53 Mens Earrings Styles, Trends, and Inspiration for 2021

Men’s earrings have been a part of many of civilization’s history. However, men’s earrings were not as popular as what they have become now. Thanks to the changing taste in men’s jewelry, earrings are now more acceptable for men.

Different cultures around the world wear earrings to signify a man’s view and personality. Since men’s earrings were not as popular before, there were very few options when it comes to its design and style.

Mens Earrings Trends & Styles

Today, with its continuous popularity, more and more variations and styles for men’s earrings are coming out from the minds of creative jewelry makers. It can be hard for a man to shop for jewelry so here is a simple inspirational guide on how to get the best men’s earrings for you.

Cuff Earrings

Armani Mens Earrings
Frosted Gun Metal Black Cuff Earrings – Price: $19.95 – Get it via RTP
Cool Mens Earrings
Frosted Stripes Gun Metal Black Cuff Earrings – Price: $19.95 – Get it via RTP
Mens Earrings Macys
Gold Ear Cuff – Price: $15.95 – Get it via Etsy
Mens Earrings
Spiked Cuff Cool Earrings – Price: $19.95 – Get it via RTP
Mens Earrings Hoop
Red And Black Stainless Steel Cuff Earrings – Price: $24.95 – Get it via RTP
Mens Earrings Kohls
Gold Cuff Earrings With Enamel Inlay – Price: $19.95 – Get it via RTP

Stud Earrings

Black Mens Earrings
Natural Stone Round Stud Earrings – Price: $19.95 – Get it via RTP
Diamond Mens Earrings
Round Wood Stud Earrings – Price: $19.95 – Get it via RTP
Mens Earrings Black
Matte Black And Gold Stainless Steel Stud Earrings – Price: $24.95 – Get it via RTP
Good Quality Mens Earrings
Opalite Teardrop Plugs – Price: $16.99 – Get it via Etsy
Mens Earrings Dangle
Black Rim Stainless Steel Stud Earrings – Price: $24.95 – Get it via RTP
Mens Earrings Etsy
Black Hexagon Double Sided Stud Earrings – Price: $24.95 – Get it via RTP
Mens Black Earrings
Mahogany Stud Earrings – Price: $16 – Get it via Etsy
Mens Earrings Black
Black White Cross Earrings For Men – Price: $14.91 – Get it via Etsy
Mens Earrings Gold Stud
Tiny Ceramic Earrings – Price: $34.41 – Get it via Etsy
Mens Earrings Images
Full Moon Earrings For Men – Price: $9.18 – Get it via Etsy
Mens Earrings Online
Minimalist Stud Earrings – Price: $12 – Get it via Etsy
Mens Earrings Studs
White Stud Earrings – Price: $9 – Get it via Etsy
Mens Metal Earrings
Hammered Sterling Silver Disc Studs – Price: $19.98 – Get it via Etsy
Online Mens Earrings
Filigree Earrings for Men – Price: $20 – Get it via Etsy
Popular Mens Earrings
Green Stud Earrings – Price: $15 – Get it via Etsy
Silver Mens Earrings
Handmade Men’s Earrings – Price: $21.32 – Get it via Etsy
Sterling Silver Mens Earrings
Tiny Sterling Silver Disc Studs – Price: $18 – Get it via Etsy
Stylish Mens Earrings
Black Matte Earrings for Men – Price: $10 – Get it via Etsy
Unique Mens Earrings
Single Feather Earring for Men – Price: $24 – Get it via Etsy
Unusual Mens Earrings
Blue Crescent Stud Earrings For Men – Price: $8.99 – Get it via Etsy
Vintage Mens Earrings
Sterling Silver Square Studs – Price: $24 – Get it via Etsy
Where To Buy Mens Earrings
Spike Stud for Men – Price: $12 – Get it via Etsy
Black Mens Earrings
Black Barbell Earrings – Price: $11.9 – Get it via Etsy
Buy Mens Earrings
Hypoallergenic Black Matte Earrings – Price: $9 – Get it via Etsy
Cheap Mens Earrings
Matte Black Earrings – Price: $10 – Get it via Etsy
Black Cute Mens Earrings
Black Glossy Stud Earrings – Price: $14.91 – Get it via Etsy
Cool Mens Earrings
Black Screw Stud Earrings – Price: $11.9 – Get it via Etsy
Etsy Mens Earrings
Bocote Stud Earrings – Price: $10.00+ – Get it via Etsy
Mens Earrings For Sale
Wood Stud Earrings – Price: $16.00 – Get it via Etsy
Quirky Mens Earrings
Navy Blue Stud Earrings – Price: $18.91 – Get it via Etsy
Urban Mens Earrings
Wooden Post Earrings – Price: $12.00 – Get it via Etsy
Funky Mens Earrings
Black Onyx Earrings For Men – Price: $16.53+ – Get it via Etsy
Mens Earrings Meaning
3 Pairs of Wood Earrings – Price: $28.50+ – Get it via Etsy
Mens Earrings Cute Stud
Bolt Stud Earrings – Price: $7.99 – Get it via Etsy

