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Secret Symbols to Becoming Part of this Celebrity Society Revealed

There’s more to jewelry than meets the eye. Accessories and little trinkets we use in our everyday ensemble may seem to be superficial at a glance but that is not merely the case. This goes the same for gestures and a lot of other things that we habitually do.

Brad Pitt Illuminati Ring
Brad Pitt Illuminati Ring

In today’s world where everything is digital and more visual, symbols are said to be strategically placed in all forms of visual media. A few of the recurring symbols today can be easily traced, not only because of the innate nature of the internet to transcend all geographical boundaries but because of the celebrities wearing rings, clothes and all other forms of self-expression like gestures and photos.

Illuminati Freemason Compass Silver Ring
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Illuminati symbols like the Eye of Providence, also known as the Eye of Horus, is a variation of the Evil Eye which is said to ward off all bad energy and negative vibes away from the wearer. On the other hand, the Freemason sigil is another example of a widely-used symbol that is deeply entrenched in history because of Knight Templars and their supposed connection to the intriguing mystery enveloping all secret societies.

 Freemasonry Wheel Crystal Charm Necklaces
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Brad Pitt, a pillar of Hollywood’s hottest heartthrobs, if not the most prominent, has a silver and gold ring which can be noted to possess the famous Freemason emblem, the triangle, the compass, and the capital G. In Freemasonry, the letter “G” has a big significance. This letter ties in with the All-Seeing Eye (also known as the Eye of Providence). Indeed, both the Illuminati and the Freemasons used the Eye in their logos. All Seeing Eye has various interpretations of what it means. Throughout history, many people believe that the “Great Creator” or “Great Architect” is always watching us. Simply put, the letter “G” on the Freemason symbol can arguably stand for either of those two words mentioned above.

However how enthralling the symbol might stand for, this controversial emblem has always been linked to the Illuminati, a secret society that has been exalted and criticized due to its enigmatic secrets and the social status of the people associated with it. Add in the secrecy and popularity of the Freemasons themselves, no wonder these two societies can never be talked about without the other.

Secret Symbol Eye Of Providence Madonna Kim Kardashian
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Secret Symbol Illuminati Celebrities The Game 50Cent
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Secret Symbol Illuminati Celebrities Kanye West
Secret Symbol Illuminati Celebrities Kanye West

Illuminati and Freemason symbols, this doesn’t diminish the appeal of these intricately designed accessories. From George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Franklin Roosevelt. Harry Houdini to today’s big celebrities like Madonna, The Game, Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Justin Beiber, these famous people know how to wear these stunning Illuminati-inspired jewelry.

Did it ever cross your mind why these affluent and successful people are all about these controversial symbols? Rumor has it that these symbols bestow the wearer numerous benefits such as luck, wisdom, and the mysterious pull of success.

Exude confidence, attract success, welcome the unknown, discover the thrill of the mysterious by wearing your own Illuminati and Freemason jewelry today. Use ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED discount code at checkout to get 11% off on our Illuminati and Freemason Jewelry Collection!

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