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24 Beautiful Dressing Gowns for Men and Women (2020)

Dressing gowns are loose outer garments which can be used by men or women. You can wear it over another a piece of clothing or with nothing. A dressing gown is open in front that you can close using a fabric belt. You can wear dressing gowns around the house like after taking a shower until you can decide what you want to wear. Aside from using it as a covering, it can also provide you extra warmth while you are at home or while preparing for your wedding.

Are you looking for the best dressing gown? During those cold nights, it’s always nice to wear a comfortable robe that can keep you warm. Your robe must be made of a high-quality material such as 100% organic cotton. It should also be well stitched to assure its durability. Get a stylish robe that can make you feel cozy and warm all throughout the cold season. Due to its numerous variations in length, color, and style, sometimes choosing the best one can be difficult.

Best Dressing Gowns for Men

1. Men’s Embossed Flannel Fleece Dressing Gown

Dressing Gowns
Men’s Fleece Robe by John Christian – Price: $34.99 – Get it via Amazon

This men’s robe is super soft since it is made of fleece. It has two pockets on the front and can be closed by a waist tie.

2. Nautica Men’s Sultan Stripe Woven Robe

Dressing Gowns Mens
Nautica Men’s Sultan Stripe Woven Robe – Get it via Amazon

It is made of 100% Cotton and can be machine washed. This robe has a shawl collar with pockets placed near the waist.

3. Dressing Gowns Men’s

Dressing Gowns With Fur
Del Rossa Men’s Satin Robe – Get it via Amazon

This satin robe is perfect for everyday use. It is made of 100% polyester. It is durable and long-lasting.

4. Men’s Waffle-Knit Kimono Spa Robe

Dressing Gowns Vintage
Men’s Waffle-Knit Kimono Spa Robe – Get it via Amazon

This waffle-knit robe is a combination of cotton and polyester. It has kimono sleeves with patch pockets in front.

5. Dressing Gowns For Sale

Dressing Gowns Uk
Natural Linen Dressing Gown – Price: $97.2 – Get it via Etsy

A knee-length dressing gown that is made of 100% natural linen. Best for summer since it is lightweight and soft.

6. Ross Michaels Men’s Kimono Robe

Dressing Gowns For Sale
Ross Michaels Men’s Kimono Robe – Get it via Amazon

With this robe, you can always walk with confidence knowing that you are totally covered. It is lightweight and comfortable.

7. Turkish Cotton Terry Robe

Dressing Gowns Crossword
Turkish Cotton Terry Robe – Get it via Amazon

A Turkish men’s robe that is made of cotton. It has a shawl collar with two pockets on the waist.

8. TowelSelections Men’s Robe

Dressing Gowns Primark
TowelSelections Men’s Robe – Get it via Amazon

This is a unisex terry cloth Kimono Robe. It is soft, absorbent and very cozy to wear.

9. Wanted Men’s Micro Fleece Bathrobe

Dressing Gowns And Housecoats
Wanted Men’s Micro Fleece Bathrobe – Get it via Amazon

A super-soft robe that defines luxury. It has two large pockets on the waist.

10. Men’s Dressing Gowns

Dressing Gowns Matalan
Penguin Men’s Flannel And Fleece Robe – Price: $36.05 – $85.00 – Get it via Amazon

It is made of 100% cotton. You can wear it while you’re in the spa or pool.

11. Robes King Men’s Woven Robe

Mens Dressing Gowns
Robes King Men’s Woven Robe – Get it via Amazon

This shawl-collared robe is made of light fabric yet it is very strong. It has a wide cut to let you move freely and comfortably.

12. Blue Dressing Gown for Men

Blue Dressing Gown for Men
Gray-blue Linen Dressing Gown – Price: $97.2 – Get it via Etsy

Made of 100% linen, this male robe has a belt and pockets.

