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Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: Everything You Need To Know

There’s a lot to think about when considering an engagement ring vs. wedding ring. They include:

  • The way they look 
  • The way they feel 
  • The size of the rings 
  • The metals they’re made from 
  • The shape of the rings 
  • The design of the rings 
  • What gemstones, if any, are used in them

That means there’s a lot to process at once, and we know you won’t want to neglect any areas while making this important decision. But at the same time, we’re all busy and have a lot of things going on at once. 

So we decided to make a guide revealing everything that you need to know. It will cover a range of areas, like whether you need an engagement and wedding ring set, the differences between the two rings, how to wear them, when to choose wedding bands, and our favorite styles. 

Once you’ve read through all of the information about wedding vs engagement rings, you’ll know exactly how to move forward. Whether it’s understanding engagement ring and wedding band rules, or comparing engagement rings vs wedding rings, you’ll be able to do it using this guide.

wedding ring vs engagement ring

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: Do You Need Both?

At first, this might seem like a simple choice. The engagement ring is for engagements. The wedding ring is for weddings. Therefore you should have both. But it’s actually not that simple. There are good arguments on both sides, and we’ll explore them in this section.

Do I need a wedding ring and engagement ring?  

The plain answer to this is no. You don’t need to have both. The choice is yours. There are even a few persuasive reasons why you should stick with one ring.

If you only have one ring, then you won’t have to worry about losing it. If you’re only buying a single ring, then you can spend more money on that ring, instead of budgeting for two. You can also pick a bigger ring and not be concerned about space. Finally, having one ring might feel more comfortable than two. 
However, many people still choose to buy two rings because it’s traditional. They wear them in different ways, the prices vary, and sometimes even the designs can show major differences. We’ll look at the engagement rings vs wedding rings differences in the following

Just like how marriages and engagements are different, so are the rings that signify them. There are three main areas they differ in, covered under the following headings.

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Why is the engagement ring nicer than the wedding band?

In many cases, the engagement ring and wedding ring are bought sequentially. The couple will first choose their engagement ring, and first impressions count. The engagement ring needs to look impressive so that the couple is motivated to pick the matching wedding ring later on.

What goes first engagement or wedding ring?

Couples will get engaged before marriage, and the reason for this is that the Pope created a waiting period between engagement and marriage back in 1215. Since then, it became a tradition to have engagement before marriage. Getting engaged also has a certain amount of romance and courtship involved.

Engagement ring vs wedding ring price

Typically, the engagement ring and wedding ring will differ greatly in price. You might think the wedding ring is more costly, but this isn’t the case. Even if the wedding band has gemstones in, their total carat weight will be less than a similar engagement ring. That makes it cheaper.

how to wear wedding ring

How to Wear Your Engagement and Wedding Rings

Wearing your engagement and wedding rings is a simple matter, but not quite as easy as just putting them on and forgetting about it. There are some particular rules to follow. 

Engagement ring vs wedding ring finger 

The traditional arrangement is to wear both of the rings on your left hand. Specifically, you’ll wear the rings on your fourth finger. Most commonly, the wedding ring goes on first, because it will be closer to your heart.

However, if your rings have very different designs that don’t fit together well, then you can wear them on different hands. 

If you only have one ring, then it’s still best to wear it on the same finger as if you had both. That’s why it’s called the ring finger, after all! The reason it got nicknamed the ring finger is that it used to be believed that there was a vein in that finger running directly to the heart. 

The ring finger rule isn’t global, though. Countries like Russia, Norway, Spain, Germany, and India are right-handed when it comes to wedding rings.

When to Pick Out Wedding Bands

The best time to pick out wedding rings is around two months in advance. That may sound like a long time, but there’s a good reason for it. The plans for your wedding may change a lot before the big day, and that may mean you’ll want a different ring compared to what you had in mind. 

If you’d already committed to a ring and bought it, then you wouldn’t be able to change it. Or you’d need to pay out a lot of extra money which could take you over budget. This way, you’re aware of the kind of wedding band you want if things change. 

It’s also helpful if the actual wedding day has to be postponed or rearranged because you can ensure your rings are already being manufactured. That means you can hold the wedding without any delays relating to the rings.

If you don’t know what kind of wedding ring you want, then a good idea is to keep wearing your engagement ring for several months before the wedding. That way, you’ll know what it’s like to be wearing the type of ring you got for your engagement, and it can inform your preferences for the wedding ring. 

Our Favorite Styles

During our research, we found several engagement rings and wedding rings that we like the most, and we’ll cover them briefly here. 

Pink Slocum Stone Opal Engagement Ring

Pink Slocum Stone Opal Engagement Ring
Best Value


We really liked the pink tones on this women’s engagement ring, and felt like it was a great price at only $49.99. It also has great feedback from previous customers, and it’s handcrafted. It has a heart-shaped gemstone in the centre, and is decorated with a range of other gems.

Blue & Black Tungsten Carbide Grooved Ring

Blue & Black Tungsten Carbide Grooved Ring


This men’s wedding band stood out to us as it’s got great colors. It combines blue and black to make a very stylish and fashionable wedding band. It fits sizes 8-13, and is only 8mm wide, so it won’t weigh you down or take up too much space.

Crystal Dotted White Gold Rings

Crystal Dotted White Gold Rings


For a pair of engagement rings so you can have one each, we found this set of 2. Both rings are different, with one being larger than the other. They complement each other well, and if you don’t want white gold, you can pick other colors.

Crystal-covered Tungsten Carbide Ring

Crystal-covered Tungsten Carbide Ring


For a flashier choice of tungsten wedding band, we thought this was a great pick. It’s for men who want to have a ring with some gemstones on. You can buy one for only $49.99, and it comes in sizes 7-13.u don’t want white gold, you can pick other colors.