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41+ Best Tote Bags: Canvas, Large & Designer for all Purposes

There are moments that you just want to bring a huge comfortable bag where you can fit all your daily essentials. The bag you have in mind may not have structure, but what is important is that it has two straps, flexible, allows easy access, and will serve its function. If these are all the qualities you are searching for, then what you need is the tote bag!

Best Tote Bag
Large Waxed Canvas Tote Bag – Price: $359.00+ – Get it via Etsy

A bag that is both versatile and functional, tote bags or oftentimes called carry-all bags, is an accessory that every woman should have in her collection. Not only is it handy, but it is also available in a variety of patterns and designs as well so you can easily choose one that will surely suit your personal needs.

Tote Bags for Women and Men

To help you decide and search for your perfect tote bag, here is our collection of tote bags for women and men that are eco-friendly, want reusable products, and all-natural canvasses.

Canvas Tote Bags

1. Large Canvas Tote 

Start your weekend shopping with this Large Canvas Tote Bag. If your weekdays involved wearing corporate attires and you just want to relax and dress down during your rest days, then this Canvas bag with its casual chic vibe is a good match to your outfit.

Canvas Tote Bag
Large Canvas Tote Bag [4 Variants] – Price: $29.95 – Get it via RTP

2. Black Canvas Tote 

A good sign of a bag’s versatility is when you can use it whether you are dressed up or dressed down. Feel like visiting that Sunday market you saw in town? Bring this Black Canvas Tote Bag with you and for sure you will not have a problem exploring the market while your purchased items are safely tucked away in your bag.

Black Canvas Tote Bag
Black Canvas Tote Bag – Price: $56 – Get it via Etsy

3. Bohemian Style Tote 

In the meantime, if you are tired of seeing the same neutral color on your bag, then why not try this vibrant Bohemian Style Bag? With its bold and brilliant colors, this tote will absolutely complement your outfit.

Beach Tote Bag
Bohemian Style Tote Bag [8 Variants] – Price: $29.95 – Get it via RTP

4. Waxed Canvas Tote 

On the other hand, this Waxed Canvas Bag is something that you can use in the office but still stylish to carry in your after-hours activities. Whether you are meeting a dear friend for drinks or getting a cappuccino in the nearby coffee shop, this bag is your ideal companion.

Crossbody Tote Bag
Waxed Canvas Tote Bag – Price: $129 – Get it via Etsy

5. Sweet Owl Canvas Tote 

While the tote bag will certainly be functional to you, it doesn’t mean you can’t share its good qualities with the people around you. Why not give this Sweet Owl Canvas Bag as a gift to your family and friends? With its dainty and sweet design, it will definitely bring happiness to anyone who receives it.

Brown Tote Bag
Sweet Owl Canvas Tote Bag [2 Variants] – Price: $39.95 – Get it via RTP

6. Mongo Denim Tote 

A collection will not be complete without denim being included in it. With the size of this tote, we are pretty sure you can toss all the essentials you want to bring and then some. Likewise, one of the materials used in the creation of this bag is veg tan leather which leaves a minimal footprint in our environment. Not only are you walking in style, but you are also taking care of Mother Earth as well.

Denim Tote Bag
Mongo Denim Tote Bag – Price: $45 – Get it via Etsy

7. Owl Long Canvas Tote 

Are you a night owl person by heart? Take a stroll at the park or at the mall with this charming Owl Long Canvas Tote. Having this bag on your shoulders will certainly bring good vibes anywhere you go.

Country Road Tote Bag
Owl Long Canvas Tote Bag [7 Variants] – Price: $29.95 – Get it via RTP

8. Grey Leather Tote 

One of the distinct quality of a tote is being spacious that you can use it as a shopping bag.  This Grey Leather tote is a great example of what we are talking about, it is large, roomy, and easy to access.

Extra Large Tote Bag
Grey Leather Tote Bag – Price: $259.2 – Get it via Etsy

9. Artistic Cotton Tote 

A tote bag that accents your outfit doesn’t need to be always in a plain color or subdued pattern. Show your artistic side and creativity with this Artistic Cotton bag. Aside from its artful print, it is very comfortable to carry and for sure you will enjoy your weekend with this bag as your tag along.

