Diamond Necklaces for Women

37+ Unique Diamond Necklaces and Designs

Diamond necklaces, a long and lasting symbol of love; Nothing can be as exquisite and durable as a diamond. It is the hardest stone you can ever find on earth. People say that nothing is permanent but change. Well, we say that diamonds are also permanent. With its durability and sturdy characteristics, it can exist on earth more than anything else. Because of this remarkable characteristic, diamonds have been a popular stone used on wedding rings and engagement rings to symbolize an invincible kind of love.

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Unique Diamond Cluster Necklace – Price: $365 – Get it via Etsy

Diamonds can also be used on necklaces and earrings. If you want to get something rather unique and uncommon, you can get a diamond necklace as a gift for yourself or for the most important person in your life. It is a gift that can definitely last a lifetime. Diamonds have the reputation of being the most beautiful and brilliant stone. Whether you want to send a romantic and luxurious vibe or simply wanting to impress someone, a diamond necklace will make someone stand out.

Unique Diamond Necklace Designs

Uncut Diamond Necklace
Rough Cut Diamond Necklace – Price: $115 – Get it from Etsy
Diamond Cross Necklace
Sterling Silver Diamond Cross Necklace Pendant – Price: $235 – Get it from Etsy
Solitaire Diamond Necklace
Simple Solitaire Diamond Pendant – Price: $710 – Get it from Etsy
Mens Diamond Necklace
14k Gold Initial with Diamond Outline Necklace – Price: $450 – Get it from Etsy
Initial Diamond Necklace
Personalized Initial Diamond Medalion Necklace – Price: $650 – Get it from Etsy
Infinity Diamond Necklace
14k Gold Graduated Diamond Infinity Necklace – Price: $380 – Get it from Etsy
Inexpensive Diamond Necklace
Dainty 14K Yellow Gold and Diamond Letter Pendants – Price: $235 – Get it from Etsy
Diamond Solitaire Necklace
18k Gold Diamond Solitaire Necklace – Price: $259 – Get it from Etsy
Expensive Diamond Necklace
Half Carat Solitaire Diamond Necklace – Price: $1885 – Get it from Etsy
Floating Diamond Necklace
Diamond Star Floating Necklace – Price: $175 – Get it from Etsy
Diamond Necklace Online
Diamond Solitaire Bezel Necklace – Price: $175 – Get it from Etsy
Diamond Necklace Images
14k Gold Solitaire Diamond Station Necklace – Price: $799 – Get it from Etsy
Diamond Heart Necklace
10k White Gold Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace – Get it from Amazon
Designs Of Diamond Necklacewith Its Price
14k Gold Tapered Baguette and Hanging Diamonds Necklace – Price: $699 – Get it from Etsy
Designer Diamond Necklace
Diamond Station Necklace With 5 Stations – Price: $389 – Get it from Etsy
Circle Diamond Necklace
14K Solid Gold Diamond Circle Necklace – Price: $205.9 – Get it from Etsy
American Diamond Necklace
14k Gold Diamond Crescent Necklace – Price: $525 – Get it from Etsy
Antique Diamond Necklace
14k Yellow Gold Square Art Deco with Diamond Accent Necklace – Get it from Amazon
Bezel Diamond Necklace
Diamond Bezel Necklace – Price: $999 – Get it from Etsy
Black Diamond Necklace
Black Diamond Pendant Necklace – Price: $159 – Get it from Etsy
Princess Cut Diamond Necklace
Herkimer Diamond Necklace – Price: $36.00+ – Get it via Etsy
One Diamond Necklace
Diamond by the Yard Necklace – Price: $750.00+ – Get it via Etsy
Gold Diamond Necklace
Minimalist Diamond Necklace – Price: $195.00+ – Get it via Etsy
Halo Diamond Necklace
Raw Herkimer Diamond Necklace – Price: $28.00 – Get it via Etsy
Heart Diamond Necklace
Delicate Diamond Necklace – Price: $34.00+ – Get it via Etsy
Diamond Necklace Price
Tiny Solitaire Diamond Necklace – Price: $22.00+ – Get it via Etsy
Diamond Necklace For Her
Solitaire Diamond Necklace – Price: $35.70 – Get it via Etsy
Beautiful Diamond Necklace
Handmade Diamond Necklace – Price: $88.70+ – Get it via Etsy
Diamond Necklaces With Price
Heart Shape Diamond Engagement Ring – Price: $720.92 – Get it via Etsy
American Diamond Necklace Designs
Baguette Diamond Necklace – Price: $291.6 – Get it via Etsy
Diamond Pendant Necklace
Diamond Butterfly Necklace – Price: $425 – Get it via Etsy

Diamond Necklace Buying Guide

Before getting a diamond necklace, there are important details you should not miss learning. Certain information and knowledge will help you decide wisely when buying one. Since diamond is the most beautiful stone on earth, they are also not the most affordable stone to get. It is important that you know how to decide and choose a necklace. Initially, the purchase of your diamond necklace would depend on your budget, style, taste, and preferences but you should not just base on those things when purchasing a diamond necklace.

