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We, Chantal and I(John), owners of Ring to Perfection blog and online store—now a successful jewelry and accessories empire all over the world, are proud to share the story and humble beginnings of our brand.

Our idea of creating blogs started when we were searching for the perfect engagement band, eventually, the finest jewelry and accessories she wanted to have for our most anticipated moment—our wedding day. However, we had a lot of problems during the planning stage. Trust me, there are a ton of things you need to know and prepare for when looking for the best wedding jewelry! Having the lack of background in it became a huge issue during our search but at the same time, what seemed a “misfortune” gave us the best thing ever—the Ring to Perfection blog came into life, and eventually, the quest for our best jewelry from many designers online took place.

Since we want to prevent other couples from going through the same hassles we had to endure before, we thought of sharing our experience through writing blogs and articles. To our delight, our blog received kind responses, thus making us really overwhelmed with the increasing number of advice, tips, and requests about the items. When we started getting these, we knew that we badly needed to expand and so we did.

Chantal and I reached out to my childhood best friend, Denver, a hairstylist, and  Lize (Denver’s co-worker at that time, now soon-to-be-wife), a makeup artist, to get professional pieces of advice on the types of jewelry that people are looking for on weddings and the struggles couples are experiencing during the wedding planning. Denver and Lize are experts when it comes to wedding issues!

With their line of work, they witness a number of wedding plans unfold every week—being exposed to the frustrations that come with the planning, and most importantly, they know the best solutions to the typical wedding issues. They have been working together in beautifying brides and groom on engagement parties and the wedding day, making them really the best pair of professionals anyone can go to. We basically speak out of our own experience with them because not too long ago, Denver and Lize did our hair and makeup on our own wedding day and have greatly helped us during the planning stage. We wrote more valuable and helpful wedding planning write-ups and have continuously grown together not only as a team but also as best friends.

After we expanded, more questions came for us to answer and more ideas for us to try out! Soon, a number of community members asked, “Where can I get a good quality but affordable jewelry?“ But there is one email that hit us hard, Ring to Perfection is THE place for jewelry inspiration, and you always find the most beautiful bracelets, necklaces, rings and accessories for us. Why don’t you sell your own?” This marked the beginning of another incredible journey—the RTP online store. We launched our own brand of affordable but high-quality jewelry for our subscribers.

Denver and Lize have helped us greatly to reach this milestone and they stayed as our constant advisor in running the Ring to Perfection blog and online store. With all the great information and advice from them in mind, Chantal and I have been constantly traveling the world to find the best jewelry around the world and personally negotiate the best prices for us to continuously provide the best items on our growing global jewelry and accessory collection.

Ring to Perfection Team

The time came when we needed to hire a professional model to wear our products. Luckily for us, Nick, Denver’s other best friend from high school (No I’m not jealous at all!), was more than willing to help us with our product photos. Denver introduced Nick to us and has since then become our brand ambassador. We have been helping each other grow our blog and have been constantly brainstorming for innovative ideas to continuously provide useful information to our readers and useful products to our customers.


John Hutchison Accessory Junkie
                          John Hutchinson

John Hutchinson – Accessory Junkie

Hey, John Hutchinson here! As you already know, my wife Chantal and I, have been running the RTP online store and blog and I could not be any happier with the accomplishment of our jewelry and accessory brand we have become now. Rest assured, I am going to continue sharing wonderful ideas and products with you. You’ll always be the first to know about my latest findings from my international jewelry and accessory hunting trips and you’ll always get news on the latest trends in the industry. My wife has been working on all the jewelry collection while I have been recently searching for the best bags and accessories for you. In the past year, I flew around the world to find the latest trends in bags, wallets, belts, sunglasses, scarves, and watches. I also relentlessly share my thorough discoveries on the latest trends and share all my personal reviews and personalized advice on the blog. Hit me up if you’re stuck and are looking for help!