Embroidered Tote Bag
Artistic Cotton Tote Bag [2 Variants] – Price: $29.95 – Get it via RTP

10. Gold Feather Tote 

Pair this Gold Feather tote with your favorite dress and head on to that Book Fair you have been waiting for months to start. Apart from being a book bag, you can carry this tote during a day trip to the city or the countryside, or even just do a little shopping at the mall.

Gold Tote Bag
Gold Feather Tote Bag – Price: $10 – Get it via Etsy

11. Adorable Owl Canvas Tote

Even if you already are a professional working at a corporate setup, it does not mean you are forbidden to use a cute bag like this Adorable Owl Canvas Tote. Bring out the kid in you every time you go out and carry this lovable canvas tote!

Fabric Tote Bag
Adorable Owl Canvas Tote Bag – Price: $29.95 – Get it via RTP

12. Gray Canvas Tote

Professional Mom’s out there will surely be glad to have this Gray Canvas Tote. Not only can you utilize it as a work bag but you can likewise use it as a diaper bag as well. Such a nifty product, don’t you agree?

Travel Tote Bag
Gray Canvas Tote Bag – Price: $78 – Get it via Etsy

13. Cartoon Canvas Tote

In this case, this Cartoon Canvas Tote will be a huge hit as a gift if you have lots of teenage cousins or nieces. It’s suitable as a school bag with its sturdy polyester lining.

Grey Tote Bag
Cartoon Canvas Tote Bag [3 Variants] – Price: $29.95 – Get it via RTP

14. Metallic Gold Tote

Need an accessory that will add eye-catching sparkle to your outfit? This chic Metallic Gold bag is the solution to your dilemma. Besides being able to secure your valuables, carrying this stylish bag will show off your trendsetting style.

Metallic Tote Bag
Metallic Gold Tote Bag – Price: $90.13 – Get it via Etsy

15. Large Striped Vibrant Tote

Spend your day at the beach with this Striped Vibrant Tote. With its bright colors, you’ll certainly have a relaxing and sunny day lying at the sand.

Large Tote Bag
Large Striped Vibrant Tote Bag [8 Variants] – Price: $29.95 – Get it via RTP

16. Monogrammed Plaid Tote

One way of personalizing your bag is having it monogrammed. When traveling you’ll be able to identify your bag even from afar because of your monogrammed name. Moreover, when you and your friend decide on purchasing identical bags monogramming your names or initials will make things simple to recognize.

Plaid Tote Bag
Monogrammed Plaid Tote Bag – Price: $39.94 – Get it via Etsy

17. Spring Owl Tote

Reminisce your wonderful spring adventure with this darling Spring Owl Tote. With its four individual designs, you’ll surely capture all your good memories.

Personalized Tote Bag
Spring Owl Tote Bag [4 Variants] – Price: $29.95 – Get it via RTP

18. Large Quilted Tote

What’s good with this Quilted Tote is that it comes with a detachable pouch that you can use separately. Besides this, you can simply fold the large bag and store it in the pouch if you don’t plan on using it.

quilted tote bag
Large Quilted Tote Bag – Price: $89.99 – Get it via Etsy

19. Ethnic Butterfly Tote

Women will love this beautiful Butterfly Tote. Aside from being functional, carrying this bag with you will exude your individuality and femininity.

Zippered Tote Bag
Ethnic Butterfly Tote Bag [2 Variants] – Price: $39.95 – Get it via RTP

20. Women’s Jute Tote

Meanwhile, if you’re a minimalist advocate, you’ll adore this Women’s Jute Tote. The material used in this bag, Jute, is both eco-friendly and biodegradable. With this combination, you’ll be walking eco-elegantly.

Simple Tote Bag
Women’s Jute Tote Bag – Price: $54 – Get it via Etsy

Straw Tote Bags

21. Woven Recycled Straw Basket Tote

Straw totes are stylish and interesting bags to have which are of course affordable than leather. While it is often thought of a beach bag, you can for sure use it during your weekends running errands or meeting friends over lunch.

Best Tote Bag
Woven Recycled Straw Basket Tote Bag [3 Variants] – Price: $89.95 – Get it via RTP

22. Casual Straw Basket Tote

If your office has a laid-back policy, this Casual Straw Basket Tote is suitable for office use. As you can see below, it both offers a casual yet superior quality appeal.

