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Best Wedding Rings to Buy for Men & Women

There is a lot to consider when it comes to buying the best wedding rings. It’s an important decision and you’ll be wearing those rings for the rest of your life if all goes well. That means it’s also a decision that has to be made carefully. 

Four things to keep in mind when you’re looking at the best wedding rings brands are these:

  • How much should you spend on wedding ring 
  • Choosing the right ring size 
  • Considering the styles and materials available 
  • Ensuring the wedding ring goes together nicely with your engagement ring 

When it comes to looking at styles and materials, there’s a helpful acronym to remember. It’s CCCC. Color, carat, cut, and clarity. These are always worth keeping in mind, and most product descriptions online will include these. 

In terms of what to avoid, you’ll want to make sure you don’t go light on research. There is a lot of information to consider, and you’ll need to understand it before you commit to a choice. 

You’ll also want to avoid matching the style of your partner because you feel you have to. It’s not necessary, as you can pick a style you’d like to wear forever. Of course, you can match theirs if you want to. 

All of this is why we wrote this guide. We’ve included a selection of the best wedding rings. We’ve split them into 2 sections. Those under $500, and those under $300. That way you can pick from the list that’s in your budget range. 

At the end of the guide, we’ve covered what is trending in wedding rings this year 2021, and given more details on how much should you spend on wedding ring. 

Once you’ve finished the guide, you’ll know everything you need to make a decision.

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What Are The Best Wedding Rings?

There are 9 wedding rings that we believe stand out above the rest. We’ll cover what are the best wedding rings in the categories we mentioned above. There are 4 under $500 and another 4 under $300. We’ve made sure to include the highest quality rings in both categories, to prove to you that it is possible to get a great wedding ring for bargain prices

We’ve featured rings that come in rose, yellow, and white gold, as well as silver. Some of our rings have diamonds, and some have alternative stones. By looking through the whole list, you can shortlist the ones you like and then find out more by clicking the product links.

Best Wedding Rings Under $500




Metals Type: Rose Gold
Metal Stamp: 18k
Gender: Women
Weight: about 1.5 g
Metal material: 18K gold

This ring has a beautiful design with swirls of rose gold that are lined with studs of white, yellow, and rose. It’s designed to imitate waves, so it’s a nice one to own if you’re a swimmer or like the rain. 

The back of the ring is a plain rose gold band that curves gracefully so that it looks nice from every angle. The studs add splashes of color that catch the eye and show it off. 

As the name of the ring shows, it’s 18 carat rose gold. You can get the ring in sizes ranging from 4.5 up to 11, and it weighs around 1.5 grams.  It has a metal stamp that proves the quality and carat rating of the gold, so you know you’re getting good quality. 

It’s also made-to-order, so you’re not just getting a ring that’s been sitting on a shelf for ages. The price is $477.99.




Main Stone: Diamond
Diamond Shape: Round Shape
Diamond Cut: Very Good
Diamond Carat Weight: 0.05CT
Diamond Clarity: VVS1

If you want to take things up a level and get a ring with a diamond in, then this is the ring for you. It’s a plain white gold band that slips easily over your wrist, but the main feature is the diamond embedded in a flower pattern at the front. 

If you think you’ll be paying a lot for the diamond, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know this ring only comes to $392.99. But the quality is maintained throughout. It’s 18 carat gold, and the diamond itself is 0.05 carat, as the name suggests. 

The cut of the diamond is very good, and the clarity is VVS1. It also belongs to one of the best wedding rings brands, Jeweast. It’s listed as being in a trendy style, so that will help if you want to make sure you’re wearing something fashionable. 

Like the other rings, it’s made-to-order, so your diamond will be carefully inserted into the flower pattern and will look seamless. 




Metals Type: Rose Gold
Metal Stamp: 18k
Weight: about 2g
Metal material: 18K gold

If you’re looking for something a little different, then your best option for a wedding ring is this. It’s a thicker ring than the others because it has two bands fused into one. Both bands have a layer of white studs all the way around, with a rose gold background. A thin white strip separates the two bands. 

This ring is available in sizes ranging from 4.5 to 8.75, so it’s a little smaller than the other rings. It also doesn’t weigh as much as you might think, coming in at only 2 grams. The gold is once again 18 carat and proven by a metal stamp. 

The price you’ll pay for this ring is $429.99, so it’s a little more pricey than you might expect, but you’re getting the added benefit of a second band. It’s the perfect choice if you want a ring that takes up a chunk of space on your finger. 




Metals Type: Rose Gold
Metal Stamp: 18k
Gender: Women
Weight: about 2 g
Metal material: 18K gold

For an exotic wedding ring that’s unlike any other, you can get one like this. It has a single rose gold band around the back, but the real action happens at the front. The band splits apart into three, two of which cross over. The third band has a large white stud in the center, and the second band has a row of them. 

It really has to be seen to be believed, and it’s an intricate piece of engineering. You can also get it while it’s on sale. It’s reduced from $417.99 to just $349.99. The size range is generous too, going from 4 up to 11. It weighs 2 grams and has a metal stamp to prove the gold is 18 carat.

