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Ring to Perfection

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We’ve Curated Our Favorite Pieces From Each Collection To provide You Stylish Accessories At A Can’t Beat Price.

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About Ring To Perfection

We, Chantal and I(John), owners of Ring to Perfection blog and online store—now a successful jewelry and accessories empire all over the world, are proud to share the story and humble beginnings of our brand.

Our idea of creating blogs started when we were searching for the perfect engagement band, eventually, the finest jewelry and accessories she wanted to have for our most anticipated moment—our wedding day. However, we had a lot of problems during the planning stage. Trust me, there are a ton of things you need to know and prepare for when looking for the best wedding jewelry! Having the lack of background in it became a huge issue during our search but at the same time, what seemed a “misfortune” gave us the best thing ever—the Ring to Perfection blog came into life, and eventually, the quest for our best jewelry from many designers online took place.

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Over 160,00 Happy Customers

At Ring to Perfection, our number one priority is to make you happy. That is why we work hand in hand with trusted manufacturers to provide you with high quality, durable and timeless designs. Each and every one of our products go through rigorous inspections, reviews, and testing and are checked for quality of craftsmanship and strength of materials. We ensure that your new jewelry is up to your standards.

Meet Our Writers

john hutchison accessory stylist 1
Accessory Junkie

Hey Fashion Enthusiasts! My wife Chantal and I, have been so fortunate to be able to share our latest inspiration and trends in the jewelry and accessory industry, and more so, to get this amazing feedback from our ever growing community. Where my wife focusses more on all things rings, weddings and female jewelry, I love to scoop out the newest accessories for men.

John Hutchinson

chantal patterson jewelry stylist
Jewelry Expert

Hi, there! My name is Chantal Patterson and I LOVE accessories and jewelry (I also love John! Don’t get me wrong!). Since John and I have launched the Ring to Perfection blog, we have now written more than 100 inspirational blogs about jewelry and have successfully satisfied 103K customers on our jewelry shop.

Chantal Patterson

Lize Gonzales Makeup Artist
Beauty & Makeup Artist

Hi! I’m Lize and I’m the beauty guru of the team. I’ve always loved painting people’s faces and seeing their genuine smile after I do my craft. I can still remember that I asked my parents for a huge set of makeup. It easily became a hobby, and it’s not a surprise that it is my job now.

Joani G

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