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21 Beautiful and Unique Men’s Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes are not just made for women. There are also jewelry box variations that are available for men’s use. There may be a changing taste in men’s jewelry but they would always need a good jewelry box. Men also have precious jewelry to protect like watches, cufflinks, rings, lockets, pocket watches, gold chains, and more. Indeed, jewelry for men is back in vogue. Whichever type of jewelry you possess, they deserve always be protected and preserved.

A man like you can always give these pricey and priceless pieces with a good jewelry box. Keeping them in a safe place can keep them away from dust and damage. This only means that your jewelry’s luster and brilliance will always be at its best. Since jewelry boxes separate each important jewelry piece from each other, it prevents them from getting any unwanted scratches, dents, and damage. It is also always great to look at well-organized and well-sorted items.

A men’s jewelry box is not just crafted to keep jewelry safe. They are also a perfect room decoration. They can feature a masculine statement in any man’s room. Whether you are looking for a box that can protect your collection of watches or an organizer that can arrange your jewelry, we can definitely help you find the best men’s jewelry box. There are a few things you must learn to consider before getting a new men’s jewelry box. We will give you some useful advice so you can get the most appropriate jewelry box for you.

Best Men’s Jewelry Boxes

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Mele Mens Valet – Get it via Amazon
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Mens Leather Jewelry Box
Mens Leather Watch Box – Price: $44.24 – Get it via Etsy
Men Wooded Jewelry Box
12 Section Luxury Carbon Fiber Design Display Case – Get it via Amazon
Personalized Mens Jewelry Box
Personalized Custom Wood Jewelry Keepsake Box with Inset Hand Stamped Gold Disc – Price: $32 – Get it via Etsy
Watch Jewelry Box For Men
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Wood Mens Jewelry Box
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Pottery Barn Mens Jewelry Box
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Vintage Mens Jewelry Box
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Mens Jewelry Valet Box
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Mens Valet Jewelry Box

Men’s jewelry box is more popularly known as men’s valet box. Valet boxes, as we shared on our previous Antique Jewelry Box Post, is a jewelry box that is specifically designed for men. You can basically store anything in a valet box. From wedding bands to cuff links, to tie tacks, to your smartphone; you name it! Most valet boxes have enough space for you to keep your rings, money clips, keys, and even loose change. Men’s jewelry boxes come in masculine designs that feature leather or wood. They often feature dark hues like black, mahogany, and walnut colors. Although men’s jewelry boxes are specifically designed to hold men’s accessories and jewelry, it can still be used by women. For example, the tie tack compartment on valet boxes can be used by women to store earrings and watch compartments can be used to keep women’s bracelets and charms.

Men’s Jewelry Box Buying Guide

Men’s jewelry box is available in different styles, materials, sizes, and purposes. Since you have a plethora of options to choose from, it is important for you to know more about them. When it comes to materials used in making men’s jewelry boxes, you will find tons of options made from various materials like wood, leather, metal, and even fabric. Let’s learn more about the things you need to consider before getting a jewelry box. The best thing to keep in mind is to know which types of jewelry are you going to store in the box and have a set budget for it. Do not just get a jewelry box for its aesthetic appeal. You also need to think about other factors that concern your jewelry.

Decide If You Need a Lockable Box

Men Jewelry Box Case
Lockable Watch Case – Get it via Amazon

Jewelry boxes offer safety in all forms. If you are only going to keep trinkets or items of lesser value, you can get a jewelry box without a lock. You also have the option to get a lockable jewelry box if you want to ensure your jewelry does not get played by children in your house. There are many jewelry boxes that feature child-proof locks in the market. This would also help you avoid jewelry loss. If you truly want to secure your jewelry box to protect it from thieves, it is better for you to place it in a temperature-controlled safe, a locked room, or a safe deposit bank. As you know, thieves can quickly brush off your jewelry box and get away.

Consider the Design of the Box

Aside from safety, a jewelry box is also a good addition to the design of your room. It brings that antique and classic look that you would surely love. Before getting a jewelry box, it helps if you know exactly where you will place it. When you have a concrete idea as to where you plan to place it, it would be easier to pick a design that would complement your chosen location. If your room features modern designs, sleek black leather jewelry would be perfect. If you have a lot of wood going on in your room, then a wooden box would be perfect.

Consider Your Jewelry Collection

Since jewelry boxes come in different sizes and shapes, it is important that you have an idea of how much stuff you would like to put inside the box. You must have an idea of how many pieces of jewelry do you possess. In order to be more familiar, you can start by doing a quick inventory of your things.

Mens Valet Box
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If you find to have a lot of watches, you may want to get a separate watch box so all of them are in one place. What is great about watch boxes is that they often have a glass top which means that you can always have a quick preview of your watches, unlike other jewelry boxes that are typically all covered up. If you find out that you have a huge amount of rings to store, then you should specifically look for a jewelry box that has a compartment for your rings.

