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What Is A Promise Ring?

Likely, you have ever wondered what is a promise ring? Many people are confused about the right finger to wear a promise ring and a promise ring actual cost. Rings shared between lovers range from purity rings, engagement rings, commitment rings, promise rings, etc. The confusion behind the usage of these rings is wide. Many people differ between the culture behind why they are worn, the significance, and other aspects.

A promise ring is given by a lover to their significant other, usually before their engagement, as a sign of both commitment and fidelity. A promise ring’s significance is to symbolize the giving partner’s devotion to their romantic relationship. The acceptance of the promise ring by their partner, on the other hand, signifies their devotion.

A promise ring is a representation of a promise made between two people. The real promise made differs from one couple to the other. The majority give and put on promise rings as a sign of future marriage between them. Other couples wear and put on promise rings to symbolize their devotion to their significant other. The bigger essence is that you are making a promise.

A promise ring is a representation of the escalation of your relationship. From the day you give and accept a promise ring, you have a physical symbol of your love that you can show to the world.

The History of Promise Rings

Promise rings date back to several hundreds of years. Giving a promise ring to promise love and affection and the acceptance to signify loyalty and fidelity dates back to ancient times. Evidence extracted shows that ancient Roman brides wore rings as a sign of engagement as early as the second century. In the sixteenth century, the wearing of post rings accompanied by romantic poems gained popularity. The same sixteenth century saw the rise of acrostic rings during the Georgian and Victorian eras. Acrostic rings spelled out words in gemstones such as ruby, amethyst, emerald, garnet, and diamond.

The last century saw an increased resurfacing of modern rings. It gained popularity as a mainstream trend as many celebrity couples took to social media to show off their rings.

Significance of Promise Rings

Since their emergence, promise rings have been worn as a symbol of love. The actual meaning of the exchange of a promise ring in a relationship is unique to each couple. The general significance of promise rings when exchanged or given is to symbolize the commitment to a relationship.

It is important to note that a promise ring is not an engagement ring. However, a promise ring may act as a placeholder ring when a couple is waiting on marrying. A promise ring may also serve as a memento in case the geographical distance is relatively wide.

Promise rings serve as an indication of a serious relationship between two lovers to the outside world. In other instances, promise rings serve as a proclamation of love to someone who is devoted to their partner but has no intention of marrying he/her.

While a promise ring in a relationship may point towards an engagement ring, the connotations between the two rings are different. An engagement ring is a promise of marriage. A promise ring, on the other hand, is a promise to take the relationship seriously. It is a symbol of hope that the relationship will develop in the future. Promise rings should hence not be confused with purity rings which are given or self-purchased as a symbol of abstaining from sex before tying the knot.

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What Finger is a Promise Ring Worn?

While a marriage ring is worn on the ring finger, there is no specific finger on which you must wear a promise ring. You can put a promise ring on any finger. The finger you choose to wear a promise ring is entirely up to you. There are, however, more popular options.

Many people prefer wearing or putting on promise rings on either the middle finger or the ring finger of the left hand or the fourth finger or middle finger of the right hand

Some prefer wearing the promise rings on their necks as chains. After marriage, many couples usually switch their promise rings from the left hand to the right hand.

How is a Promise Ring Given?

Since ancient times, it was usually a man who gave a promise ring to the woman they are in a relationship with. Recently, the trend has changed. There is a segment of men who put on promise rings for their girlfriends. Other couples, especially modern couples, choose to exchange promise rings. In many Asian countries, couples choose their promise rings and put them on their ring fingers as a symbol of their commitment to the relationship.

The majority prefer giving promise rings on special events such as their dating anniversary, birthday, or holidays. A promise ring can be given on any occasion, even if it is not a special event. Before giving a promise ring, you should discuss it with your partner to avoid them mistaken for an engagement ring hence ruining the special moment.

A couple should discuss the actual meaning of a promise ring. In addition to symbolizing love, there is usually a unique meaning to each couple. When exchanging or giving promise rings, most couples discuss the present meaning of their relationship to each of them and the future promises attached to the promise rings.

Timing and Etiquette of a Promise Ring

Promise rings should not be treated lightly. Just like an engagement ring or a wedding ring, a promise ring carries its weight in a relationship. Many love experts advise that a promise ring be given after a couple has been dating for a relatively significant period, usually a year or more than a year. The biggest etiquette attached to wearing a promise ring is that one should wear or exchange promise rings after committing to the relationship.

There has been a rise in the popularity of promise rings. It is echoed by a growing trend of couples who are happily cohabiting and later marriages. The denotation attached to promise rings is that their commitment is beyond casual dating even though they are not ready or want to commit to marriage.

The mention of a promise ring gets most people thinking that a boyfriend should give it to their girlfriends. Promise rings can be given or worn by anyone, although the majority are men who promise rings. In case a couple breaks up, couples are advised not to repossess promise rings. The amount of money spent on promise rings has no rules or specified guidelines. It, however, is advisable that the amount of money spent on acquiring a promise ring be less than that spent on an engagement ring. In terms of style, there are no rules. The bottom line is simplicity at its maximum. Popular themes and styles for promise rings are hearts or intertwined designs. While engagement rings have a sacred nature, promise rings are viewed as a piece of fashion. It is also advised that the style chosen should not compete with the engagement ring.

A promise ring is given to signify a lifelong vow but does not guarantee that the relationship will last forever. Nasty things may happen, leading to a breakup. Depending on the nature of the breakup, promise rings are not always returned.

The majority of couples give or exchange promise rings preceding engagement. It is to signify their readiness to commit to a relationship. A promise ring solidifies the present status of a couple’s relationship and corroborates that they might be heading to the next stage, which may include steadiness, engagement, or marriage. It is a step above casual dating. A promise ring shows the world your devotion to holding tight, protecting, and nurturing the relationship until it reaches the next stage.