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Anklets: Everything You Need To Know About Ankle Bracelets

We accessorize for many reasons. Whether it’s for a personal or cultural reason, the jewelry we wear can mean so much more than just ornaments on our bodies. Rings and necklaces are popular choices, but there are many more accessories that you might want to check, like the anklets.

What are Anklets?

Anklets Sterling Silver
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Anklets, or ankle chains and ankle bracelets, are accessories worn on the ankle. They proliferated in Western fashion in the 20th century, although they have been historically worn by women of the East since long ago. They carry similarities with bracelets, and sometimes they can be used as one. However, they still do differ.

Stylish Anklets for Everyone

1. Classic Retro Anklets

Anklets Gold
Vintage Retro Silver Anklet – Price: $15.95 – Get it via RTP

The classic look of this anklet makes them look perfect on barefoot ankles. It’s silver bead trinkets have a delicate aura, especially when they swing daintily as you walk. The shiny white chains complete the washed retro appeal, so if you dig good-looking accessories with a hint of vintage, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better one than this.

2. Angel Wings Ankle Bracelet

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Angel Wings White Gold Anklet – Price: $29.95 – Get it via RTP

The wings delicately spread from the heart definitely catch eyes. The adjustable silver chain complements the centerpiece well, becoming the background to a showy foreground. This anklet will accentuate your every hop and step as if you were an angel on earth.

3. Minimalist Fish Bone Anklets

Anklets Meaning
Elegant Boho Fish Bone Anklet – Price: $15.95 – Get it via RTP

For a sleek and minimalist look, you can look forward to wearing this anklet. The ornament seems to resemble a fishbone, making it a perfect accessory for your sentimental sunset beach walks. The gold variant goes well with the orange sky, but the silver one matches the silky sea. It’s your call which one to pick.

4. Leaf Charm Anklets

Anklets For Men
Bohemian Leaf Charms Anklet – Price: $19.95 – Get it via RTP

Summer is when you don this boho anklet and strut your way to the beach! The two-layer anklet has exquisite leaf charms and a circle that reminds you of hula skirts. The very sight of these with the sandy beach is enough to make your hips go belly-dancing, as if on cue!

5. Delicate Vines Anklets

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Trendy Elegant Charms Anklet – Price: $19.95 – Get it via RTP

Touch the inner Mother Nature in you with the soft vines of this anklet. The elegant look of these vines as they wreathe to itself evokes the air of the peaceful woods. The mute design of the chain helps draw the focus to the center, and anyone will see more than an anklet, but nature gently wrapping around your ankle, in the fashion of a wood nymph.

6. Crystal Anklets

Anklets String
Classic Crystal Chain Anklet – Price: $19.95 – Get it via RTP

These seven pieces of intricate crystals will surely be a showstopper. This studded anklet dazzles so brightly on your ankle that a look will surely be followed by a second one. They stand out dreamily yet aggressively; it is a classic ornament that will fit cotillions and the like.

7. Infinity Ankle Bracelet

Anklets Socks
Double Layer Elegant Infinity Anklet – Price: $15.95 – Get it via RTP

You can hold the sweet, sweet promise of forever in this infinity anklet. Enhanced by the fine elegance of the symbol, its minimalist appeal is indeed subtle, making it excellent for complementing a strong style.

8. Vintage Leaf Drop Ankle Bracelet

Anklets Pandora
Vintage Boho Designed Anklets – Price: $19.95 – Get it via RTP

Singular trinkets are indubitably a class of their own. From ornate leaves to well-crafted anchors, the appeal of the Vintage Boho Designed Anklet is not something you can easily miss. The layered chains even complete the look quite perfectly as the backdrop of a simplistically impactful charm.

9. Simplistic Bow Charm Anklets

Anklets Etsy
Rose Gold Crystal Bow Charm Anklet – Price: $29.95 – Get it via RTP

Bows remind you of simple and innocent times when the world is pink with happiness. The daintiness of this charm calls that time again in a minimalist fashion, holding a crystal that shows the beautiful purity of innocence. This anklet looks great on with unfrilled styles, melting together with muted appearances.

10. Cute Heart Charm Anklets

Silver Anklets
Golden Heart Charms Anklet – Price: $27.95 – Get it via RTP

This anklet is more frilly with an exquisite string of gold-plated beads. The tiny hearts shine adorably with their polished finish. This particularly busy-looking anklet can liven up a dull ankle, adding an elegant appeal that perks up the look of your legs.

11. Snowflake Anklets

Gold Anklets
Rose Gold Snowflake Charm Double Strand Anklet – Price: $34.95 – Get it via RTP

If you are fond of the snow, this anklet will help you express that love fashionably. The lovely snowflake charm is precisely cut to its dainty size, spiffing a cool aura around you. The double strands that wrap around your ankle even help in accentuating the trinket, making it more lovable.

12. Floating Pearl Anklets

Silver Anklets Online
Illusion Pearl Anklets – Price: $23.49 – Get it via Etsy

The Illusion Pearl Anklet makes you recall the depths of the ocean, where treasures like the pearl hide. The way the string fades from plain sight makes the pearls hang there on your ankle as if floating, wrapping you with a magical aura like that of mermaids. This is perfect for any beach getaway, or even your beach wedding!

13. Shell Charm Anklets

Sterling Silver Anklets
Shell Anklet – Price: $20.00- Get it via Etsy

Summer is the perfect time to flaunt your legs and what better way to do so than wear this Shell Anklet? The small shell trinkets go well with the sand, and it even fits when you go for actual shell-hunting on the beach. Plus, it doesn’t look too obnoxious with its minimalist appeal. There’s not much to hate with this, really.