Casual Tote Bag
Casual Straw Basket Tote Bag [2 Variants] – Price: $69.95 – Get it via RTP

23. Simple Knitted Tote

Now if you are planning a vacation, this Simple Knitted Tote is best to carry while you are out sight-seeing. It features a resilient polyester lining which will ensure incidents such as a torn bag will be avoided.

Crochet Tote Bag
Simple Knitted Tote Bag [3 Variants] – Price: $75.95 – Get it via RTP

24. Modern Casual Tote

Going out on a fancy dinner date? Bring this Modern Casual Tote with you and you can be sure to captivate your date with your sense of style.

Designer Tote Bag
Modern Casual Tote Bag [2 Variants] – Price: $89.95 – Get it via RTP

25. Slouchy Knitted Tote

Coming in three variants, this Slouchy Knitted Tote is a superb bag to carry while you enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Whether you are intending to have dinner or seeing a movie, you will have no problem carrying this lightweight bag with you.

Knitting Tote Bag
Slouchy Knitted Tote Bag [3 Variants] – Price: $69.95 – Get it via RTP

26. Designer Woven Tote

Another option to the Modern Casual Tote is this Designer Woven bag. Clients will definitely be impressed with your trendsetting style when you show up carrying this bag on your shoulder.

Off White Tote Bag
Designer Woven Tote Bag [3 Variants] – Price: $69.95 – Get it via RTP

27. Paneled Tote Stripe

Alternately, this Paneled Tote will light up any outfit you are wearing. Either you feel like wearing jeans or a dress, you’ll be fabulous carrying this bag.

Pink Tote Bag
Paneled Tote Stripe Bag [3 Variants] – Price: $79.95 – Get it via RTP

28. Bali Straw Embellished Tote

If flowers are your thing, you’ll love this Bali Straw Embellished Tote!

Straw Tote Bag
Bali Straw Embellished Tote Bag [7 Variants] – Price: $59.95 – Get it via RTP

29. Elegant Luxury Tote

Again, here is a good alternative to the Modern Tote.

Womens Tote Bag
Elegant Luxury Tote Bag [2 Variants] – Price: $89.95 – Get it via RTP

30. Casual Recycled-Straw Neutral Tote

In detail, this Casual Recycled-Straw Tote features a detailed special knit. You’ll be the envy of everyone around you once they see you owning this bag.

Yarn Tote Bag
Casual Recycled-Straw Neutral Tote Bag [4 Variants] – Price: $69.95 – Get it via RTP

31. Straw Tassel Tote

Similarly, a day at the seashore will be incomplete if you don’t have the Straw Tassel Tote with you! Toss your towel, book, sunblock, and camera in your bag then head on to the beach!

Yellow Tote Bag
Straw Tassel Tote Bag [3 Variants] – Price: $59.95 – Get it via RTP

Unique Leather Tote Bags

32. Black Leather Tote

Then again, if what you prefer is a durable tote with a timeless look, indeed what you are looking for are Leather totes. To illustrate, here is a classic Black Leather Tote perfect as a work bag since it can accommodate a laptop.

Black Leather Tote Bag
Black Leather Tote Bag – Price: $150.22 – Get it via Etsy

33. Casual Leather Tote

Otherwise, if you are in need of a solid casual tote for daily use, this Casual Leather Tote is an excellent addition to your bag collection.

Black Tote Bag
Casual Leather Tote Bag – Price: $51.88 – Get it via Etsy

34. Large Clear Tote

Typically, a lot of women encounter the problem of having to comb their bag searching for small items. As a solution to that dilemma, why not try this Large Clear Tote? Since it is transparent, you will readily see the item you need.

Clear Tote Bag
Large Clear Tote Bag – Price: $110 – Get it via Etsy

35. Women’s Leather Tote

In the same fashion, this Women’s Leather Tote is perfect for work and your after-hours activities.

Leather Tote Bag
Women’s Leather Tote Bag – Price: $95 – Get it via Etsy

36. Nylon Monogrammed Tote

Want a unique give away gift for your bridal shower?  Has this Nylon Tote monogrammed and your girls will have a sizable bag they can use after fun and crazy night at your party?

Nylon Tote Bag
Nylon Monogrammed Tote Bag – Price: $25.24 – Get it via Etsy

37. Orange Handmade Tote

Have you heard? Orange is the new black! This Orange Handmade Tote is compatible with anyone whether you are petite, plus size, tall, or short.