Hoop Earrings

Hoop Mens Earrings
Silver Hoop Earrings For Men – Price: $5.5 – Get it via Etsy
Gold Mens Earrings
Gold Chunky Hoops – Price: $980 – Get it via Etsy
Mens Hoop Earrings
Unisex Hoop Earrings – Price: $23 – Get it via Etsy
Nice Mens Earrings
Solid Gold Click-in Gipsy Earrings – Price: $1050 – Get it via Etsy
Yellow Gold Mens Earrings
Single 18k Gold Ouroboros Earring – Price: $115 – Get it via Etsy
Best Mens Earrings
Chunky Gold Half Hoop Earrings – Price: $940 – Get it via Etsy
Argos Mens Earrings
16mm Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings – Price: $65 – Get it via Etsy
Fashionable Men Earring
Small Dark Silver Hoop Earrings – Price: $19 – Get it via Etsy
Quality Mens Earrings
Single Anchor Earring for Men – Price: $24 – Get it via Etsy

Types and Styles of Men’s Earrings

Stud Mens Earring

One of the most popular earring types for men is the stud earrings. When stud earrings are worn, they appear to be free-floating on the ear. Stud earrings follow a simple and subtle design. Jewelry makers craft stud earrings by combining a thin rod and an adornment.

Ceramic Mens Stud Earrings

The thin rod is typically thin enough to fit the earlobe hole or any piercing. On the other hand, the adornment is what you see at the front of the visible part of the ear. The adornment can vary and can be made of different materials. The most usual materials used as adornments on stud earrings are metal, stainless steel, and gemstones. Metals can be a simple round flat shape barbell. It can be spherical. It can also be any other shape. Studs can be locked on the rod with a screw end or a normal earring lock.

Hoop Mens Earrings

Hoops are also a popular option for most men. As the name suggests, hoops follow a circular or semi-circular shape. Hoops are typically hollow. It also features a thin wire that serves as a lock on the ear. Some hoops can be locked by a clicker mechanism.

Hoop Spiked Mens Earrings
SPIKED CUFF EARRINGS – Price: $19.95 – Get it via RTP

Clickers are easy to wear and remove. Other hop earrings would require you to insert the thin wire into the hollow body of the hoop to ensure it will be locked on the ears. It may be harder to wear this variation.

You might need assistance from someone to ensure it is perfectly locked and secured to your ear. If you want to use hoop earrings for piercings other than the earlobes, we suggest you use clickers.

Barbell Mens Earrings

Barbells, as the name suggests, look exactly like barbells. The only difference is that they are tiny and they can fit your piercing hole. There are three main types of barbell men’s earrings: straight barbell, curved barbell, and horseshoe.

Piercing addicts use straight barbells on body piercings and earlobe piercings. They come in different sizes and lengths. A straight barbell earring with a smaller gauge is more advisable to use on cartilage piercings. For tragus piercings, longer straight barbells are used. When worn, the earrings are typically locked using a screw end.

Red Dumbell Mens Earrings

Curved barbells are also beautiful. They feature a slight curve and two adornments on both ends. Since it imitates a barbell, the adornments are typically round and spherical in shape or round but beveled. This type of earring can be best for hip piercings and certain types of mouth piercings. 

Horseshoe earrings are curved like cuff bracelets. They almost follow a whole circle pattern but they have a small opening. Both ends of the earring feature an adornment. They are perfect for septum piercing and other cartilage piercings.

Novelty Men’s Earrings

Novelty earrings come in various styles. It is actually a broad term for earring designs that allow wearers to remove attachments or skins from the balls or studs to give the earrings a different look. The best attachment designs to get for men are skulls, guns, masculine shapes, and characters. Some even feature animal designs, edgy patterns, and unique handcuffs.

Plug Mens Earrings

Plugs also make an awesome and bold earring design for men. People also call it spacers. Some people see it gross while others love it. It is used on earlobes. Piercing enthusiasts do a great deal of work in stretching earlobes to be able to use plugs in it. Once plugs are applied, there will be a tunnel-like hole on the earlobe of its wearer.

Some see it as a literal flesh tunnel and others call it a bullet hole. The lobes stay in place because plugs feature flares on both sides of its cylinder-like structure. Men who dare to wear plugs increase the gauge from time to time to get the earlobes stretch more until they reach their desired size.

Magnetic Men’s Earrings

It sounds like the answer to some men’s prayers. Not all people accept the fact that men can wear earrings. We also know that not all men are willing to get pierced. Here is the best solution for you.  Cool magnetic earrings do not require you to get a hole poked on your body.

They typically look similar to normal stud earrings but they do not need a piercing hole to actually work; parts of magnets designed to look like earrings will do. The bad side though is that this earring can only be worn on the earlobes.

Clip-On Earrings

Clip-on earrings are also a good alternative for those who want to rock earrings but are not willing to commit. As the name says, they are earrings that feature a clipping mechanism or a hinged clip so it can simply bite onto the earlobe. Voila, you have an instant earring. Clip-on earrings often feature dangling designs.

Cross Men’s Earrings

You will notice a lot of men prefer wearing earrings with a cross design. Whether its a hoop earring, long style earrings, earrings on both ears or just one side, you will see it bearing the sign of the cross. Some wearers feel that it will show their devotion to God or the Christian religion.