Choosing the Best Dressing Gown For Women

Women usually prefer comfortable dressing gowns that also look fashionable. Women’s robes provide warmth and comfort to the wearer. It is usually used as a substitute for towels. However, it can also be worn before going to bed and in the morning while doing your chores at home. In choosing the right dressing gown for women, there are important things that you need to consider.

Selecting the right material is very significant. These materials usually differ in absorbency, weight, and texture. Women’s robes are usually made of cotton, satin, silk, microfiber, and others. Dressing gowns for women which are made of 100% cotton can absorb water effectively. These are the types of robes that are being used in spas and hotels. On the other hand, women’s robes which are made of silk and satin are very soft to touch. They are also extremely lightweight, allowing you to move easily and freely. Lastly, Microfiber can be used for the exterior part of the robe. While the interior part can be made of cotton terry. It is a good water absorbent and it gives you a soft feel.

Know Your Needs

It is important to purchase a dressing gown that matches your needs. For instance, the preference for older women is not the same as younger women. Taller women may find it hard to look for a robe that can fit them. Dressing gowns can be a great gift for friends and relatives. You can choose a robe that matches their lifestyle and personality. Some robes can also be worn for casual events.

Dressing robes that are made of soft fabrics can be worn while applying makeup and getting ready to go out. Sheer robes are usually made of nylon and rayon. Sometimes it comes with lace accents and feathers. These types of dressing gowns provide a sensual appeal for the wearer.

Best Women’s Dressing Gowns

13. Ladies Dressing Gowns

Ladies Dressing Gown
“VENICE” Luxurious Kimono Style Dressing Gown – Price: $29.95 – Get it via Etsy

A classic kimono dressing gown that looks luxurious. It gives you a soft, silky look.

14. Bridesmaid Dressing Gowns

Bridesmaid Dressing Gowns
Del Rossa Women’s Mid-Length Satin Robe – Get it via Amazon

This is a lightweight dressing gown made of premium satin. You can wear it while doing your hair and makeup.

15. Veami Women’s Kimono Robe

Children Dressing Gowns
Silky Satin Floral Dressing Gown – Price: $15.9 – Get it via Etsy

This dressing gown is made of satin fabric to give you a silky feel. It has a lovely floral design.

16. Bridal Dressing Gowns

Bridal Dressing Gowns
Hotouch Women’s Cotton Robe – Get it via Amazon

This lightweight women’s robe is a combination of cotton and spandex. It comes with side pockets and 3/4 sleeves.

17. Luxury Dressing Gowns

Luxury Dressing Gowns
Up2date Fashion Women’s Satin Robes – Get it via Amazon

A classic satin women’s dressing gown that features one side pocket and a detachable belt.

18. Short Dressing Gowns

Long Dressing Gowns
ExpressBuyNow Wedding Short Kimono Robe – Get it via Amazon

This is one of the best dressing gowns for a wedding. The back contains the words Bride, Bridesmaid, and Maid of Honor.

19. Long Dressing Gowns

Cheap Dressing Gowns
Women’s Soft Modal Cotton Wrap Robe – Get it via Amazon

This durable robe can make any woman look feminine. It has a soft stretch to give you superior comfort.

20. Dressing Gowns Long

Short Dressing Gowns
Leveret Women’s Fleece Sleep Robe – Get it via Amazon

This high-quality robe can make you feel comfortable with its dense microfiber fleece.

21. Dressing Gowns Long

Dressing Gowns Long
PajamaMania Women’s Fleece Robes – Get it via Amazon

With this thick fleece robe, you can always feel warm during those winter months. It has long sleeves with front pockets.

22. Luvrobes Women’s Satin Kimono Robe

Dressing Gowns Short
Luvrobes Women’s Satin Kimono Robe – Get it via Amazon

This women’s dressing gown is made of satin. It can give you a silky feel. It has side pockets and a detachable tie at the waist.

