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Honestly, we were very e-literate about rings, wedding bands, bracelets, necklaces, gifts, basically all things men’s and women’s jewelry. I thought I could simply type into google “engagement ring” or “wedding gift” and then I would be able to pick one within an hour. This was literally like a foreign language. I felt as though I might have been stranded on an island, surrounded by a language I have zero inclining about, and left to figure out how to survive on my own swimming through an ocean of rings that all looked the same but ‘different colors.’ I didn’t know where to start. What do I look for?

We hope with this website to help and inspire other couples in love to find the best ring or gift for your partner. Do you have any suggestions for us? Tell us how we are doing? Want to share your wedding pictures with us? Or do you want to write a guest post for us? Contact us via the form below!

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