Having a good grasp of the important information about buying diamonds will greatly help and guide you in making an informed and wise decision, especially if you considering matching diamond couples’ necklaces. Although we should warn you that the necessary information you need to know is not going to short so have patience in reading and discovering more about diamonds. Diamond necklaces are made to last for as long as you live so you should choose a metal that is also sturdy and durable. There are a few steps you should follow before getting a diamond necklace and there are diamond characteristics you ought to be familiar with.

When it comes to the most popular diamond necklace designs, diamond pendants are women’s favorite. They are simply elegant and grand.

These pendants may feature diamonds that are mounted in a solitaire setting. Some are mounted on an elaborate and exquisite halo setting. These diamonds may come in different cuts like round, princess, emerald, baguette, cushion, and numerous other variations. Whichever setting or cut you prefer, there is no doubt that your diamond necklace would bring an instant elegant vibe to your look. Whatever purpose you have in buying a diamond necklace, a good knowledge about it will make a ton of differences. Here is a quick guide you can follow. We have created a guided summary of the things you need to do. You do not really need to have a polished gemological knowledge, you just need to know some necessary information.

Diamond Necklace Metal Chain

The chain on a diamond necklace has to have the best quality. It has to be a metal that is sturdy so it can age with the diamond perfectly. For this reason, most people would always opt to get a diamond necklace that features a chain made out of precious metal.

The most popular precious metals are platinum, silver, and gold. These metals are recognized for their amazing luster and shine. They also cause lesser allergic skin reactions which make them ideal for people with different skin types. When choosing from any of the popular precious metals, you may want to take into consideration some things like your color preference.


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14k Gold Round Diamond Solitaire Pendant 4-Prong Basket – Get it from Amazon

Gold is one of the most popular and valuable precious metals known to many. It is known for its gorgeous luster. Gold is always combined with different metals like copper, silver, zinc and numerous more because it tends to be too soft by itself. Like what we always say, the gold content of any gold jewelry is measured by karat. The purest gold has 24 karats. But ideally, you should get a gold necklace with 18k or low because anything higher than 18k is already less durable. It may not endure daily and long-term wearing.

Jewelry with higher gold content may tend to be deformed and misshapen through time. You would not want jewelry that could not last like the gem it holds. Indeed, gold is a precious metal but you have to go for lesser gold content for your necklace to ensure it will also stand the test of time. There are three main gold color necklace variations you can find on the market. Those are white gold necklaces, yellow gold necklaces, and rose gold necklaces.

There are other less popular colors like pink gold, red gold, and black gold. Buying a gold diamond necklace may be very expensive; in order for this necklace to suit your budget, you can get metals with lesser gold content like 9k, 10k, or 14k. You also have the option of getting gold-filled diamond necklaces and gold-plated diamond necklaces. These options are more affordable. Although, there is a downside in buying gold-filled and gold-plated necklaces; they may tend to wear off or rub off the original metal through the time because of excessive wearing. In the end, our best advice for you when getting a gold diamond necklace is to take your color preferences and budget into consideration.


Womens Diamond Necklace
Sterling Silver Diamond Heart Necklace – Price: $238 – Get it from Etsy

Silver is another precious metal that is also known for its beautiful luster and more affordable price. Some people would even say that silver outshines gold when it comes to the luster. You may not know but silver is very much comparable to gold. It is also a type of precious metal that tends to be soft and malleable. Since it is prone to easy damage and deformation; silver is also mixed with other forms or metals or alloys to create a more durable version.

When looking for a piece of silver jewelry, you would know that you have the purest form of silver when it is labeled as fine silver. For a diamond necklace, it is more unlikely to get a fine silver chain because it is not durable. The most popular alloy of silver is called Sterling Silver. It is considered as the most standard silver grade. They are durable enough to withstand the requirements of daily wearing. If you are on a budget, there are still a lot of affordable options for you. Like gold, there are many silver necklaces that feature mixed silver or silver-plated chains.

Necklaces with lesser silver purity are more affordable. It is the same as silver-plated chains. Although, most silver plating on jewelry is often extremely thin. Because of this, your silver-plated necklace may rub off eventually because of regular wearing. Whether you get sterling silver or silver-plated chain for your diamond necklace, your necklace would surely be beautiful with its unique luster. In addition to that, silver is great for all skin types. It is also ideal for all events. Whether you need to go for a casual or formal event, silver will be a perfect accent. What’s best about this metal is its affordability compared to other metals.