23. Women’s Dressing Gowns

Womens Dressing Gowns
Ellen Tracy Women’s Long Robe – Get it via Amazon

This ultra-soft women’s robe can keep you warm and cozy all day long. It has patch pockets and long sleeves.

24. Dressing Gowns Women’s

Dressing Gowns Womens
Long Lace Kimono Wedding Gown – Price: $85 – Get it via Etsy

This is a gorgeous, extremely beautiful lace bridal robe made of white stretch satin.

History of Dressing Gowns

After having a long day at work, wouldn’t it be great to come home and change your clothes to something more comfortable? This is not actually new. Prior to the nineteenth century, men and women were wearing informal dresses or dressing gowns at home. These robes can make them look stylish yet relaxing.

The history of dressing gowns actually started in the early part of the 18th century. People wore Banyan. Men at home wore this loose-fitting coat. However, it can also be worn in the office as a replacement for trendy jackets. Dressing gowns actually originated from Middle Eastern and Oriental cultures. Banyan can be in cotton, silk, velvet and other types of colorful fabrics. Gentlemen who belong to the upper-class wore dressing gowns. We often see well-educated gentlemen wearing banyans in paintings.

During the mid-19th century, both men and women wear banyan, now popularly called dressing gown. A colorful dressing gown can add some color to the men’s outfit. Women can wear a dressing gown at home while preparing breakfast or taking tea with friends. Dressing gown allows women in the 19th century to move freely.

Choosing a Dressing Gown for Men

A warm dressing gown for men is perfect for cold weather, however, it is not appropriate for warmer months. Simply put, choose a thick robe for winter and adversely, select a lightweight robe for summer. A lightweight dressing gown is also ideal if you are planning to travel to places with hot climates. Men’s robe is available in different materials such as cotton, silk, wool, toweling, and others. The choice of materials greatly depends on the season as well as its designated purpose. However, it will also depend on what the wearer desires.

The most commonly used materials for dressing gowns are cotton. Cotton is a great absorbent for water. This is an excellent choice for bathrobes. Cotton dressing gowns are lightweight and easy to wash. It can also keep you cool during the summer months. Silk dressing gowns, on the other hand, are very popular with its soft, delicate, lightweight, and strong material that gives you a sensual feel. This is the best choice for those who have sensitive skin. However, silk robes are not suited for the cold weather since they are thin and are not the best absorbent for water.

Best Winter Dressing Gowns

Dressing gowns made of wool are warm and highly absorbent. These are the best robes for the winter season. It does not wrinkle and it can be machine washed. However, robes made of wool will take some time to dry and they are also more pricey. Toweling robes, however, are made of very thick material. They are an excellent absorbent that draws water away from the skin. It can definitely keep you warm during those winter months. Be sure to read its washing instructions to prevent it from shrinking.

Men’s dressing gowns are available in various lengths. Robes in full length are best for the winter season. Bathrobes are great in providing absorption and protection. Shorter dressing gowns, however, are best for the summer season. Some robes for men have collars while others do not need any collar. Collared dressing gowns are best for winter months and adversely, dressing gowns with no collars are perfect for summer months.

Personalized Wedding Dressing Gowns

With the right dressing gown, you can snuggle up warmly during those winter nights! Personalized dressing gowns are best for weddings since it comes with “Bride”, “Bridesmaid”, etc. written on the back. These always make amazingly unique wedding gifts that are always appreciated. Imagine after wearing your wedding dress for many long hours, how amazing it feels to cuddle up in a warm and plus-sized wedding dress gown. During those cold weather, it’s best to stay at home and cozy up by simply wearing your favorite dressing gown.

Buying your Dressing Gown

When shopping for dressing gowns, there are a variety of fabrics and styles to choose from. Pick a dressing gown that has the best quality material. Get an affordable dressing gown that is suitable for your budget. Always read and follow its care and washing instructions to make it last for a long time. A dressing gown is an essential part of any woman’s or men’s wardrobe.

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