how to untangle a necklace

How to Untangle A Necklace Without Going Crazy!

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1. Use Baby Oil

What you’ll need: Baby oil.

The first tip will have you applying baby oil to the necklace in order to untangle it. By applying baby oil to the chain, it will become slippery, making it easier for the knot to come undone. Apply the baby oil straight to the knot using a cotton swab. Once you have applied the baby oil, gently massage it into the knot and give the chain a gentle pull until you start to feel it loosen up. Once you have untangled the knot, rinse the baby oil off of the necklace using mild soap. 

women using baby powder to untangle necklace

2. It’s Time to Baby Your Necklace 

What you’ll need: Baby Powder, a paper towel, and a safety pin.

Take the knotted necklace and lay it out on a paper towel, you’ll be sprinkling baby powder all over it and the napkin will prevent the powder from getting all over the place. You’ll need to coat the entire necklace in order for this to work. The powder will act as a lubricant and loosen up those knots for you. Now, take the safety pin (or a needle), and start at the ends of the knot, gently pulling the knot apat as you work your way outwards. As you continue, you may need to sprinkle more baby powder in order to keep at it. 

pinning necklace

Once you’re done, you can wipe the powder off the necklace using the paper towel.

3. Pin it

What you’ll need: A needle, safety pin, or a thumbtack

If you don’t have any baby oil or baby powder and you need that necklace untangled right away, there’s still hope for you. As long as you have a needle, thumbtack, or a safety pin, you won’t need to stress over untangling the jewelry. Take the pin and insert it into the center of the knot and slowly wiggle the knot. You can use two pins or your fingers in order to slowly unravel the chains

With this method, you’re using something hard, so it is important that you’re gentle as you possibly can be when you’re untangling delicate necklaces.  All you want to do is unravel them, not break it


4. Windex is for More Than Just Windows

What you’ll need: Tupperware, Windex, paper towel, mild soap

The Windex will safely lubricate the chain. All you have to do is take some Windex and dab it on a cotton swab then apply it directly to the knot on the necklace. Place the necklace in the Tupperware container and put the Tupperware on something that vibrates (a washing machine would be a great option). Leave the Tupperware there for a couple of minutes, and the tangles should start to loosen. Take the necklace and rub the knot with your fingers, then gently pick the knot apart. 

Now it’s time to clean up. Take a Tupperware and fill it with mild soap and water. Dip the necklace in the water and gently massage it with your fingers. Pull it out and gently rinse it with warm water and dry it with a paper towel. 

5. Using a Screwdriver

What you need: A small screwdriver

You will want to do this on a surface that you don’t mind putting scratches on. Otherwise, put down a protective surface on your flat workplace to protect the table from getting scratched. Lay the necklace on top of this, take the screwdriver and insert it into the center of the knot.  Make sure the screwdriver is firmly pressed against the surface of the necklaces as you shake the screwdriver back and forth (gently) until the knot in the chain starts to loosen. Once the knot has started to loosen, use the screwdrivers and your fingers to start pulling it apart and separating the individual sections. 

Final Words

Tangled pieces of jewelry can look like a wild mess and this can cause a great deal of stress. However, you need to take a step back and look at the mess, understand that it’s going to be okay because these five secrets on “how to untangle a necklace” will save you from the stress. While you’re untangling, just make sure you’re patient. When you feel yourself starting to get frustrated, walk away, cool off and then come back and start the untangling process.