Mens Earrings Materials

Below the most commonly used materials to create earrings explained.

Metal for Men’s Earrings

Men’s earrings come in different materials. For daily usage, we suggest you get earrings that are hypoallergenic. This will ensure that once you wear the earrings, it will only bring a comfortable feel and not pain and itch. An affordable option you must look into is surgical steel.

If you are willing to spend more for a quality earring, you can spend more on platinum and gold earrings. They are more expensive but definitely durable. If you love brilliant looking earrings, you can go for a more affordable metal option, which is silver. Nothing tops the luster that silver shows. Other affordable metals you can try are copper and tin.

Stones for Mens Earrings

Once you have decided on the metal to use for your earrings, you can pick on which type of adornment would you like it to feature. You can use gems, plastic, wood, metal, or any other decoration.

If you are on a budget but you want elegant looking stones on your earrings, you can opt for earrings that feature rhinestones, cubic zirconia, imitation diamonds, and gemstones. This way, you can get the color of your favorite without paying an arm and leg.

On the other hand, if you are willing to invest in men’s earrings, you can get real stones like diamond, ruby garnet, amethyst, and numerous more.

Music and Men’s Earring Styles

Most men traditionally use hoops and studs. Hoops and studs come in various designs and styles. With the many options available, different looks have been popularized and are continuously being popular through the use of music.

Stud Earrings

Different music genres style differently. For that reason, each genre has a different way or approach in wearing earrings. Below are the different genres you might relate to.

Cool Hip Hop Earrings

Hip-hop singers wear stud earrings that feature diamonds, cubic zirconia, crystals, and gold. If you love hip-hop, you should definitely look for earrings that feature these materials. They look cool and can definitely give an instant hype to any look.

Wearing these types of earrings can instantly bring a good status symbol for people who also love hip-hop. If you want to get the same look as the person you idolize, you must try getting earrings with this style!

Heavy Metal Earrings

Metal is another music genre. Singers from this genre also have different approaches and styles for wearing earrings. Most metal artists and fanatics love to wear earrings featuring stainless steel, titanium, and silver. Metal fans also wear barbells to style. A metal-inspired accessory is a unique style but if you love rocking and rolling, you definitely should try this style out!

Country Earrings

Country music is another lovely music genre. For country music singers and fans, single metal studs that feature gems are popular. It also follows a traditional simple design. Tone down with your style now and appreciate country music by wearing simple, subtle, but elegant earrings. You will not go wrong!

Men’s Earrings FAQ

A lot of readers mail in their questions about earrings for men, insecure in which ear and how to wear them or if they are still in style. To debunk these myths we’ll answer your most frequently asked questions here.

Can guys wear earrings?

In short, YES! Why would men not wear any earrings while women do? Wearing earrings for men dates back a long time ago and is still in style. You do see certain men wearing earrings, typically earrings can be seen worn by men who love music, like rock and metal, but also bikers, and confident men with tattoos, but this has also been changing dramatically over the past years were earrings for men are becoming more mainstream.

Why do guys wear earrings in their left ear?

Men actually have been wearing earrings longer than women did. Wearing the earring in their left ear stems from an old ancient Chinese belief that wearing an earring in the left ear prevents the person being at risk or in danger.

Do guys wear earrings in both ears?

YES! Of course, men should be able to wear what and how they want it, whether that is in one ear or both. If the person likes jewelry and wears earrings in both ears, it does not imply anything else other than a love for earrings, like both genders, have been doing for thousands of years.

Are earrings for men still in style?

Absolutely, earrings for men are only gaining more popularity towards 2020. Where gold and silver have been dominating 2019, the new year has a lot of awesome new styles coming. Wearing earrings becomes less controversial for men again (finally) and have become an integral part of men’s fashion.

Wearing Men’s Earrings

You can wear earrings anytime you like. However, there are certain instances that you must omit them from your attire. Even if your earnings are rocking awesome, you must be responsible in the times you wear it.

There are situations and events that do not require the need to wear them so don’t. A good example of this is when you are going to play sports or going to the go-to exercise.

Yeah, you might look hot for the girls who will cheer for you but earrings can cause injury. Your earrings can be caught on something. If you accidentally slip or fall, we simply do not know what may happen so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Additionally, you wouldn’t want to get dirt all over your jewelry. Plus, your sweat can cause tarnish, especially if your earrings are made of metal.

Celebrity Stud Earrings

Wearing men’s earrings is a good way to express personality, preferences, and style. If you are afraid to try it, remember that life is short to be afraid of doing something now. Getting a pair of studs is a good way to start. It is an amazing earring that can instantly help you express your views without being too bold about it. For some, a small men’s fashion jewelry item can already be a big and bold move.

Rest assured that once you get to try, wearing an earring it will start to gradually be more comfortable. Don’t be afraid to show your love to certain music genres. Be proud and rock the style you love!

Go ahead get one of these pairs of these cool men’s earrings. Just make sure that when you get one, take your style, employment, and level of comfort into consideration too! Oh, and we would love to hear which one is your favorite earring set so please let us know in the comments below!

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