Mens silicone wedding band

5 Men’s Silicone Wedding Band Ideas

Silicone wedding bands or rings are becoming quite popular. Since one has to wear their wedding ring every day, it is best to get one that feels comfortable. It is worth noting that silicone is a non-toxic material and is a better alternative than metal. Having a silicone ring also makes it more convenient for one to hit the gym, or work with machinery since their finger will be safe. There is a wide array of men’s silicone wedding bands you can choose from based on your budget, color, and design.

As aforementioned, silicone rings are pretty comfortable, but they are also non-conductive, easy to clean, affordable, and durable. This makes them a perfect choice for your everyday life since you will not have to worry about it getting beat up. Another crucial thing is that there is zero chance of you having ring avulsion when you have a silicone ring. Listed below are our top five men’s silicone wedding bands to buy this year!

1. Copper Bevel Edge Silicone Ring For Men

bcf copper

 How are your Knot Theory bevel comfort fit silicone ring different?

Price – $39.99
👉 Curved inner surface enhances airflow, giving you the most comfortable wear
👉 Ultra-fine silken surface from micro-blasted molds. Feels amazing on your skin.
👉 Sleek bevel design looks more like a metal ring.
👉 No finger muffin-top with our ergonomic comfort fit.
👉 No moisture trap, no grooves. Your skin stays fresh and dry.

2. Unisex Smooth Black Silicone Ring

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Black classic with enhancement! 

Price – $39.99
👉 Enhanced Air Circulation
👉 No Moisture-trap
👉 No Finger Muffin-top
👉 Knot Theory’s comfort fit rings features a true curved inner surface to promote air flow
👉 These silken smooth black rings are perfect for both him and her

3. Thin Blue Line Silicone Unisex Ring


Wear Black and blue with style! 

Price – $39.99
👉 Enhanced Air Circulation
👉 No Moisture-trap
👉 No Finger Muffin-top
👉 Knot Theory’s comfort fit rings features a true curved inner surface to promote air flow
👉 Featuring the non-bulky silhouette and a no-none-sense beveled edge

4. Pearl White Silicone Unisex Ring

Pearl White Silicone Unisex Ring

Can never go wrong with all white!

Price – $39.99
👉 The subtle yet elegant shine of the pearlescent white is perfect for both him and her
👉 No Moisture-trap
👉 No Finger Muffin-top
👉 Knot Theory’s comfort fit rings features a true curved inner surface to promote air flow
👉 The silken surface makes these rings glide onto your finger effortlessly

5. Antique Gold Bevel Edge Silicone Unisex Ring

gold silicone ring

This sleek gold ring will turn heads everywhere you go!

Price – $39.99
👉 Curved inner surface enhances airflow, giving you the most comfortable wear
👉 Ultra-fine silken surface from micro-blasted molds. Feels amazing on your skin.
👉 Sleek bevel design looks more like a metal ring.
👉 Non-bulky and lightweight for enhanced safety and 24/7 comfort.
👉 No moisture trap, no grooves. Your skin stays fresh and dry.

The Best Places To Buy Silicone Wedding Rings

ring to perfectino logo

Ring to Perfection

Ring to perfection makes exquisite silicone rings. They have bevel edge silicone rings for men, which have a curved inner surface that improves the airflow and gives you the most comfortable wear. The ring has an ultra-fine silken texture made from micro-blasted molds that feels amazing on your skin. Its sleek bevel design makes it look identical to a metal ring, but it is timeless and a no-fade.

You can say goodbye to finger muffin tops when you purchase the bevel edge ring because it has an ergonomic comfort fit. It is lightweight and non-bulky, which enhances its safety, and you can comfortably have it 24/7. It is also free of moisture traps and grooves, so your skin stays dry and fresh.
You can purchase it on the ring to perfection site. They are available in various sizes. The rings go for $39.99 and are available in a range of colors such as copper, midnight blue, pearl white, lagoon teal, dark brown, dark bronze, and indigo dark purple bevel edge silicone ring for men. The site has a sixty-day money-back guarantee policy, 24/7 customer support, SSL secure, and easy returns, and the best part is that they offer free worldwide shipping over $30.

Groove Life Ring

groovelife logo

If you love patterns, then the groove life ring is the best option for you. Their patterns are pretty eye-catching. There is a wide range of rings you can choose from, like Kryptek camo, Mossy Oak, and cactus blooms designs. The brand also has copper rings that realistically mimic the natural metal.

The groove ring is quite comfortable, and the inside part has an engraved groove sign, which increases the airflow and lets the moisture out. According to a couple of reviews, it is rated as one of the most comfortable silicone rings. As aforementioned, they have so many designs you can choose from, and if you do not like patterns, they also have an array of plain rings that you can choose from.

