold is. Since rose gold needs to be combined with copper to achieve a rosy hue, there is no rose gold in 24 carats. The highest possible carat for rose gold is 22 carats. This variation of rose gold is also known as crown gold. Other carat ratings include 18, 14k gold, and 9ct. Eighteen carats of rose gold is composed of 75% pure gold and 25% copper. On the other hand, a fourteen karat rose gold contains 58% pure gold and 42% copper. There are other metals combined with gold to achieve other rose gold hues like silver and zinc.

Shade Distinction in Rose Gold

The amount of copper added to rose gold bracelets does not only dictate the carat value but also define the rosy shade of the jewelry. Rose gold has three main different shades: pink, rose, and red gold. Pink gold features the subtlest rosy shade. It appears more deeply yellow than pink because the copper it contains is less compared to other shades. The pale pink color of pink gold is achieved by combining 75% of pure gold, 21% of copper and 4% silver. Rose gold is the most popular and widely available variation among the three shades. It features a warm rosy tint. It contains 75% pure gold and 25% copper. Red gold features the strongest rosy hue among the three. It has a reddish copper tint. This shade features 50% of pure gold and 50% of copper.

Solid Rose Gold Bracelet
Circles Rose Gold Women’s Bracelet – Price: $22.00+ – Get it via Etsy

Aside from achieving these magnificent rosy shades, adding the copper to pure gold also brings many benefits. It makes the jewelry more durable which prevents it from easily denting, scratching, or misshaping.

Uses of Rose Gold

Rose gold is not only used in creating beautiful bracelets. They can also be used in creating other jewelry: watches, rings, necklaces, and earrings. When it comes to rose gold rings, it is best combined with diamonds and earth-colored gemstones. These gemstones can feature shades of brown, red, orange, and yellow. If you plan to get rose gold bracelets that feature different stones, you may also like designs featuring aquamarine, blue topaz, citrine, green amethyst, opal, pearl, and tanzanite. Rose gold is not only used to make different jewelry. They can also be used in creating other valuable items like flutes, pens, ornaments, cigarette lighters, and picture frames.

Rose Gold Bracelet Styles

At Ring to Perfection, you can find a wide array of rose gold bracelets to choose from. There may be more options for women to choose from because more designers create them. There should still definitely be some good finds for men who want sophistication and style on their jewelry.

Rose Gold Link Bracelet

Link bracelets are one of the most common styles you can find. It features interlocking links of rose gold. There are numerous variations and sizes for the link. There are thin rose gold links suitable for women and there are thick chunky bracelets suitable for men. If you want to get the heavier and thicker link, you will probably have to pay more since it will be more expensive.

Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet

Bangles are perfect bracelet styles for both men and women. It features a solid circular rose gold metal. People wear it by slipping over the wrist. Designs for bangles also vary. The metal can be round or flat, slim or wide, and plain, engraved or ornamented with gems.

Rose Gold Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelets are wide. Since they feature a wide design, they are ideal for women and parties. Typically, they feature intricate details and patterns. Others know them as gladiator bracelets. The most popular variation of cuff bracelet features a horseshoe shape.

Rose Gold Charm Bracelet

As the name suggests, charm bracelets feature small charm and pendants attached to a rose gold chain. This bracelet style is perfect for children and women. It allows people to get more creative and unique. This style would also allow you to feature significant memories and personal preferences on the design,

Rose Gold Tennis Bracelet

Rose gold tennis bracelets feature a band of small gemstones linked together with a chain. Typically, jewelers feature small cuts of gemstones and diamonds. They can feature rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Because of the materials used in creating a tennis bracelet, it is also one of the most expensive bracelet styles. They are perfect for formal gatherings and events.

Caring for a Rose Gold Bracelet

Caring for rose gold bracelets requires no rocket science. All you need to do is buy a cleaning solution and a soft lint-free cloth. If you do not want to do the cleaning, you can also go to the nearest jewelry shop and have your rose gold bracelet cleaned. They will typically use an ultrasonic cleaning tub.

Rose Gold Charm Bracelet
Swarovski Crystal Rose Gold Charm Bracelet – Price: $ 20.92+ – Get it via Etsy

Aside from cleaning the bracelet, you should also know how to properly store it. If you do not plan to use the bracelet, it is best to keep it safe in a soft cloth bag. You may also store it in a felt-lined jewelry box. Just make sure you are always careful in storing them.

Another tip is to avoid getting the rose gold bracelet exposed to different chemicals. This will maintain the beauty and luster of your bracelet. Do not wear it when doing chores. Do not let it get exposed to perfumes, lotions, and moisturizers.

Getting your Rose Gold Jewelry On

Rose Gold Id Bracelet
Rose Gold Birthstone Charms Bracelet – Price: $17.1 – Get it via Etsy

More and more fashion enthusiasts are adding rose gold accents in their clothing, shoes, purses, and hair accessories. There is no reason you shouldn’t be wearing rose gold bracelets. If you are worried it will be hard to style it. Here is one simple rule. Always pair rose gold with beige, cream, or white clothing as it shows off its loudest beauty. In fact, try a stack of silver, yellow gold, and rose gold bracelet and you will nail a striking look!

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