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33+ Lovely Heart Necklaces for Couples, Friends & Family

Heart necklaces, come in different variations but they all send the same sentiment; a beautiful symbol of love. Through the years, heart necklaces have been a classic symbolism used by people who want to show love and affection to family, friends, and lovers.

Since it is a common gift, you may want to get a heart necklace that is more special. Luckily for you, there are tons of choices you can choose from. We have created this guide to make your search fun and exciting. We included our top picks for the most exquisite heart necklaces.

Heart Necklaces for Couples, Friends, and Family

Engraved Heart Necklaces
Monogram Heart Charm Necklace – Price: $139.95 – Get it via Etsy
Gold Heart Necklaces
Gold Infinity Heart Necklace – Price: $103.5 – Get it via Etsy
Heart Locket Necklaces
Floral Heart Necklace – Price: $565 – Get it via Etsy
Heart Necklaces Silver
“Forever In My Heart” Hand Stamped Charm Necklace – Price: $19.95 – Get it via RTP
Heart Shaped Necklaces
Heart Charm Necklace – Price: $18 – Get it via Etsy
Love Heart Necklaces
Star of David Heart Necklace – Price: $52 – Get it via Etsy
Personalized Heart Necklaces
Tag Heart Couples Necklace – Price: $25 – Get it via Etsy
Ruby Heart Necklaces
Ruby Gold Heart Necklace – Price: $550 – Get it via Etsy
Vintage Heart Necklaces
Victorian-Style Heart Necklace – Price: $1705 – Get it via Etsy
Beautiful Heart Necklaces
Sister Heart Necklace – Price: $13.95 – Get it via Etsy
Cheap Heart Necklaces
Matching Heart Necklaces – Price: $53.5 – Get it via Etsy
His And Her Heart Necklaces
Vintage Italy Heart Shape Necklace – Price: $30.99 – Get it via Etsy
Best Friend Heart Necklaces
Gold Chaos Heart – Price: $89.04+ – Get it via Etsy
Heart Charms For Necklaces
Geometric Heart Pendant – Price: $69.30 – Get it via Etsy
Heart Necklaces For Her
Sterling Silver Heart Necklace – Price: $98.63+ – Get it via Etsy
Cute Heart Necklaces
Tiny Heart Necklace – Price: $18 – Get it via Etsy
Inexpensive Heart Necklaces
Birthday Dime Heart Necklace – Price: $32 – Get it via Etsy
Rose Gold Heart Necklaces
Rose Gold Heart Cremation Pendant Necklace – Price: $32 – Get it via Etsy
Designer Heart Necklace
Interlocking Chain Designer Necklace – Price: $27 – Get it via Etsy
Heart Pendant Necklaces
Woven Heart Pendant Necklace – Price: $50 – Get it via Etsy

Reasons to Buy a Heart Necklace

Aside from being a beautiful symbol of love, a heart necklace is a piece of wonderful jewelry to wear. It can instantly add sparkle and sophistication to party dresses and formal attire. It can also add pizzazz to casual wear. With the many designs available, you are sure to get one that fits your loved ones’ personality and style.

You can choose from different heart charm designs and pair them with certain types of chains. There is a wide array of heart charms for you: from simple small heart designs to more intricate and elaborate patterns. You also have options to personalize the heart necklace. You can choose for it to be engraved, hand-stamped, or monogrammed. Let us discover more about the different types of heart necklaces to help you decide!

Popular Designs for Heart Necklaces

Being a top choice in gift-giving through decades, heart necklace designs are simply ubiquitous. We can say that the sky if the limit when it comes to jewelry designed with heart patterns. Some of them feature fancy filigree patterns, while others feature diamonds and precious gems. Depending on the design, be sure to get a heart necklace that suits the personality of the person who will be wearing it.

Although heart necklaces can suit either casual and formal wear, it is still better to get one that suits a certain person to ensure that the wearer will be able to comfortably wear it every day. You wouldn’t want your effort and money to sit and stay locked in a jewelry box, right?

Red Heart Necklaces
“No Longer by my Side” Hand Stamped Charm Necklace – Price: $24.95 – Get it via RTP Get 10% OFF! Just use the discount code BLOG10

Solid Heart Necklace

Solid heart necklaces feature a small or big heart charm made with pure metal. Since they are crafted with metal, they are ideal for personalizations.

Solid heart charms can be flat, beveled, or three-dimensional. Depending on the size of the surface available, you can engrave special messages, quotes, initials, dates, or names. You can also choose to apply for a monogram.

There are also other solid heart necklaces that feature patterns instead of customized engraves.

The patterns options are simply endless but the popular ones are flowers, butterflies, stones, and infinity symbols.

Glass Heart Necklaces
Heart Shaped Living Locket Necklace – Price: $8.99 – Get it via Etsy

Locket Heart Necklace

Locket heart necklaces feature a heart-shaped locket. As you already know, locket necklaces have an opening that allows wearers to store something inside the locket. Typical heart lockets feature compartments for images or photographs.

There are also cremation heart lockets that can store the ashes of a deceased loved one but you can also use it to store sand or hair. The hinge-opened lockets and cremation heart lockets would typically feature decorative, elaborate and ornate patterns on its surface.

There are newer designs too like glass heart locket necklaces.Glass heart necklaces are pretty much like cremation lockets but the sides are made of glass so you can actually see what’s stored inside. They are ideal for storing hair, flower petals, or sand.

Heart Necklaces For Girlfriend
I Love You Necklace – Price: $18 – Get it via Etsy

Floating Heart Necklace

Floating heart necklaces are also referred to as open-heart necklaces. This is mainly because the heart charm used in floating necklaces only follows the shape of the heart.

