Giving mom a necklace for a gift

15 Great Ideas For Buying A Necklace For Mom

Jewelry is the most meaningful when you really think about the person you’re getting it for. In this case, you’re looking for a necklace for mom, which is a super important gift, so you will want to put a great deal of thought into it. To help you through the gift buying process, we’re going to give you 15 tips on buying a necklace for mom.

1.Sider Her Personal Style 

Does your mom have a distinctive style? If so, you will want to choose a necklace that matches her style. Every woman young and old will have their own style choices that aren’t as subtle as you may fear. She’s your mom, you knew her your entire life, so you should know her jewelry style. If you never really paid attention to her style, study what she wears during specific occasions. What style of jewelry does she wear on a daily basis? Does she use the jewelry to compliment her clothing? Seeing what your mom owns and what she likes is important in deciding on the best necklace for mom.

buying a birthstone necklace for mom

2. Her Birthstone Combined with Your Birthstone

You can take your mom’s birthstone and combine it next to yours. If you’re not sure what  her Birthstone is, all you have to do is look at a Birthstone chart and look at her birth month.

Here’s a chart you can use to find her birthstone:

  • January– Garnet
  • February– Amethyst
  • March– Aquamarine, Bloodstone
  • April– Diamond
  • May– Emerald
  • June– Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite
  • July– Ruby
  • August– Peridot, Spinel
  • September– Sapphire
  • October– Opal, Tourmaline
  • November– Topaz, Citrine
  • December– Zircon, Turquoise, Tanzanite 

3. The Sizing 

Many times, with necklaces, we don’t really think about the sizing because we automatically assume it’s going to fit. While the necklace will more than likely fit her, there are different sizes of necklaces that work well for different body types. 

Her height, for example, is a factor to consider when picking out the perfect necklace for mom, especially if you’re looking for something that will flatter her body type. Women that are below 5’4” look their best wearing 16-to-20-inch necklace lengths. Long necklaces have a tendency to overwhelm a woman who has a smaller frame. Women who are between the 5’4” to 5’7” shouldn’t have a problem with the length of the necklace, because a necklace of any length will flatter them.

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4. What’s Her Favorite Metal?

Knowing whether she prefers gold, rose gold, or silver can go a long way. If you’re looking to buy your mom a necklace, she’s going to love then you need to know what her favorite metal is. 

5. Personalize it

When you give your mom a necklace, you want to make sure it stays relevant in her collection. The best way to do this would be to buy a piece that compliments her not only on a physical level, but also on a personal one. 

We understand that it’s tempting to go out and buy a necklace that is a part of the current trend, but it’s important to know if she enjoys the trendy jewelry or not. Maybe she does love the latest trend and that oft-advertised necklace might be exactly what she’s been eyeing and this makes your job a whole lot easier. However, there are some women (your mom might be one of them) who prefer classic, timeless pieces. Depending on her style, this could range from a vintage-style necklace to a trendy-looking necklace and everything else in between. 

6. Why are You Buying a Necklace?

We know who you’re buying the necklace for, but why are you buying it? Stop and think about this question or a second. Where do you imagine her wearing this necklace? Are you buying something she’s only going to war on fancy occasions, like weddings? Or are you buying a necklace that she’s going to wear every day? As simple as the question may be, it’s a very important one that will help you make your decision. You have necklaces she can wear to work or when going out with friends and those aren’t the same types of necklaces she would wear to a fancy event. Again, it is a good idea to study the pieces she wears during those occasions and try to determine which type your mom would love the most.

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7. The Foolproof Options

There are certain choices that are always going to be a hit regardless so you can’t go wrong with those foolproof classics. Here’s a list of fool proof’s that will almost always make a good gift:

Lockets – No doubt, lockets can be very meaningful and they are available at a variety of price points. We can’t think of anything more meaningful than a locket with a picture in it. Go ahead and include a special photo, which will make the necklace even more special to your mom. 

Sterling Silver – From classic silver pendants to chain and bracelets, no matter what piece, silver jewelry has always been a great option. How does a sterling silver necklace sound for your mom?

Pearls – The pearl is the birthstone of June and they’re the type of thing that is never going to go out of style. A nice strand of pearls are always a lovely choice. 

8. Make Sure You’re Paying the Right Price

As with anything you buy, you want to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. When buying jewelry, there are numerous indicators that you should look for:

  • Lab Reports
  • Markings and Stamps
  • Appraisals

9. A Special Pendant

Pendants can go a long way in making or breaking a gift. For example, for mom, a pendant that says “I love you” or “Mom” would be a great option. 

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10.  Speak with a Designer

When in doubt, go ahead and speak with a designer. Their job is to help people find the perfect piece of jewelry as a gift and they’re masters at doing so. 

11. Get Her Something with Sentimental Value

Choose a necklace that has a history or meaning. For example, if you took a vacation when you were a kid with your mom and the vacation to Paris 20+ years ago, a necklace with a French Pendant would be cute.  The necklace doesn’t need to be expensive, but it could have some history and meaning.

12. Allergies

Does she have any metal allergies that you know of? If so, by all means, stay away from that metal. Nickel is the most common metal allergy, by the way. 

13. What’s the Occasion?

When buying a necklace as a gift for your mom, consider the occasion. This will help you determine which piece would be the most appropriate. If the necklace is for Valentine’s Day, for example, then you should go for something that is less embellished and aim towards a simple design. If it’s for Christmas or a Birthday, then go for a design that is stylish. 

14. The Return Policy

Try not to buy a necklace that doesn’t allow you to return it. Always look at the return policy of the store before making the purchase. 

15. It Doesn’t have to be Perfect

Maybe you’re overthinking this entire thing. While you love your mom and want the best for her, the necklace you buy her doesn’t have to be perfect, because she will consider the gift “perfect” either way. 


There you have it – 15 great ideas for buying your mom a necklace. While you’re shopping for the best necklace, keep these ideas in mind and in the end, we sure your mom is going to love it.