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13 Types of Rings for Men and Women Explained (2020)

When it comes to accessories, rings are pieces of jewelry that are ordinarily loved by men and women. Some ladies prefer matching their rings to the outfit they are wearing. For men, you will typically see married gents wearing their wedding rings.

Regardless, there are various types of rings available now in the market. And whether there’s a story behind the kind of ring you are wearing, or you just want some bling, read this blog to learn more about this beloved jewelry.

Types of Rings Settings

Your chosen type of jewelry setting will shape the character of your ring. This is absolutely true especially when you are eyeing one with stones.

Aside from having an impact on the worth of the jewelry, the setting can either maximize or minimize your ring’s character. Thus, before buying yourself one understand first the different types of ring settings.

Bezel Setting

Bezel Ring Setting

Basically, a Bezel ring setting is where you will see a rim enclosing the jewelry stone. The edges of the bezels are either with curves, straight, or whichever form that can fit the stone.

Prong Setting

Prong Ring Setting

Your classic engagement ring is typically in a Prong setting. Like with a traditional ring, you will see a lone diamond set in a simple mounting and surrounded with four to six prongs.

Cluster Setting

Cluster Ring Setting

Inspired by its name “cluster”, this ring setting aims to produce a stunning piece of jewelry composed of numerous smaller gems. The Cluster type of setting encloses an enormous middle stone with multiple smaller gems.

Channel Setting

Channel Ring Setting

In this case, you will see the Channel setting in most wedding and anniversary rings. This ring setting type normally place the jewelry stones beside each other and no precious metal dividing it. Essentially, the outer rim of the metal better protects the stones compared with a Prong setting.

Bar Setting

Again, like the Channel, the Bar type of setting is what you ordinarily see in anniversary and wedding rings. Not only that, it is likewise used in other pieces of jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets as well.

A blending of traditional and modern-day look, the Bar setting is an ensemble of stones where each piece of gem is separated by a long slender bar.

Illusion Setting

Illusion Ring Setting

Truly, a ring with an Illusion setting is an elaborate and fascinating piece. Oftentimes using princess cut stones, the gems are set beside each other and backed up beneath to form an illusion of a grander stone.

Gypsy Setting

The Gypsy is normally the type of setting you will see with men’s rings. It has a broad top with one solid continuous band. You will notice its band is dome-shaped while its stone is in the center.

Tension Setting

Tension Ring Setting

Lastly, have you seen a ring with its stone “squeezed” by the band’s precious metal? This is the Tension setting type of ring. With this kind of setting, you’ll get a stylish and modern looking jewelry.

Different Ring Stone Shapes

Apart from the settings, you must also consider the shape of your ring stone. The shape of your stone refers to the actual physical structure of the gem or how it appears. The shape is vital to consider since it will determine how your piece of jewelry will look on your hands. Here are the ten standard ring stone shapes.

Round Shape

Round Ring Stone Shape

This shape is the most favorite among ring shape types. Being an iconic shape, it is by and large superior to other ring shapes.

Cushion Shape

Cushion Ring Stone Shape

Looking closely at a Cushion stone, you will notice it resembles a pillow or a cushion. It has a square form with round edges. The elegant cut has been roughly around for two hundred years. At the moment, enhancements were done in the shape which led to the reemergence of its popularity.

Princess Shape

Princess Ring Stone Shape

The Princess shape is popular among engagement rings. Similar to the Round shape, the Princess is a solid option for its flexibility which works in any ring design.

Asscher Shape

Asscher Ring Stone Shape

Unlike the Emerald ring stone shape, the Asscher ring shape is square in form. Moreover, it boasts of a heightened crown and wider step facets which attractively create better brilliance.

Emerald Shape

Emerald Ring Stone Shape

Compared to other stones, the Emerald ring stone shape generates a hall-of-mirrors impression that merges dusky and light planes. Its extraordinary and vintage-look is thanks to its huge table and pavilion step cuts.

Radiant Shape

Radiant Ring Stone Shape

A Radiant stone shape is a beautiful cross between a Princess and Cushion ring stone form. With its rectangular pattern, it possesses a full brilliant cut element on its pavilion and crown. The result of this is a sparkling and dazzling stone.

Heart-shaped Ring

Heart-Shaped Ring Stone

Customarily, a heart-shaped stone signifies love. If the stone is set in prongs, a gem of .50 carats or less is not advisable because the stone will be hard to recognize. While others feel wearing this stone is a little melodramatic, show off your heart-shaped ring with confidence!

Pear-shaped Ring

Pear-Shaped Ring Stone

Resembling also a teardrop, the Pear-shaped stone is a mix of Marquise and round stone shape. This form achieves a good balance with its singular point and rounded edges. Besides that, it likewise successfully makes little gems look broader.

Oval Shape Stone

Oval Ring Stone Shape

Displaying a clean symmetrical form, the Oval stone shape lengthens any hands. Same as the round shape, this design carry similar brilliance.

Marquise Stone

Marquise Ring Stone Shape

Shaped like a football, a diamond with a Marquise form brings the impression of a wider size. This shape beautifully flatters the hand of its wearer.

Different Types of Rings for Men

To give you an idea of the pieces of jewelry available now in the market, here are various rings for men.