The middle part of the heart charm has no metal or anything so it allows you to see the other side. The design creates an illusion of a floating heart when worn so that’s pretty much where its name came from.

When it comes to the design, some heart charms hang from a small clasp that is connected to the chain while others heart charms slide directly to the chain. On the other hand, newer designs incorporate the heart pattern with other designs and shapes.

Filigree Heart Necklace

Open Heart Necklaces
Filigree Heart Necklace – Price: $39.00 – Get it via Etsy

Filigree heart necklaces are one of our favorites as it shows sophisticated design while being affordable. It features delicate and elaborate patterns that resemble lace patterns.

Typically, they are three-dimensional and see-through. Popular filigree necklaces are made with flat heart charms.

We’ve also seen designs that feature filigree designs on a heart-shaped locket where you will be able to see the inside of the empty pattern. However, you can’t really put anything inside it since it’s got holes everywhere!

Diamond Heart Necklaces
Double Heart Infinity Pendant Necklace – Price: $75 – Get it via Etsy

Precious Stone Heart Necklaces

If you are up for the budget, you can get a precious stone heart necklace. Popular designs feature a combination of gemstones (like ruby, emerald, sapphire, aquamarine, topaz, and more), metal, and diamonds.

There are two main variations of precious stone heart necklaces: an open heart and a closed heart necklace. The open heart precious stone necklace features a heart-shaped metal or a heart-shaped gemstone lined with diamonds all around its edges.

On the other hand, a closed heart necklace features a heart-shaped metal with only a few accents of diamond on its surface; not necessarily, its edges. Some new closed heart designs feature the entire surface of heart-shaped metal covered with diamonds.

Hearts with additional Charms

Unusual Heart Necklaces
“Mother and Daughter, No Matter Where” Hand Stamped Charm Cluster Necklace Pair – Price: $19.95 – Get it via RTP

If you want more variations on the appearance of the necklace, you can try getting heart charms combined to hang with additional charms.

Common designs popularly combined with heart charms are wings, animals, crystals, animals, butterflies, birds, and infinity symbols.

These patterns elevate the beauty of the necklace thus add more visual interest. Heart charms are beautiful enough but adding two to three charms on a necklace makes it more personalized.

Heart Necklaces Chain Options

There are different types of chains you may encounter when buying heart necklaces. You can choose between short or long chains, simple or intricate chain patterns, and small links or large links. Most necklaces would already come with a chain when bought but you can always change the chain link. Since heart necklaces are typically given to a woman, the chain options are typically made of metal. However, occasionally, you may also find necklaces that feature strings, cords, leather or suede. Below are the types of chain you should be aware of.

Cable Chains

Cable chains come in different variations. They are the most basic and classic designs for necklace chains. They feature simple yet captivating designs. Since we didn’t have advanced tools to use in crafting jewelry in the old times, these were the only designs we had in the past. Basically, cable chains are crafted by connecting single links of all sizes and shapes to form a chain. The most popular cable chain designs are curb chain, Figaro chain, Rolo chain, and box chain.

Sterling Silver Heart Necklaces
Personalized Heart Necklace – Price: $140 – Get it via Etsy

Rolo Chains

Rolo chains are the most used type of chain for heart necklaces. They feature thick round links interlocked together.

Take note, they are made of perfectly-shaped links!

Since they feature thick circular parts, they are ideal for huge and heavy pendants. They are more durable; strong enough to carry a good amount of weight without denting and wearing off.

Friendship Heart Necklaces
Horse Heart Pendant Necklace – Price: $22.95 – Get it via RTPGet 10% OFF! Just use the discount code BLOG10

Box Chains

Box chains are comparable to Rolo chains, the only difference is that box chains are crafted with perfectly shaped square links instead of circle links.

Box chains may feature thick square links or thin square links.

Thick links forming a box chain appear smoother. It will feature a more liquid-like appearance. On the other hand, thin links forming a box chain appear more detailed and exquisite. The links feature dash-like spaces between links. Like Rolo chains, box chains are also highly durable and sturdy.

Curb Chains

Heart Necklaces
Ornamented Gold Plated Heart Charm Necklace – Price: $36.72 – Get it via Etsy

A curb chain features twisted round links interlinked together. Since curb chains are composed of twisted round links, it lies flat when placed on top of a table.

On the twisting process, the edge of the twisted link is precisely shaped in square edges to ensure that links lock together.

The perfection on the edges is even beveled to ensure the curved chain will have a polished finish.

However, some jewelry manufacturers produce curb chain links retaining the curve edges. They do this to make the chain more flexible and manageable.

Figaro Chains

Italian Figaro chains have a very similar design with curb chains. It may feature more twist than curb chains, though. What’s unique about the Figaro chain is the pattern on how links are combined together. On a Figaro chain, a more elongated and stretched link is added on every third or fourth instance. The rest of the chains are short and round like the ones on a curb chain. This pattern makes Figaro chains look slim and subtle.

Rope Chain

Unique Heart Necklaces
Double Heart Necklace – Price: $310.00 – Get it via Etsy

Rope chains come in many intricate variations. It features two or more links that create the appearance of a rope when combined together.

Rope chains are also ideal for heavy pendants. They are actually more durable than Rolo and box chain.

To achieve a unique design, jewelers use the diamond cutting technique to bevel the edges of each link on the chain.

Since rope chains are less flexible, they are only ideal for necklaces.

Getting a Lovely Couple Necklace

Heart necklaces are ubiquitous. You can find designs that would suit your budget, style, taste, personality, and preferences. Get one for your friends, best friends, family, and special someone. Express your love through these heart necklaces and let your beloved treasure it forever!

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