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The Acceptance Ring: Support the LGBT Community with Pride

Everyone is worthy of acceptance and belonging. Each person in the society deserves to feel welcomed and accepted no matter who they are, where they are from, or what gender they prefer. However, despite the undying efforts done to ensure everybody gets the same fair treatment, it is heartbreaking to say that many communities like the LGBTQ community are still constantly battling for acceptance and belonging.

In many parts of the world, the LGBTQ community is evidently not widely accepted until now. What saddens us more, is that even in countries, where fairness and equality are the heart of the society, the LGBTQ community is still not able to get their heart’s utmost desire: Marriage equality.

Acceptance Ring for LGBT Australia

Marriage is an integral part of belonging in society. Although many people already accept marriage equality, acceptance is not reflecting on the laws of the world. There is still a lot of hard work and support needed to help EMPOWER CHANGE the world so every person, whatever their gender preference is, gets the right to marry the person they love in the country they love.

Advocating for LGBTQ Equality _ Human Rights Campaign

It is about time countries practice the values they proudly preach fairness and equality — Fairness and equality that reflects on the laws by extending civil marriage to all citizens. It is a simple reform that takes from no one but makes the society stronger, fairer and more inclusive. Expanding on the great cause that big companies like Airbnb started in Australia, we want to help to take this amazing stand into the world and help support the protest against marriage inequality and donate $1 of every Acceptance Ring sold to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, who continuous advocates LGBTQ Equality.

Until We All Belong Equality Ring

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation improves the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people by working to increase understanding and encourage the adoption of LGBTQ-inclusive policies and practices.

You may know someone you love who is not included nor accepted in the society: a family member, a friend, a colleague, a workmate, our yourself. Wouldn’t you like to help them get what they deserve? Or wouldn’t you want to take part, stand up, take a stance, and get what YOU deserve? We strongly believe that if we stand, speak out, and show our all-out support, we can make it happen everywhere. In order to do that, we need your help in taking a stance NOW because like you, we want all the loving and committed relationships to enjoy the same status and dignity.

Marriage Equality Ring Australia

We now look to you, your hand, and this ring to help us lead the way. There is a gap in marriage equality, not only in the world — a gap represented by this incomplete ring. Now is the time for us to take action in closing that gap. Let’s all stand together and make a difference in showing our protest on the lack of marriage rights for same-sex couples!

Carefully crafted and engraved with an inscription of acceptance ‘Until We All Belong’ in its interior, this uniquely designed Acceptance Ring features an electroplated matte black finish and a signature 2.2mm gap symbolizing the current marriage inequality all over the world!

Show your acceptance today by wearing this exclusive ring. By wearing this ring, you’re helping champion the cause until marriage equality becomes a reality. We hope this limited run of rings start conversations and help lead our way to change!

The time for marriage equality is now. Life is short, time is precious, and the world is ready! Will you wear this Acceptance Ring and show your acceptance of marriage equality until the day comes when everyone who loves each other can celebrate that love through commitment while being treated equally under the law?

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