Not all men’s jewelry boxes have a ring compartment so you better be picky when you buy the box. If you find more bracelets and charms on your jewelry collection, then the best jewelry box for you are the ones that feature drawers. Now, if love necklaces and chains, the best type of jewelry box for you are jewelry armoires. Armoires offer bigger spaces and they would typically offer the space needed for your necklaces to hang. Remember, you are getting a jewelry box to protect your jewelry and that means that these boxes should never be the cause of entangling your precious items.

Men’s Jewelry Box Designs

Men’s jewelry boxes come in simple and sleek designs. Check out the usual designs and choose which one suits your personality.

Lift Top Jewelry Boxes

This is the simplest and most common design for a man’s jewelry box. These boxes may come in different sizes and shapes but they all feature a lift top opening. Lift top Jewelry boxes can easily be opened and accessed because of its hinged top opening. This type of jewelry box is more common in smaller versions. They can often contain a small number of jewelry like necklaces, cufflinks, trinkets, and rings. If you only have a few pieces of jewelry to keep, this type of men’s jewelry box would be perfect for you.

Although this type of box is more dominant in small sizes, there are still larger versions for this box. The bigger version of hinge top boxes may feature divisions inside for easier jewelry sorting. If you want to be able to easily see your jewelry in one flip then the large lift top jewelry box is best for you. There will be no need for you to check each and every drawer to find what you are looking for. Everything will be accessible, sorted, and arranged.

Multi-drawer Lift Top Jewellery Boxes

Mens Jewelry Box Wood
Large Rosewood Jewelry Box for Men – Price: $89.95 – Get it via Etsy

Another beautiful variant for men’s jewelry box is styled with the combination of lift top and multiple drawers. This type of jewelry box can contain a larger collection of accessories and jewelry. If you keep on adding more jewelry to your collection, then this box can definitely keep up with your needs. Typically, this type of jewelry features a hinged top opening on its topmost division while underneath it is the multiple divisions of a drawer. If you are planning to keep expensive sets of jewelry on drawers, you have to ensure that the drawers of trays of the jewelry box are lined, padded, and spacious. This will offer more protection to your jewelry and will keep them away from any damage. Your precious jewelry deserves to be inside drawers with protective lining and compartments with pads.

Jewelry Armoires

Jewelry armoires can be best for both small and large collections of jewelry. An armoire can be small enough to sit on your table and be large enough to stand by itself. Armoires look similar to your wardrobe except, they are smaller. Typically, they feature two doors that can be opened wide like a normal wardrobe. Inside this wardrobe like doors, you may see some hooks that are perfect for your gold chains and necklaces. Like the multi-drawer lift top jewelry box, the armoires also feature a number of drawers or pull out trays under it. Armoires my also feature mirrors, compartments, and ring slots.

Individual Jewelry Storage

There are certain kinds of jewelry in our lives that deserve to have their own place. These jewelry are too precious and important in our lives that they cannot be combined or mixed with the other pieces that we have. We are talking about the jewelry you might have inherited from your parents, grandparents, and ancestors.

Jewelry Storage Ideas
Men’s Elegant Jewelry & Watch Box – Price: $41.11 – Get it via Etsy

Any heirloom that has been passed in your family from generation to generations, whether it’s a ring or a watch, deserves to have their own compartment. In situations like this, an individual jewelry box would be perfect for you. It is important to preserve the heirloom quality of your jewelry so they should be placed in an individual compartment. The sentimental value of this jewelry cannot be compromised.

Most individual jewelry boxes are made of leather or wood. They are typically lined with padded silk or satin. This design allows your jewelry to preserve its look and keeps them away from scratches and cracks. There are also some individual jewelry boxes that feature organza and velvet pouches for added protection.

Unanswered Questions about Men’s Jewelry Boxes

Women are not the only ones who utilize jewelry boxes! Here is what the web has asked about these jewelry cases for men.

Are jewelry boxes only for women?

Jewelry boxes are not only for women! Men can utilize jewelry boxes, as well. Although it can be argued that women adorn jewelry more often than men, men do need space to store their jewelry, as well. If you are looking for a place to store men’s jewelry, this is the perfect solution.

Where can one find men’s jewelry boxes?

Men’s jewelry boxes can be found wherever men’s jewelry is sold. These boxes can also be found online from popular retailers, such as No matter whether you choose to go with an online or in-person retailer, you can find a jewelry box that you love.

Are men’s jewelry boxes different from women’s?

Men’s jewelry boxes are different from women’s in the space dedicated to the different types of jewelry. It is not uncommon to find men’s jewelry boxes customized to include more space for watches, cufflinks, and gold chains, because that these jewelry options are most often associated with men.

Getting a New Jewelry Box

Getting your jewelry box should be easier when you know the things to consider. You should always take into consideration the size of your jewelry collection, the design of the box, the materials used in it, and the level of security you need. You should also have a set budget for the jewelry box. Knowing your options is also a good start in buying a box. You can find a lot of different variations but the most common men’s jewelry box you may find are lift-top boxes, multi-drawer lift top boxes, armoires, and individual jewelry boxes. In the end, the best and most ideal men’s jewelry box should be fashionable, functional, and fits your personality perfectly. Whether you have a small or large collection of jewelry to store, our top pick of men’s jewelry box should cater to your needs. Get your jewelry protected, secured, and loved with these awesome options!

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