14. Moon Pendant Ankle Bracelets

Silver Anklets Tanishq
Moon Beaded Anklets – Price: $4.31 – Get it via Etsy

The Moon Beaded Ankle Bracelets are for the astrophile around!  The beautiful moon hangs prettily on the waxed cotton cord, making it look perfect with casual shoes. It does not come out as obtrusive, but instead a welcome addition to your relaxed look.

15. Cross Wrap-Around Anklets

Indian Anklets
Cross Wrap Anklets – Price: $13.00 – Get it via Etsy

You don’t have to be strongly opinionated about theological issues when liking the cross symbol. The aesthetic of this simple anklet is a great match for any lighthearted style that you don for the day. It melts into your clothes well, complementing them with its brown colors.

16. Bohemian Ankle Bracelets

How To Make Anklets
Beach Anklets – Price: $18.00 – Get it via Etsy

These beach anklets inspire nothing but the summer feels of your vacation. Each bead follows the theme of the scenic sea, with a matching turtle charm to remind you how much you want to go to the beach wearing this one!

Difference Between Anklets and Bracelets

Anklets and bracelets are similar accessories, so you are not at fault if you find them confusing. The word “bracelet” comes from the Old French word bras, which means “arm,” while the word “anklet” is simply “ankle” suffixed with a “-let”, in the fashion of “bracelet.” They begin to differ in size; ankles are generally bigger than wrists. Thus, anklets can be used as bracelets but not all bracelets can be used as anklets.

Meaning of Anklets in Different Cultures

Anklets didn’t come into vogue in the West until the 20th century. But they and other similar ornaments have been historically worn by women of the East since long ago. Anklets during these times were usually made of gold, silver, platinum, leather or hemp.

Anklets in Ancient Egyptian Culture

In Ancient Egypt, anklets are actually an everyday accessory for their women. They tell hints about the woman’s fortune and social status. A gold anklet announces “I am a rich man’s wife” or somewhere along those lines to onlookers, while those of lower classes often wear leather or metallic ones. Dancers also often wear these ornaments. Nowadays the practice has died down because of Islamic conservatism, but dancers continue to wear them till now.

Ankle Bracelets
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Anklets in Indian Culture

Known in Hindi as payal, anklets are significant to Indian culture. Newly-wed women receive these with small bells on her first visit to her husband’s house. The bells produce a tinkling sound when she walks, which helps announce to men around that a lady is coming. It serves as a cue to behave appropriately in her presence. Anklets like these also help attract the husband’s attention to his wife or attract a potential husband to a single woman.

Indian dancers wear ghunghroos on their anklesornaments with many small bells attached to it. These bells produce sounds that complement the music. These ghunghroos play a significant part in many forms of Indian dances. Generally, women also wear anklets to show their bravery against their rivals.

Anklets in African Culture

Anklets in African culture carry similar cultural significance as in India. Moorish girls wear ankle bracelets made of brass, called jabo, to signify that they are available for marriage. These accessories attract young men, and the other jewelry the girl might have is mostly ornamental. They keep on wearing these ankle strings until they give birth to their first child.

Anklets Meaning String
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How to Wear Anklets?

  • Ankle bracelets are usually made for summer, so they go really well with your sandals and sundresses.
  • Small ankles befit small anklets, and the same is true for large ones.
  • Plain silver or gold anklets go well with everything, making them a great safety net.
  • Ankle bracelets usually remind you of free-spiritedness, so it’s not the best accessory in a strictly formal occasion.
  • Location appropriateness is a thing with anklets, and they fit the beach, the pool, a party, and your everyday places best.
  • Anklets and toe rings go well together, too.

Wear Anklets Right or Left?

Wearing anklets also includes the struggle of knowing where to wear it. Beyond fashion and the Western world, there is not much difference in putting the anklet on either side. However, if you are to follow the philosophy of the East regarding these, having it on the left side speaks about your married status, much like a wedding ring.

Wearing it on the right apparently signifies the homosexuality of the woman. Another reference tells that putting it on the left side can protect you from evils. When wearing an anklet bracelet with your best friend, it’s up to you guys to decide which side you wear it on.

Either way, these are fashion accessories, and you can define the meaning of their placement to your liking. They don’t even have to necessarily mean anything beyond beautification!

Unanswered Questions about Anklet Bracelets

Anklet Bracelets are a bold fashion choice for anyone brave enough to show a little skin. Below are frequent questions asked about anklet bracelets.

What are anklet bracelets?

Anklet bracelets are a form of jewelry made from silver, gold, or beads and strings worn around the ankle. Ankle bracelets are a form of fashion worn by women and men who don’t mind displaying portions of their legs or feet in public.

Are anklet bracelets fashionable?

Anklet bracelets are, indeed, fashionable. These bracelets are an excellent accessory for anyone who often wears shorts, dresses, or any outfit in which their ankles will be on display.

How much are anklet bracelets?

Anklet bracelets can be inexpensive or costly depending on the material used to make the bracelet. Real diamonds, gold, and sterling silver can drive up the cost of the bracelets up, while material like string and beads, can drive the cost down.

Final Thoughts on Wearing Anklets

Our feet might not be the most fashionable part of our body, but that is not a reason to entirely ditch prettying it up. Anklets are pretty accessories, and they can even double as bracelets. They bring beauty to a place not everyone is expecting to see. Whether you wear them for the sake of wearing them, or they bear a cultural and sentimental significant to you, wearing these ornaments isn’t such a bad idea. You can even pair them up with bangle bracelets or earrings to complete your look!

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