Chantal Patterson Jewelry Enthusiast
                      Chantal Patterson

Chantal Patterson – Jewelry Expert

Hi, there! My name is Chantal Patterson and I LOVE accessories and jewelry (I also love John! Don’t get me wrong!). Since John and I have launched the Ring to Perfection blog, we have now written more than 100 inspirational blogs about jewelry and have successfully satisfied 103K customers on our jewelry shop. Currently, we have curated over 4,000 accessories and jewelry just for you. We are travelers and will be continuously traveling the world to find the latest products, negotiate the best prices, and find ONLY the best for our valued customers like you. Subscribe to our newsletter and I’ll personally message you when we have new releases and promos. If you are already subscribed to our newsletter, I’m the one who constantly sends you lots of freebies and promotions! As promised, we will give you the finest yet most inexpensive jewelry and help you win with everything we can so ping me anytime if you need any help with your jewelry!

Denver Wesgesteld Wedding Hairstylist
                          Denver Welgesteld

Denver Welgesteld – Hairstylist

Hey there, readers! I am Denver Welgested and a hairstylist. Since I was young, I have been into cutting hair. It all started when I practiced doing the haircut of my siblings, and then, at happily doing it at school. Now, after all the necessary formal education and preparations, I am more than honored to say that I’ve finally opened my own salon with my girlfriend (soon-to-be wife) Lize. The journey has been extremely great. We are still getting gigs but with our salon, we get more exposure to people who need help with improving their looks for different parties and events. Although a haircut makes a huge difference in the overall look, it is simply not enough. More often than not, my clients also need expert advice on finding the best styles, jewelry, and accessories. This is why I am fully dedicated to sharing my ideas on this blog for everyone to learn everything about hairstyling and so many more. I am definitely looking forward to helping you more of you!

Lize Gonzales Makeup Artist
                             Lize Gonzales

Lize Gonzales – Beauty & Makeup Artist

Hi! I’m Lize and I’m the beauty guru of the team. I’ve always loved painting people’s faces and seeing their genuine smile after I do my craft. I can still remember that I asked my parents for a huge set of makeup. It easily became a hobby, and it’s not a surprise that it is my job now. I also love that my passion brought me to meeting Denver. I met Denver when we both had a gig to beautify the same bride on her wedding day. He did her hairstyle and I did her makeup. It’s so surreal how time has passed. I’ve witnessed how we have grown into a strong couple that we are now with a strong beauty combo skill with our very own beauty salon. Our salon focuses on nails and make-up (for women and men), movie-set preparation, and events preparation. With my knowledge of style and makeup, I am able to help Chantal and John provide the best styling suggestions for jewelry. If you ever find yourself unsure on how to stylize, I am just a message away to help you succeed!

Nick Wilson RTP Brand Ambassador
                         Nick Wilson

Nick Wilson – Brand Ambassador

What’s up? Nick Wilson here! Yes, I am the brand ambassador but that doesn’t mean I am here to just promote the products. I have personally tried the products and I have honestly left my feedback for my top favorites.  I even wrote reviews on my own blog to share the experience of wearing RTP jewelry and accessories. If you have read my blog, you’ll know that I am just a regular guy who sucked in styling and who was lucky enough to have stylish and fashionable friends who greatly helped me with the much-needed transformation. Having been able to try the RTP products, the experience gave me a better point of view on what I want and do not want with my jewelry. I’m sharing more of these here!

Looking back when RTP was launched, we had one goal in our minds: find high-quality rings, bracelets, and accessories—without paying an arm and leg for them. Today, we are happy to have been living with our goals. We now source our jewelry from Taiwan, Tibet, Nepal, China, the Netherlands, Mongolia, Italy, Russia, and the U.S., and we make sure we constantly search for more. Each of our jewelry is uniquely designed and most of our items are handmade-to-order for you! Although the preparation times are somewhat lengthier, our method ensures you will always receive a uniquely-designed top-quality piece of jewelry straight from our designers and manufacturers at the best lowest price.

With the constant growth and dedication to delivering only what’s best for our customer, and with the never-ending desire to share and help our team has to offer, we have shipped over 118,000 orders, and together they’ve left over 7000 reviews with over 5000 five-star rating. Now, it is our pride to share that we continuously receive great feedback from our satisfied customers worldwide and our team has grown to over 12 full-time employees providing outstanding and product quality to help succeed this endeavor more than ever.

Our team members, including myself John and my wife, Chantal,  are also here to help if you have any questions, as some style advice, or just want to say hi. We’re looking forward to bringing you jewelry that will make you shine as bright as your smile. 🙂

John& Chantal
Owners of Ring to Perfection

Chantal and the RTP Team
Chantal and the RTP Team

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