Types Of Rings For Guys
Handmade Solid Sterling Silver Men’s Ring [12mm] – Price: $249.95 – Get it via RTP
Types Of Rings Mens
Men’s Signet Pinky Ring [2 Variants] – Price: $39.95 – Get it via RTP
Types Of Rings People Wear
14k Solid Gold Men’s Signet Ring – Price: $479 – Get it via Etsy
Types Of Rings Names
Turquiose Inlay Tungsten Carbide Men’s Ring – Price: $79.95 – Get it via RTP
Types Of Rings Jewelry
Matte Beveled Edge Men’s Wedding Ring in Platinum – Price: $1200 – Get it via Etsy
Different Type Of Rings
Men’s Black Tungsten Band – Price: $225 – Get it via Etsy
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Types of Rings for Women

Meanwhile, here are a few remarkable pieces perfect for women.

Types Of Rings For Ladies
Irish Knot Gold Tungsten Ring – Price: $42.95 – Get it via RTP
Types Of Rings Women
10k Diamond Pink Promise Ring For Women – Price: $60.00+ – Get it via Etsy
Types Of Rings
Brushed Silver Black Interior Tungsten Rose Gold Ring – Price: $71.95 – Get it via RTP
Types Of Rings Styles
14k White Gold Oval Solitaire Birthstone Ring – Price: $323.10+ – Get it via Etsy
Different Type Of Engagement Rings
Delicate Snow Diamond Cluster Rose Gold Engagement Ring – Price: $399.00+ – Get it via Etsy
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White Gold Thin Diamond Wedding Band – Price: $390 – Get it via Etsy
Types Of Engagement Rings Bands
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Special Types of Rings and their Meaning

As shown above, there are myriad types of rings. However, what does each type mean? Read below to learn about the various ring types and its meaning.

Wedding Band

This jewelry typically has letters or design engraved on it. Moreover, some band rings are set with stones. You will notice this piece of jewelry has no top and possesses a standard width. The wedding band with its simple elegance is normally a choice for wedding rings.

Anniversary Ring

A ring that ordinarily carries stones in a Prong or Channel settings. This piece of jewelry is customarily given as a gift during wedding anniversaries.

Birthstone Ring

The Birthstone ring ordinarily showcases the wearer’s specific birth month. Some believe that wearing this type of ring will bring you good luck, fortune, and ward off negative energies.

Bridal Set

In this case, you will see a married woman wearing a bridal set on her left finger. This set is a combination of a wedding and engagement ring that showcases a similar design.

Wedding Ring

To signify that a person is married, he or she wears a wedding ring on his or her left finger.

Cocktail Ring

If you are aiming to make a bold statement, then wearing a Cocktail ring is the way to go. This piece of jewelry is likewise called dinner rings since women ordinarily wear it during cocktail parties.

Types Of Rings And Meaning
Antique Diamond Sapphire Cocktail Ring – Get it via Etsy

When it comes to this ring it is always better to choose a design that is lavish and flamboyant.

Promise Ring

In the meantime, Promise rings are not only shared between couples but can also be a gift between friends. Promise rings among couples mean a commitment to their relationship. On the other hand, this ring can stand for lasting friendships among pals.

Signet Ring

Also known as a “seal” ring, the Signet is normally engraved with letters or the owner’s initials. One of the popular examples of this ring is a college ring. In the past, the Signet ring represents family heritage.

Engagement Ring

An Engagement ring is commonly given to women by their fiancee symbolizing their intention of marriage. This ring is often worn by women on their left finger.

Three Stone Rings

Displaying three large stones, the Three stone rings stands for the past, present, and future.

Types Of Rings Prices
Men’s Three Stone Diamond Ring – Price: $2999.99 – Get it via Etsy

Aside from this, it can likewise symbolize three children in your family or a religious significance as in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Estate Ring

Although the name Estate ring may sound oldish, the jewelry itself is not entirely antique. It is called Estate because the piece is initially part of a departed person’s belongings.

Eternity Ring

Infinity rings or most popularly known as Eternity bands are pieces of jewelry that are continuously set with stones. Normally husbands give this ring to their wives to show their eternal love.

Types of Rings FAQ

When you are shopping around for a ring, you probably have a few questions in mind. Not to worry – we have included a list below of some frequently asked questions received from our readers.

Why do diamonds fall out of rings?

As you wear your ring, you might bump or scrape different objects, which results in the prongs loosening. This causes diamonds or other stones to fall off your ring.

How many carats should an engagement ring be?

According to experts, the average diamond on an engagement ring for women should be two. If you are on a budget, there are many one carat options available that would work, too.

What are rings made from?

The material of modern rings varies greatly. Most commonly, they are made of copper-based alloys, silver, stainless steel, tungsten, platinum, and gold.

Choosing your Type of Ring

Overall, you have an extensive choice of types of rings. If you are planning to purchase a ring for yourself or as a gift to a loved one, it is always advisable to consider the quality of the jewelry and your budget.

For those intending to purchase a ring for their loved ones, it is better if you can ask the preference of the receiver to make sure that you are getting the perfect gift for them.

Now, we are super curious to hear which type of ring best fits your style and personality! Let us know in the comments below which ring type is your very favorite.

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