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The Benefits Of Wearing Healing Stone Bracelets

If you’re in the market for a healing stone bracelet you may be wondering what the benefits are of wearing one. Well, to be honest, there are several different and distinct benefits you can get from a healing stone bracelet. In this article, we’re going to take a quick look at each of these benefits. By the end, you should have a greater understanding of these benefits and how they can help you.  So let’s get started.

Benefit #1 – Physical Health Benefits

While it’s common to think that healing stone bracelets can only provide spiritual benefits, some gems can actually help with your physical health. For centuries these stones have been used within the field of traditional medicine to help heal the body. For instance, Rose Quartz has been shown to help with high blood pressure and heart issues. If you have lung issues you may want to consider wearing Green Jade as it can provide some relief. Some gems have also been shown to provide protection against damaging electromagnetic fields.

Benefit #2 – Counter Negative Energies

It is also well known that many different types of healing stones can help you if you’re dealing with negative energy in your life. This may manifest as negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, and even depression. These gems and stones help dissipate these negative energies, cleansing the mind, reducing stress, and fostering an uplifting attitude. Positive things happen to positive people, so if you need some help with some of the negative energies in your life please consider a healing stone bracelet.


Seven Chakras Tree Of Life Lava Stone Essential Oil Bracelet

“Chakras are the circular vortexes of energy that are placed in seven different points on the spinal column, and all the seven chakras are connected to the various organs and glands within the body. These chakras are responsible for disturbing the life energy, which is also known as Qi or Praana.”

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Benefit #4 – Improve Your Mood

If you’re suffering from a generally sour mood or mood swings, wearing healing stones on your bracelet could be something you might consider trying. Some gems and stones can promote an overall sense of well-being, vigor, calmness, and good vibes. These feelings will translate into a pleasant mood, making you a joy to be around. You should see improvements in both your everyday life and your social life. Going through life happy and in a good mood is so much better than the alternative.

Benefit #5 – Provide Confidence Through Style

Let’s face it, besides all these spiritual and health benefits, the healing stone bracelets just downright look good and are extremely stylish. Having multiple bracelets with different colored stones is great as they will allow you to accessorize with any outfit you have. The old saying goes, “when you look good you feel good,” and this is true when wearing a healing stone bead bracelet. Your confidence will get a nice boost when you are wearing your bracelet, and you’re going to be surprised at how many compliments you’ll get on it.

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Light Green Lava Stone Tree Of Life Essential Oil Bracelet

“Lava stones are from volcanoes and are like nature’s sponge soaking up essential oils so you can enjoy them all day with just 1 – 2 drops and will last from 1 – 7 days”

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Benefit #6 – Balance Your Chakras

If your chakras are out of balance and alignment this can manifest negatively in your mind, body, and spirit. Examples of this include holding on to negative energy and negative thought patterns, addictions, ailments, and health problems just to name a few. Chakras can be over-active, under-active, or even completely blocked. Wearing a healing stone bead bracelet can help provide balance to specific chakras. You can even wear a bracelet that targets all the chakras at once bringing balance to the full being in one fell swoop. 

Benefit #7 – Heal Inherited Issues From Your Family

Family passes down certain traits from generation to generation. These can be positive like good work ethic and positive outlooks. They can also be negative like mental health issues, addictions, and negative attitudes. If you’re looking to break the chain of these negative past influences from your family then healing stones can help. Each issue may require a separate stone or bracelet, but they can help you on your personal journey to overcoming these issues. It’s up to you to take care of these things now, in this life, as opposed to risking passing them on to your kids.

Benefit #8 – Help With Stressful Situations

Some healing stones and gems can provide a bit of a buffer or barrier around you to help keep you insulated from negative energy and thought patterns. When a stressful situation occurs, and they always do at some point or another, you’d fare far better with these stones than you would without them. They can keep your emotional energies in check, and provide mental clarity so you can easily see the problem for what it is. You’ll be able to work through it in a logical way without getting sucked into the stress of the situation. This will help you maintain a positive mental attitude and keep your spiritual fitness healthy no matter how stressed out everyone else is.

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Benefit #9 – Boost Your Emotional Well-being

As you go through life you’re going to experience a roller coaster wave of emotions. From thrilling highs to depressive lows, your emotions can be all over the place. A women’s or men’s healing stone bracelet can help even things out for you and keep your more extreme emotions in check. This will provide a solid and noticeable boost to your emotional well-being and make you an overall happier and easier-going person. The benefit alone makes it worth it to seriously look into getting your own bracelet.

Benefit #10 – Provide Grounding

Lava stone bracelets are known for their grounding properties. If you find your mind races or your emotions ping back and forth on a daily basis then you may need more grounding in your life. These types of bracelets can keep you centered in your being, reducing the negative effects, and increasing your overall quality of life. 

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Finding The Right Healing Stone Bracelet

By this point, you may be almost 100% sold on getting a healing stone bracelet, but the next obvious question is “which one is right for me?” Well, the answer to that is going to be unique for each person asking the question. Start by asking yourself “What am I currently struggling with or need support in?” 

Are you dealing with negative thought patterns? Are you trying to get off of drugs and/or alcohol? Do you have any physical health problems you need help with? Whatever the case may be, you’re going to want to choose stones that address those specific problems. Also, don’t be afraid to use a multi-stone bracelet or different bracelets to address multiple issues at once.


As you can see there is a myriad of benefits that one can derive from healing stone bracelets. They can really be a blessing in your life, and you’ve only got to wear them daily to get some or all of these wonderful benefits. Who doesn’t want better emotional control, a positive mindset, a happy mood, and a stylish accessory? If you’ve liked anything you’ve seen here, hopefully, we can provide you with the perfect healing stone bracelet to enhance your life.