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21+ Vintage Garnet Rings for the Modern Women 2020

In case you’re shopping for garnet rings for yourself or a friend or family member, you should know that it is an incredible way of celebrating friendship. Also, it is the gemstone for commemorating second wedding anniversaries. Keep in mind that this is the birthstone for the month of January.

When purchasing garnet rings, be sure to acquire the precise stone and cut. Observe how it responds to light, both regular and artificial. Check also if it has an extraordinary, soaked shading. Be aware that garnets normally consists of a wide range of reds, yet can likewise be green, pink, uncolored or blue. The cost of this stone is probably higher for more uncommon hues like green or blue.

Garnets can likewise be valued based on its indistinguishable parameters just like diamonds or opals. For instance, it’s clearness and cut can greatly influence the magnificence and estimation of the stone. Take into account that a few garnets have integrations that are a part of its magnificence. Thus, you may find that you’ll like the interesting look of these incorporations when blended on the stone.

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Choose a cut that escalates light uniformly over the surface of the garnet. This will draw out the total beauty and shade of the garnet. Regardless of which color or cut you pick, take note that garnet is known for its sturdiness and lavishness of shading. So your venture won’t just have incredible sentimental esteem yet could be a piece that can stand through the trials of time.

History of Garnet

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When it comes to garnet rings, lots of people thought of red gemstones. Garnet is usually in red. The name “garnet” is actually taken from the Medieval Latin word, “granatum”, which means “dark red”. It is believed that this word could have been originated from “pomegranate”, because of the shade of the seed coats. In any case, the word could likewise have originated from another Medieval Latin word, “granum”, which means red dye. The utilization of red garnet goes back a thousand years ago when it was utilized by Egyptian pharaohs for embellishing and ritual ceremonies. The Romans of the old times likewise wore garnet rings and exchanged garnet gemstones. During the early years, garnet and other red gems were sliced in cabochon, known as “carbuncles”.

“Carbunculus” is a Latin word which refers to scorching of coal or ember. Perhaps this is utilized to describe garnet due to its brilliant shading. During the sixteenth century, large pieces of red garnet were found in Bohemia. And it became the center of concentration for the gems industry. Up to this time, Bohemian garnet from the Czech Republic is still mined. Despite the fact that garnet is normally in red, it likewise comes practically in every shading.

The latest discovery was a unique blue garnet. It was found in the late 1990s in Madagascar. Since then, it was also discovered in other places, for instance in Kenya, Tanzania, USA, Russia, and Turkey. Garnet is a gem classification that consists of more than twenty assortments. Among these assortments, there are six fundamental sorts that are utilized as gemstones. These are spessartite, grossularite, pyrope, almandite, andradite, and uvarovite.

How To Choose The Best Garnet Rings

Recognizing the quality and estimation of a garnet greatly relies upon its shading and sort, and additionally its lucidity, cut, and Carat weight. Due to the predominance of garnets on the gemstone industry, it’s not difficult to discover a relatively cheap yet superb stone for mother’s rings.

Garnet Color

Garnet Color

Generally, garnet comes in a variety of colors, for instance, peach, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, blue, and brown. Among all of these colors, blue is the rarest and red is the most common. Color-change assortments scarcely happen with garnet. Color-change happens when an alternate color shows up based on the type of light being used, whether it’s regular light or incandescent light. The scarcest color-change garnet is blue in sunlight and alters its color to purplish-red in artificial light. Other color-change garnets are brown, green, beige, or gray in sunlight, and alters to ruddy or purplish-pink in brilliant light. Garnet’s color is very critical in determining its quality.

Garnet Clarity

Garnet rings show a glassy gloss. A high refractive index can be seen in the demantoid garnet, which is a green assortment of andradite. It is also valued for its splendor and brilliance. Actually, the name, “demantoid”, originates from the German word “demant”, signifying “diamond”.

Garnets are typically clean stones, nevertheless, almandine garnets most often includes asbestos fiber. These incorporations create asterism, which is similar to a star. This is why it is mostly cherished because of its scarcity. Moreover, some orange garnet, for example, spessartite, hessonite and alexandrite have the tendency to display obvious integrations. Andradite garnet is well-known for its unique, horsetail-like integrations.

Garnet Cut

Garnet Cut
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Garnets rings are amazingly adaptable since this stone can be sliced in any shape. Red garnet has a tendency to be sliced into basic shapes. On the other hand, highly prized garnets that are not frequently in large sizes, for example, tsavorite and demantoid, are sliced into shapes that hold the most Ct. weight.

Excellent, well-cut garnets will have many symmetrical features. Assuming that garnet is appropriately cut, the shading will be uniformly disseminated. Furthermore, the inclusions will be limited. When obtaining a garnet with extremely saturated shading, ensure that the cut is more shallow than typical. Shallow slices enable more light to enter the stone. More profound cuts are advantageous to lighter-hued garnets.

Garnet Carats

Most garnet stones discovered in nature are below one Ct., making them easily accessible and cheap. Garnets which are more than three Ct. are quite uncommon, which is why they are more expensive. It is practically difficult to discover a garnet that has more than eight Ct.

Keep in mind that Ct. is associated with the weight and mass of the stone and not its size. Moreover, its cost is based on its total quality, not simply it’s cut. Since thickness differs in various gemstones, a few gem specialists will associate to a garnet by size. Also, size is most often stated in millimeters (mm).

How To Clean Garnet Rings

Garnet rings are extremely tough and strong. However, it’s hardness greatly relies on the kind of garnet that you have. For instance, demantoid garnets are gentler than almandine, spessartite, pyrope, and tsavorite garnets. Proper maintenance of your garnets also incorporates shielding them from hard blows, which could blemish them. Cleaning your garnets can be done easily by utilizing warm lathery water and a delicate cloth.

Cleaning Gemstone Garnet Ring

Make sure to rinse it thoroughly in order to eliminate sudsy deposit. Similarly, as with most gemstones, ultrasonic cleaners and steamers are not commended. Always remember to take off your adornments or gemstones before working out, cleaning or taking part in rigid physical activities. In storing your garnets, be sure to separate it from other gemstones so as to evade scratches. It is best to wrap them in delicate cloth or put them inside a texture-lined jewelry box.

Buying a Garnet Ring

If you need an economical yet brilliant gemstone then you should go for garnet rings. Contrary to other types of gemstones, this mineral is grouped into different subcategories. Each subcategory has its own distinct chemical compositions and consequently, a one of a kind shading. The most widely recognized garnet is dark red with bits of darker shades looking like seeds. Nevertheless, tsavorite garnets, which is in emerald green, are similarly lovely as well.

Yet, due to its scarcity, it is highly valued. Likewise with any gemstone, examine it’s cut, lucidity, shading, and Ct. in order to decide a garnet’s value. The bulkier the stone, the more shimmer it has, and the more light reflection it has the more significant the jewel will be. Purchasing lovely, flexible garnets online is simple and advantageous. Garnet has been a part of the Czech heritage, that is why it’s being displayed during their Prague Kolache Festival. Hopefully, this article helped you learn more about Garnet Rings! Do you know which Garnet Ring you are going to get?

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