This is definitely a ring for you if you want to stand out and make a statement, as it will take up a good amount of space and has a lot of decoration.

Best Wedding Rings Under $300



Gender: Women
Main Stone: Diamond
Diamond Shape: Round Shape
Diamond Carat Weight: 0.08ct
Diamond Clarity: VS1


The first in our under $300 category is very intriguing. You can buy it in multiple colors. Rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. Whichever color you buy it in, it will come with a 0.08 carat diamond in the center. The clarity is VS1, the cut is very good, the color is marked as G, and it has a round shape. 

As with all the rings we’ve covered, the gold is 18 carat, and stamped to prove it. It also comes from the Jeweast brand, which is known for manufacturing great wedding bands

The design of the ring itself is simple, with a thin rose gold band and a small diamond. That way, if you want something that isn’t too obvious or exaggerated, then this ring could make a great choice. 

No particular color choice looks better than the others, so it’s down to you. You can order any of the colors in sizes ranging from 4 to 11, and you’ll only pay $288.99




Metals Type: Rose Gold
Gender: Women
Metal material: 18k Gold AU750
Weight: about 1 g

Another ring with a unique design is this one. It has a quite large single band of rose gold, that’s studded with white star shapes. It’s one of the lighter rings on this list, coming in at only a single gram. 

It’s also engraved on the inside with the type of gold it is – 18 carat AU750. The price is also very good, at only $269.99. That makes it one of the more affordable rings on our list. If you’ve got an interest in outer space or mysticism, the star shapes will serve as a nice touch. 

The sizes available for this ring are slightly limited compared to the others, with the range being sizes 4 to 9. But the quality will be the same no matter what size you buy, and you’ll still see the engraving. 



Metals Type: Silver
Metal Stamp: 925,Sterling
Gender: Women
Main Stone: Moissanite
CertificateType: GTC


This ring is just what you need if you want something bold. It has a very large moissanite stone in the center. It’s a good substitute for diamond that keeps the costs down but looks just as good. 

The shape of the ring is slightly twisted on either side of the moissanite stone, and the band itself is lightly decorated with smaller studs on the front. The remainder of the band is plain silver that looks elegant once worn. 

The size of the moissanite stone is 6.5mm, the color is marked as D, it’s 1 carat, and has a clarity rating of VVS1. It’s also got a metal stamp to demonstrate the silver is genuine. The stamp reads ‘925 Sterling’. 

Its sizes are limited, with only sizes 5-10 being available. Regardless of the size you choose, the stone in the middle looks good. It’s also another highly affordable ring, coming in at only $249.99

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Brand Name: Tevuli
Metals Type: Silver
Gender: Women


Our cheapest option out of all the ones we listed is this one from the Tevuli brand. If you’re not ready for marriage yet, and you’re only seeking out an engagement ring, this one is ideal. 

It’s flashy and appealing, with a thick silver band that’s encrusted with plenty of Swarovski crystals. It’s also got a large stone in the center. It gets thicker near the stone and remains thinner at the back of the ring, which is a neat feature. 

It’s only got a few sizes, and these are sizes 13, 15, 17, and 19. But if any of those are a good fit for you, then you’ll only need to pay $229.99. It may not be diamond or gold, but it will look like it, and that will be good enough for most of the people who see it.

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What Is Trending In Wedding Rings This Year 2021 

There are several wedding ring trends happening this year, and you’ll want to keep these in mind when looking at the best wedding rings brands.

These trends will evolve over time but are a good summary of what’s happening in 2021. You can look at examples of each trend and then pick out which ones appeal to you the most. Once you’ve found a trend you like, your ring will give you another unique memory of the year you got married. 

These trends will change over time. Some may return in the future, and others may fade away completely. 

Here they are:

  • Wedding rings with diamonds 
  • Vintage wedding rings
  • His and hers wedding bands 
  • Shaped wedding bands 
  • Mixed-metal wedding bands 
  • Black diamonds on wedding rings 
  • Custom-made wedding rings

Wedding rings with diamonds are a classic combination because diamonds are seen as one of the most valuable gemstones. They usually become a popular trend every single year.

Vintage wedding rings are a 2021 trend because they stand out from the crowd. Older designs bring back a sense of novelty and curiosity. 

His and hers wedding rings have become a top choice for couples who share the same style preferences and want to show their affection for each other with paired rings. 

The circle has been a classic shape for decades, and now people are seeking alternatives. Circles have become very familiar. Other shapes are new and bold.

Black diamonds have become a major trend this year, for the same reason shaped rings have. They’re unexpected and grab people’s attention. They’re stylish too. 

Wedding rings with multiple metals have also come into fashion lately. They allow you to fuse different colored metals, like silver and rose gold. 

Custom-made wedding rings have become a go-to choice for anyone with more individualistic tastes. They allow you to express yourself in ways that mass-produced rings don’t.