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19 Engagement Ring Tips and Trends from Wedding Experts for 2020

We have been getting many requests from our readers on how to go about selecting that perfect engagement ring; where to start the search (besides ring to the perfection of course), what engagement rings are trending, or how to set a budget for an engagement ring. Since we are only human and we do not have all the answers to your questions, we have reached out to wedding experts all around the world and asked them these questions.

They are wedding experts who have made their mark in the wedding industry over the past year. We have gotten an overwhelmingly positive response as well with many trends, tips, experiences, and some more information to prepare you for that perfect day and find your perfect engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Trends and Tips

Below the best tips and tricks from wedding ring experts one what to look for when looking for a new engagement or wedding ring.

Susan O’Neill from Wedding Dates Blog

“Pinky Promise – Promise engagement rings are super popular now. Guys and gals are giving symbolic, less expensive rings and letting their significant another pick out their actual engagement ring. This takes the pressure off the proposer to find the perfect ring and there will be loads of excitement to go shopping for the ring together.

Think outside the box – When you are looking for your ideal engagement ring, don’t just look through catalogs or trends. Even if you don’t buy your ring there, you can get great inspiration from unusual rings in thrift stores, vintage shops, and alternative establishments. This will give you a good idea as to what you do, or don’t like. Colored engagement rings are really taking the wedding world by storm at the moment, they are so unique and super glam.

Sentiment or Sparkle – Every couple’s budget will be different. Some couples who love their luxury might choose to spend a lot of money on the wedding ring, but it’s not always necessary. The best things in the world cost nothing at all. Many couples choose to spend a bit less on the engagement ring and put the money towards the honeymoon, or a making some magical memories on a relaxing break away before the wedding.

After Care – An engagement ring is for life, so don’t forget you need to physically care for this precious piece of jewelry. You should ensure it, just like you would any other precious item. Find out the correct way to clean your engagement ring and make sure to do so regularly.”

Susan O’Neill from Wedding Dates

Jeannine Avelino from Vancity Bride Blog

“While a lot of men still like to surprise their girlfriend with the perfect ring, in this day and age, it’s pretty common for women to have a say in what their ring would look like. My advice is to be upfront with her if you’re unsure about what she likes. I’m sure she will gladly enlighten you, there won’t be any uncertainty, and it will make ring shopping less stressful.

As for the price, my only advice is to pay what you are comfortable with. Tradition dictates that the ring should cost about 3 months’ salary, but that may not be within reach for some people. I would say just pay what you can afford and if you really want to give her something bigger, maybe put it off until you have enough money set aside for it. Remember, you still have the rest of the wedding to pay for.

When choosing a diamond, the price can fluctuate quite a bit depending on its characteristics and the current engagement ring trends. You can save quite a bit when you decide to step down from a 1 karat to a 0.9 karat and you may find that the size difference isn’t significant at all. For more information on choosing a diamond, visit my blog here.”

Jeannine Avelino from Vancity Bride

Jessica Roberts from Lace in the Dessert Blog


“I was lucky enough to be proposed to in Sri Lanka which meant that we could choose my beautiful sapphire stone right from the source. Choosing the stone together was part of the experience for me personally and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

I have always adored sapphire stones as I am drawn to blue in my personal style and my advice would definitely be to stick to what you love and suits you. Yes, diamonds are the obvious choice but don’t let that rule out other stones or gems that have always captivated you.”

Jessica Roberts from Lace in the Dessert

Amy Elsworth from Chic Vintage Brides Blog

“Do Your Research and follow the Ring Trends! After becoming engaged, it can be all too easy to get swept up in the excitement and buy the first ring you see. But this is a ring you will be wearing for the rest of your life, and there is MUCH research to be done to find your perfect engagement ring!

Learn about: The beautiful different precious stones you can choose from (diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, opal), the all-important 4C’s (cut, clarity, carat and colour), the various precious metals (Gold, Platinum, Palladium, White gold) and their properties, and the different ring styles (vintage, modern, solitaire, trilogy, etc) to determine which your favorite is. Educate yourself before you go shopping, but when you make your final decision, go with your heart!”

Amy Elsworth from Chic Vintage Brides

Meredith Shackleford from Love and Lavender Blog

“Women are inundated these days with photos of diamond engagement rings, and usually know the type of ring design they want long before ‘the one’ ever comes along. If other women are anything like me, we girls never really look into how much the lovely large rock costs.

Going into stores can be intimidating because you need to have a salesperson to show you around and answer the dreaded question, “How much does this ring cost?”

My suggestion for starting your engagement ring search is to use online tools where you can play around with the color, cut, clarity, and carat (the 4C’s) to get a true sense of price points and ring trends. The Blue Nile provides a strong online ring tool that my husband used to research my engagement ring, and so does Vashi. You can design a bespoke ring from the comfort of your own home, with no salesmen breathing down your neck!

For some, the realization that the rock you always dreamed of sporting on your finger is not within reach (as you once thought), can be a downer.

My top ring shopping tip: Be aware that the size of the diamond should not be your number one priority. You can select a smaller diamond with a good cut, clarity, and color to get more bang for your buck. There is no point in having a large diamond ring that does not sparkle!

When purchasing your ring, a small trusted family-operated diamond store may be able to cut out the middleman and provide a ring without the big retailer markup. This is the route my husband and I took, and I was able to get a beautiful halo diamond ring that is appraised at double the value my husband actually paid.”

Meredith Shackleford from Love and Lavender

Sara Kennedy from Irish Wedding Blog

“There are over 20,000 weddings in Ireland every year. The population of Ireland is 4.58 million so this is a significant number of weddings every year! The wedding industry is thriving and in particular Jewellery Stores. When it comes to engagement rings there are a few ways that people source their rings.

1. High Street

The high street would be the larger branded stores with multiple locations. They are very popular and have strong reputations. This would be where most would source their ring.

2. Small Local/Specialized 

This is how I sourced my ring! When my husband proposed, he had a promise ring from Swarovski Crystal and then brought me to his local jewelers to pick out my actual ring. It was such a lovely personalized experience. Shopping local supports the local community and we were given a service better than the high street. We didn’t have as much of a selection, but the stock was unique.  There are specialist shops that stock certain types of styles. In Ireland for example, it could be a Celtic jewelry shop and they have all of the authentic Irish styles. Some can also be purchased online from abroad as this is a very popular style throughout the world.

3. Custom Made

There are many companies that you can go to get a version of a ring you like made or you can have something designed from scratch. The cost can depend on the type of stone you use as well as the amount of detail needed. I have heard of a lot of couples flying to Antwerp in Belgium. This is the diamond capital of Europe so it makes sense to go and select a really good stone!

4. Antique

Ireland is steeped in history which means that our antique shops have some amazing jewels with some great stories behind each piece. I also love looking at the ongoing engagement ring trends in a country like Ireland for new ring style inspiration.

From my experience, most grooms-to-be don’t pick the ring themselves, they will bring the bride-to-be to pick her own ring.”

Sara Kennedy from Irish Wedding Blog

Preparing for the purchase of your Ring

We hope that we have been able to answer all your questions through this expert roundup post on the latest engagement ring trends. If you are still unsure make sure to check out our posts on cheap engagement rings or glossary on everything engagement. We also hope that we have made this an enjoyable experience for you and only even more excited for the big day!

Please leave a comment if you have more questions and a ring expert will help you out. Good luck and relax and enjoy the process from start to finish, and most of all enjoy the wedding preparations and choosing of the wedding ring. You know where to find us for the best wedding gift ideas and wedding advice.

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