Orange Tote Bag
Orange Leather Tote Bag – Price: $75 – Get it via Etsy

38. Extra Large Leather Tote

Regardless, if you want a premium shopper bag then go with this Extra Large Leather Tote!

Oversized Tote Bag
Extra Large Leather Tote Bag – Price: $56 – Get it via Etsy

39. Small Cow Leather Tote

By all means, if you are the type of girl who doesn’t settle for anything plain then opt for the Cow Leather Tote. This handcrafted piece is a head turner. Carrying this bold tote on your shoulder or arm will truly place you anytime in the spotlight.

Small Tote Bag
Small Cow Leather Tote Bag – Price: $170 – Get it via Etsy

40. Gray Soft Leather Tote

With this Gray Leather Tote strapped on you, you’ll have your valuables close to you while also looking good.

Soft Leather Tote Bag
Gray Soft Leather Tote Bag – Price: $160.08 – Get it via Etsy

41. Suede Leather Tote

Lastly, the Suede Leather Tote is a bag you can use every day. It is just the right size for your daily essentials but not too sizable that you’ll have difficulty looking for your things.

Suede Tote Bag
Suede Leather Tote Bag – Price: $160.32 – Get it via Etsy

Short History of Tote Bags Meaning

Do you notice large and small companies producing customized tote to advertise their companies? This concept started in 1866 with newspaper owner, Jasper Meek. Finding a clever way to maintain his printing press working during the slow season, he proposed customizing brown burlap bags for local shoe store Cantwell Shoes. Customers of this shoe store then receive tote bags with “Cantwell Fine Shoes” printed on it.

With this move, people in town encounter kids carrying these reusable bags filled with books. Others, especially parents, are now curious where can they get ahold of this practical bag. As a result, this stellar marketing idea brought in more customers for the humble shoe store which in return not only benefitted Cantwell Shoes but also Jasper Meek. And of course, with this triumph, it launched the tote as a successful advertising tool.

What are Tote Bags?

The word “tote” that we fondly use now originates from the Swahili term “tuta” which translates to “to carry”.  As mentioned earlier, this bag played a crucial role in history and as of the moment evolved into a utilitarian bag that is available in a variety of patterns, sizes, materials, and shapes. You will chance upon tote bags built from canvass, straw, denim, and leather. Moreover, it can function as a work bag, school bag, shopping bag, beach bag, overnight bag, and a whole lot more. When you feel that a messenger bag or a mini backpack will not just cut it and you need a sizeable bag where you can readily toss your things, then the tote bag is the one for you.

Personalized Custom Tote Bag
Personalized Custom Tote Bag

Choosing the Perfect Tote Bag

By now you already have an idea which versatile tote you want to purchase, however, hold on first with swiping that card and take note of the following tips on choosing the perfect bag for you:

Reason for Use

Before selecting a bag, it is best to recognize first the why, when, and where you will use this particular accessory. If you are intending to use a tote for work and you will be filling your bag with files, books, and possibly a laptop then ensure you get a tote bag designed with compartments for quick organization.

Tote Bag Sizing

In choosing your tote, opt for the right size you only need. If you plan on traveling, then purchase one that is spacious enough to carry all your travel essentials. On the other hand, if you want a tote for your daily use, opt for a slender one that can still hold your daily valuables such as wallet, mobile phone, or even a tablet if you routinely carry one every day. Avoid buying a tote with a size too big for you or you’ll end up filling it with unnecessary items that you’ll bring just for the reason you have room for it.

Open or with a Zipper

Another aspect to consider is if you require an open tote or one with a zipper. In a word, it is alright to purchase an open tote if you are planning to use it for shopping. Other than this, it is best to choose one with closure to make sure to secure your valuables.

Tote Bags Material

The next factor to look into is the material of your bag. Of course, if your priority in selecting your bag is its sturdiness, refinement, and quality then hands down the leather tote is the one for you. In the meantime, if you are searching for something comfortable, lightweight, and with a touch of character then opt for one constructed in a fabric material. Besides this, see to it likewise that the tote you select is compatible with your personal style. In case your daily outfit consists of a blouse and jeans, then a tote with a vintage look is perfect for you.

Ultimately, while the factors we listed above are a guide for you in choosing your perfect tote bag, still in choosing you to need to examine what’s compatible with your individual style and assess what’s comfortable with you.

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