If you love the white grayish luster of silver and white gold but is looking for a more precious kind of metal, then you should go for platinum. Platinum is considered a more precious kind of metal than gold. In fact, it is one of the most expensive metals in the world. If you want a platinum diamond necklace, you should definitely have a good budget for it. Since it is also another form of precious metal, it is also mixed with other alloys or metal. But there is a bit of more twist.

Platinum can only be combined with 5 more percent of other metal for it to be called as platinum. This means that all platinum necklaces contain 95% of platinum. Now, how would you know if you have platinum jewelry? Well, necklaces with less than 95 percent of platinum are generally regarded and labeled as platinum allow. Platinum is definitely extremely expensive. What’s surprising is that even though platinum is costly, it is still becoming more and more popular with numerous people.

4Cs of Buying a Diamond Necklace

Now that you have an idea of your metal options and you have seen beautifully designed diamond necklaces, the next step in getting a diamond necklace is to discover the so-called “Four C’s of Diamond”.

Diamond Necklace

These are also popularly known as the diamond’s color, clarity, carat, and cut. These four C’s are commonly used to assess and consider the value or worth of any diamond jewelry. When you know the four C’s of the diamond, it will be easier for you to compare the jewelry options above. It is important that you make an informed decision in buying an expensive diamond necklace. As always, we want you to get the best value for your money.

Diamond Color

Diamonds come in different varieties of colors, you even have black diamonds that are gaining popularity nowadays. However, only the white diamonds are graded when it comes to its color. There are numerous leading gemological industry organizations that use scales in grading pieces of diamonds. When a diamond is clear and colorless, it is generally graded with the letter D. On the other hand, white diamonds that feature a slight yellow color is graded with the letter Z.

As a general rule, the grade of a diamond decreases when it possesses some color with it. This only means that the clearest and colorless diamonds are the most likable but also expect that they will also be the most expensive option. Colorless and clear diamonds outshines all stones because they can share the most intense shine and the most exquisite beauty.

Diamond Carat

Stones like diamonds are also measured in carats. The karat of a diamond stone dictates its size. Karats are based on 100. When considering the karat of any diamond, it is going to be all about the size of the jewelry. The smaller the karat is, the more affordable the diamond will be while the bigger the karat is, the more expensive it would be. For example, a diamond necklace that says .75 karats should be sold in smaller value while a diamond necklace that says 2.0 karats would be sold in greater r higher values. If you are on a budget, you should go for smaller karats. But if you are ready to spend a lot to ensure your loved ones get the best diamond necklace, then you can opt for higher karats for the necklace.


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Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant – Get it from Amazon

The cut of the diamond is the shape it follows after shaping. It is not the actual shape of the diamond when it was obtained from the mine but rather the guided cut that has been popularly used for jewelry. Since a diamond is obtained from the mine, it does not always have the desired size, shape and cut so there is a need for the stone to go through shaping. The cut of the diamond is considered on how well it shows symmetry and proportion. Diamond cut is also measured in how polished the diamond is. When symmetry, proportion, and cut are achieved, the diamond is expected to channel a better luster and shine. Jewelers ensure that every piece of this stone is cut with high precision because poorly cut diamond stones are less valuable. Not only that they also emit a less luminous shine. The most commonly used cuts on diamond jewelry are emerald, heart, oval, round, radiant, cushion, pear, and princess cuts.

Diamond Clarity

The clarity of diamonds is measured by looking at the imperfections of the stone. Clarity is more important than anything else. It is a deal-breaker for diamonds. In addition to that, the clarity of a diamond can make or break the value of any jewelry. Imperfections on diamonds are defined as the cracks in the stone, the visibility of tiny flecks of black carbon, and scratches. These things may not be easily visible to the naked eye but they do exist on diamonds.

Since diamonds are natural products of nature, it is inevitable for them to have imperfections. They can be born with it. They can have inclusions and any other things. These inclusions are believed to make the brightness and shine of the diamond less beautiful because they interfere with the light that passes through the stone. When a diamond has a lot of imperfections and inclusions, it lessens the value of the diamond. While the clearest and nearly perfect diamond is sold for incredibly high prices, especially worn on a gold necklace or ring. If your budget would allow it, you can surely get a clear diamond but if you are on a budget, maybe a less clear but affordable diamond would be a good option. Besides, these imperfections and inclusions are not visible to the naked eyes, right?

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your wife or just looking for a reward for yourself, these new diamond necklaces should bring that incredibly bright shine in your life. Let someone know how unique they are for you and how much they give shine to your life; make them feel more special and loved with these diamond necklaces. A diamond necklace can never fail in expressing your adornment with exquisite beauty. If you are a woman who wants to reward yourself with something truly beautiful, a diamond necklace would be an ideal option.

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