Perhaps, what sets them apart from other companies is the fact that they have a lifetime warranty. On their website, they state, “If your groove life product stretches, breaks, gets lost or eaten by a fish (sorry, excludes belts…I mean, how do you even lose a belt??), our professional customer service individuals will send you a replacement. No BS!”

True to their word, even if you notice the slightest wear or tear on your groove life ring and you have had it for years, they will honor their warranty and send you a new one. You can also find their products on Amazon.


qalo rings

QALO rings are generally the best silicone rings that you can get. They are one of the most versatile and durable silicone rings to exist and are relatively affordable, with a price ranging between $12-40. You can wear your QALO ring anywhere and do all sorts of activities with it on, and still, the silicone will not break or stretch. There is a wide array of style and color options that you can select from, so you do not have to worry about not finding something you like.

On their website, they offer a “One Time, anytime, for any reason warranty on every ring.” They also have unisex rings, but some can be uncomfortable and too thick for women. However, they have a Metallic Strat line that has a natural look, is quite durable, and is comfortably thin.

If you love patterns and colors, they have plenty that you can choose from. For instance, they have reversible rings, tie-dye patterns, and etched designs, so no matter what style you are into, they have you covered. They can also customize specific rings for you with personalized engraved text. This is an excellent idea, especially for wedding bands.

Enso rings

enso rings

What sets Enso rings apart from other silicone rings is their design, and their rings are available in different options of realistic precious metal. They are similar to metal rings since their shape imitates that of a regular ring, and they have a realistic metallic finish. Most people are often surprised when they find out that it is silicone and not metal. In terms of durability, they are not the most excellent choice. Their price ranges from $12-40, and they are very comfortable and breathe well.

The biggest problem with their rings is that they do not last for an extended period because they stretch. If you have it daily for a couple of months, it will stretch out, so it will not fit you anymore. The stretching makes it easy for you to lose them, especially when you are partaking in an activity such as swimming. If your hands are big, there is a chance that the ring may tear when you put it on.

In terms of warranty, their website states that their warranty “covers rips, breaks, tears, and discoloration. Your first warranty is completely on us. Each additional replacement will just have a fee for shipping and handling”.


ROQ silicone rings

If you are on a budget, then ROQ silicone rings are the best option for you. Their price ranges from $9-12, and their rings are pretty durable. Your ROQ ring will fit as perfectly as it did when you bought it when you wear it every day for several months and carry out daily activities like frequently washing your hand, cooking, and showering. You can even lift weights and partake in other hands-on outdoor activities, and your ring will still stay intact.

They are available in various colors and styles, such as multiple stackable options and shimmery finishes. The best part is you can purchase a four-pack for $13, which means you do not have to worry about losing your silicone ring or having it tear or stretch.

They have a lifetime guarantee and state on their website “no questions asked return/exchange policy.”


CopperMetallic 6mm Color vertical

SafeRingz is available in three widths, 3mm stackable, 6mm original, and the 9mm Titan. They are made in the US and are sold for $25. They all have a shimmer that mimics the standard ring, and they are available in eleven colors, gold, purple, white, blue, silver, antique, pink, copper, platinum, black, and gunmetal. They offer you the option of engraving your ring depending on what you would like.

They are quite comfortable and durable. But, they do not really have any outstanding features in versatility, price, durability, or similarity to metallic rings. They also do not have many options to select from in terms of design.

Every SafeRingz has “YESJ’ inscribed on its inside. Their website explains that the phrase is “a representation of our team saying YES Jesus.”

BULZi Rings

GraniteThinHammered soft 530x@2x

BULZi creates wedding bands intending to have the most comfortable rings on the market. Their rings feature massaging CushDome bevels that are quite comfortable when worn, and they are also lightweight. They are available in different colors. They offer sufficient airflow, no irritation, and less friction.

They are quite durable, and you can wear them and perform your everyday task without worrying that they will stretch out. They have a limited lifetime warranty on their website stating “a none time replacement for the exact ring previously purchased. All rings broken and torn will be replaced at no charges during the warranty period. However, any ring either lost, stolen, or deemed purposefully destructed will not be replaced.”

The rings go for about $13.95.

There are various other silicone wedding bands that you can select from depending on your budget and design you would like. When choosing a wedding silicone ring, you may want to consider the comfort and how it fits, stretchiness, thickness, durability, and the available style options. Make sure that you also shop from a reputable brand. Mainly prioritize durability to ensure you get value for your money. At Ringtoperfection we have a wide range of men’s silicone wedding bands. Our products are of high quality and vary in size and design. There is